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Philippines Airlines New Year Sale: Return to Vancouver $999 MEL/PER; London from $1,029 MEL/SYD; New York from $1,179 MEL/PER


2020 New Year Sale


Selling Period: January 20 - 26, 2020

Travel Period: SYD/MEL/BNE: August 1 - November 30, 2020; PER: March 30 - November 30, 2020

Route (return) Economy
Perth to Vancouver via Manila $ 999
Perth to London via Manila $1,049
Perth to New York via Manila $1,179
Melbourne to Vancouver via Manila $ 999
Melbourne to London via Manila $1,029
Melbourne to New York via Manila $1,179
Sydney to Vancouver via Manila $1,019
Sydney to London via Manila $1,029
Sydney to New York via Manila $1,199
Brisbane to Vancouver via Manila $1,019
Brisbane to London via Manila $1,149
Brisbane to New York via Manila $1,199

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    I had a pretty bad experience with Philippine Airlines (PAL) last year. I prefer Sebu Airways and would recommend them over PAL any time. I flew to Philippines with PAL last year and we had a small plane for an international flight. The seats were short and cramped, and the padding on the seats were quite thin. In my opinion, the food was awful. It looked and tasted terrible. I wrote letters of complaint to PAL an got NO reply to ANY of them. If you look at the reviews online, you'll find that their customer service is terrible and often goes nowhere. I do not recommend PAL at all.

  • I have flown PAL 3 ro 4 times before, no major issues with them.

    I will say though, these prices ain't anything to write home about. I bought SYD to NYC via LAX for $1100 on sale with Qantas last year. the LAX to JFK part was on a 787. Even now, Qantas has a SYD-JFK "Global sale" (their standard sale they have all year round) for $1249, and for $50 more I'd definitely fly Qantas.

    I really don't know why anyone would want to transit through Manila airport. Not the nicest airport, not the fastest way to the US either, and far inferior to Singapore Changi font anyone transiting through Asia.

    PAL don't have good sales often enough. When they do, they really need to focus on direct to MNL. Pretty much the only reason you would want to go to Manila airport.

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      The standout fares are ex PER - specifically Perth to Vancouver via Manila for $999 being the best one - as other carriers start from ~$1,700 for the same time period I searched for. The rest not so much.

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    PR is a Skytrax 4-star airline and is on par with other similar full-service asian carriers as MH, VN, GA(5*-debatable), CZ, MU, TG, etc. Fleet is becoming relatively new with their fleet renewal and all are maintained by Lufthansa Technik. It connects to London and many cities in the US on top of numerous Asian nodes. Only sub-par in regards to its ageing PR-only MNL T2. Yes, they used (freshly new) A321neos while they refitted the A330s with new interiors. The A330s now fly to SYD again. QF may slightly trump PR in services on this route but they also cost more. 5J (Cebu Pacific) on the other hand is an LCC using A333 at 9-abreast all cattle class. 8 hours per leg, one red-eye, well good luck on that one.

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    cheap. I'm going to Vancouver early Feb, but it will cost me $2080. Mine is direct though.

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