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Optus MyTab V2 $129 at DickSmith Free Delievery, (with 6GB Data SIM) Lowest Price in World wide


Optus MyTab V2 @129 at Dicksmith with free delievery , still a good price for a 3G model tablet (come with 6GB data SIM)

It may be a good deal if U miss the HP touchpad and older version Mytab ($99).



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  • Isnt this the same specs as the one that sold for $99 few months back?

    Wonder why DSE call them V2 - I cant see any difference in specs

  • OP - that price includes delivery this time…might want to add that in ; )

  • i got mine last week from Dicksmith for 149$ . i'm very happy with it. lots of free apps and cyanogenmod update;)
    The box didn't mention anything about mobile data included, but after i activated the sim i saw 6GB of free data for one month!

    • If it's not to much bother, what are the specs?

      • Runs Android 2.2 OS
        512MB RAM & 512MB ROM
        Support for SD cards for expandable memory
        7-inch restive touchscreen display
        Screen resolution of 800 x 400 pixels
        Bluetooth & WCDMA 3G connectivity
        With FM radio for enjoyment
        GPS connectivity
        A rear-facing 3 megapixel camera
        A front-facing VGA web-cam
        3400mAh battery for up to 10 hours of operation

        • "A front-facing VGA web-cam"

          ^ it does not have this and that is not part of the official specs. There was huge drama about this point last time when it was $99. Some users reported a dot near the top right that looked like a camera only to realise it was a bubble under the factory fitted screen protector groans and rolls eyes. Anyway it doesn't really matter AFAIK android 2.x hasn't been coded yet to use front facing cameras.

        • +3 votes

          Yep, same as my old V9…
          I'll pass.

          Thanks Redmo0n.

        • @ccrap - Android 2.X does use front cameras, we were playing with Skype on a Galaxy S on the weekend…

          I think the issue was actually Skype not supporting front cameras on Android 2.X when this problem came up.
          That has changed now and it's pretty damn impressive to be honest.

        • Where did you get this spec please? I bought a V9 from the first sale (BW's, DS, HN etc) and it definitely didn't have a web cam. I resold it on eBay to some dude in Brazil, i'd like the new 'release' if it has a webcam…..

        • I have 2 on back order with AusPost from the last deal, wonder if the v2 is just a way for the supplier to get around having to supply units at the cheaper price.

          Good to see them available again though, front facing camera would be handy though… maybe worth the extra $$$$. Wondering whether to purchase these or wait for my back order.

          Only info I could find quickly:


        • @cornucopia - Firstly, who are you talking to?
          Secondly, it does have a camera. It's a 3MB on the back.

        • +3 votes

          @cornucopia - WilHoward… Really, was it that hard to copy and paste?
          "…look at the indents…" You mean the ones that we can't make any more of so have no idea what comment your actually replying to since you didn't use any ones name?
          "…I bought a V9…" You never specified a version. A sale is not a version.
          "On what planet is the camera on the back of a tablet a webcam?" It's a cam you can use for web applications, webcam… Maybe you should have specified a front camera like the rest of us.

        • … Maybe you should have specified a front camera like the rest of us….

          I'm sorry, but that makes me think of Judith Lucy talking about a front bottom.

          OK - nothing more to see here people, move along

        • lol, restive. I know you mean resistive

        • A front-facing VGA web-cam

          does the v2 have a front facing camera?
          most of v1 (somce said there's had front facing) didn't have front facing camera

        • Lol, nice try but you obviously aren't aware of the model confusion that occurred last time this unit came up…

  • Dick Smith trying to capitalise on everyone's tablet envy!

  • I have also missed the HP touchpad and Mytab ($99) deals :(
    How different is it from HP touchpad ?
    I mean what we can do with HP touchpad and Mytab V2? Sorry im newbie…just trying to understand the functions…and why does it require Sim Card?

    • OPTUS MYTAB is Wifi +3G with Android System.

      Hp touch pad is wifi only, with web OS.

      I think Android system is better.

      • The HP is bigger, similar to the iPad hardware-wise. Really more suited for use at home, where you have wifi.
        The MyTab is smaller, more suited to carrying about, so 3G is more appropriate.

        I'd have liked both, but was too slow on the HP.

    • They don't require SIMs, it's only if you want mobile data.
      You don't HAVE to use it no issue just having it there in case.
      I sold my V9 and never had the HP, can't really help you beyond that…

    • HP = Better specs but not much support unless android is ported (likely)

      MyTab = Can be a bit slow but great support and lots of apps

    • They are very different…
      Touchpad has much better hardware, faster, capacitive screen etc… It doesnt have 3g though. So you;d need WIFI to access the net etc.
      It runs WebOS - Limited apps and support. Not sure whether it will be developed any further.

      MyTab - Slower, cheaper hardware. Resistive screen. Has 3G(Comes with prepaid optus sim with 3 or 6GB download… can be used on WiFi or 3g
      Runs on Android - Plenty of apps and lots of support.

      In the it depends on what you want to use the tablet for….. Just as a ebook reader and web browser?? both of them will do nice

      • If I recall correctly, the HP should be getting heaps cheaper in the coming months as HP gets out of consumer hardware devices like this.

        So watch for these bargains coming through

        • +babow+ they had a firesale yesterday to get rid of one of the tab arm. but thats pretty much it.

        • HN is the only business in aus who bought(and sold) those HP tablet's?
          I was "hoping" some other company might come up with a similar sale(e.g JB HI FI)

    • An extra 3 inches and better screen.

  • Read this if you want a quick review on the mytab

    imo android is much better. The HP touchpad has much better specs though.

    no pinch to zoom. And resistive touch screen not capacitive

    Do not pay on ebay etc. to buy unlock codes. there are free calculators online(the same one the ebay sellers use for free and ask you to pay them).You can also unlock the device by just upgrading to cyanogenmod.
    I have tested both methods and i was able to connect to the internet with a Telstra sim

      • ""the screen of mytab is resistive""

        Whatever the screen is on the V9 is it is perfect, as good as or maybe even better than my much more expensive droid phone which has the other type of screen. Hoo haa over nothing with screens there.
        BTW, the battery life on this tab is fantastic.
        Great deal on a good tab, thanks miao he.

        • Dunno if your Mytab has a completely different screen than mine, but it is definitely the weakest thing about it IMO.
          Poor contrast, low resolution, poor viewing angles and brightness. It is fairly sensitive for a resistive screen however, but I do miss multitouch sometimes. The thing is I wouldn't pay over $150 for one now though. At this price or $99 it's a decent deal, but the screen is only passable.

        • antman: That was my exact thoughts on the mytab as well. Screen is fairly average..

        • The screen is very average.. or even below average. Poor viewing angle. Resistive touch screen. Mine even comes with faulty pixels (they stay on with fixed colours).

        • …ipod touch changed me… now i cant go back to one-touch…. MULTI ALL THE WAY!!!!!!!


    i think the price will be back to $99 in coming weeks.$129 delivered is still good value.

  • i was really loving my v2 until hp came and ruined its novelty.. 100 for those specs, you can't beat that.

    this has 3g tho which is the only advantage

    • The Android OS should matter more.

      • Yes for me, Android OS matters much more than the 3G features, just use my smartphone as hotspot without having to get another prepaid/postpaid simcard.
        However with the Mytab you can actually use it as a "Big" mobile phone (ie to call) I have seem some people doing it

        • If this thread was thirty years ago, we'd be making jokes about how this "phone" would be ideal for Prince Charles to use

  • I think I'm going to wait until it gets back down to $99, this is a 30% increase.

  • ZTE V9:

    ZTE V9+:

    Based on the specs DSE are showing, this would almost definately be the V9


      Good find Cobalt.so a newer and a better one is just around the corner.thank you.

  • TOuchpad has better and bigger screen, which is pretty good for watching video, surf net and play games. Touchpad also support flash(+1) and it run pretty fast and smooth after some config. But there are much more apps in android store and 3g (able to make calls and surf net) for v9. To be honest, I like touchpad more than my bro v9. The only 2 downside for touchpad, 1. I need to use my phone 3g quota when no wi-fi around. 2. I can't find some apps which I would find in android store.
    however, I don't think there are $99 touchpad left, so this v9 is good alternative.

  • Can we stream videos on them from network or network hdd?

    • yep, want a couple fir the kids mainly for this purpose. Works great, need to get an app to do it though….easy enough.

    • Been using UPnPlay with Moboplayer streaming from a Windows 7 PC.
      For standard files I haven't had any problems.

  • So, say one bought one of these items from DSE last week for $149…and now said product is $129…does one think that one may be able to get a price refund from said DSE?

  • I bought one of these in the last sale. Just got back from a couple of weeks in Malaysia and the mytab was brilliant! Bought a prepaid malaysian 3g simcard and got 1 week of data there for AUD$10. (also got free unlock code from the web first). Used the mytab for the maps in walking around, looking up restaurant recommendations, skype calling, looking up prices, web checkin for airasia etc. Size is ideal for travelling. I also brought my iphone 4, ipad, and the wife's iphone 3, and they all used the mytab's hotspot for data. I decided not to buy the hp tab on clearance because i've got enough damn devices already :) and the hp tab hasn't got 3g so not as useful as the mytab for travelling IMO.

    • Deciding and actually acquiring are two different things. I heard it was an hour of pandemonium at every HN store around the country!

  • so this does NOT have a front-facing camera right?

    • from redmoon reponse earlier in the tread:

      Runs Android 2.2 OS
      512MB RAM & 512MB ROM
      Support for SD cards for expandable memory
      7-inch restive touchscreen display
      Screen resolution of 800 x 400 pixels
      Bluetooth & WCDMA 3G connectivity
      With FM radio for enjoyment
      GPS connectivity
      A rear-facing 3 megapixel camera
      A front-facing VGA web-cam
      3400mAh battery for up to 10 hours of operation

    • No front facing camera but it has a front facing light meter that looks like it could be a camera that has caused a lot of the confusion.

      • I think this is correct, I copied the specifications from overclockers and to my knowledge I have a circle at the top which is most likely a light sensor.

  • When does the data expire? Can I leave the SIM inactivated until next year?

  • i wonder if this is a good tab to use as a dedicated pdf/ e-book reader. any owners could comment?

    • The resolution is very low for this size screen, so it's not ideal. If you set the font size fairly large it helps. But if that's all you want a Kindle would be miles better, and you can buy them at Woolies soon!

    • +2 votes

      I've got the kindle app on mine, and it works and looks fine!

  • The Android 2.2 version is also known as Gen2

  • I can't seem to be able to add this to cart. 400 Bad Request. Anyone facing the same issue?

  • is this as good as the $99 hp tab?

    • Software wise- infinitely better since you get a full range of market apps.
      The HP tablet has a app market too, but it's much smaller. There are rumours going around that the HP touchpad may get Android ported to it soon, but it will be unofficial (i.e. modders and hackers are working on it).

      In terms of hardware, this only has a 600mhz single core CPU, 512mb of RAM and a 800x480 resistive touchscreen, all of which are vastly inferior to the Touchpad.

      • shame the HP's dual core 1.2Ghz Snapdragon was never allowed to shine :(

        • Hardware always trumps software, because there is usually a hacked/open source alternative OS that can be loaded on, thereby rendering the native OS redundant.