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Fitness Massage Gun - $99.99 @ ALDI Special Buys

  • Strong percussion massage with powerful high torque motor
  • 3 massage intensities
  • 5 interchangeable massage heads

May be fit for other purposes

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  • +94

    What are these other purposes you speak of?

    • +16

      Drilling holes in plasterboard, really really slowly?

      • +56

        Is that what the kids call it now?

        • +9

          No that is what parents tell the kids if they start asking questions

        • +3

          Watching the BBC.

    • Sounds like someone came home to a rude shock?

    • Kneading dough, ofcourse.

    • +17

      It says it already. It provides 3 kinds of head.

      • +2


        • +2

          Important correction, thanks

      • Nah… five not three

    • +4

      ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    • I'm going to leave your vote count at 69

      • Nice

    • Ha Ha! Comment of the year! 😂😂😂

  • +7

    Maybe fit for other purposes… What other purposes 😏

    • +2

      Like the last photo on the product page.

      • +9

        Saw a similar one to this at Rosebud Plaza - wow - it hurts the shoulders on the hardest setting - it is a percussion massager - it is really NOT fit for other purposes.

        • +13

          Some people like it rough!

        • +5

          turn it up, turn it up, turn it upside down. Love to hear percussion.

        • +1

          Where I come from, rosebud means something different to what they name plazas after…

      • She does look particularly happy, doesn't she?

    • Not sure if I wanna try it, might end up with a situation like the OP's username… a friedbanana

  • +6

    The problem with all these devices is you still need someone else to operate them to be truely effective.

    • +95

      Not necessarily, look up Hitachi wand. Pretty popular with single users.

      • +43

        HAHAHA.. you got me good.. i gotta clear my search history now

        • Dont go googling mango juicer either.

          Innocent as it sounds.

      • It is called Original Magic Wand now

      • +1

        Hitachi do wands as well? Thought they only made backup products…
        well to be fair…

        • +2

          Hitachi also produces Nuclear Reactors if you're unaware..

          • @Scythic: I wonder if they produce a nuclear powered magic wand.

            • +2

              @twjr: The Hitachi magic wand might as well be nuclear powered 😏

          • @Scythic: Gets you off with a big bang?

  • +1

    It either fits or it doesn't fit? There is not maybe about it.

  • +5

    On a more serious note, looks like you can get this off Ebay for about half the price. Would it be worth the extra $$ for warranty?

    • +19

      I got the jigsaw for $25 at bunnings and the massage parts to fit it for $11 on ebay with a low-ball best-offer: $36 total, plus a jigsaw for the occasional jigsaw jobs.

      • +14

        That's the most OzB thing I've ever read

      • Which model jigsaw did you get?

        • +8

          The one with a lot of sky and flowers. Is it a real pain to complete.

          • +10

            @try2bhelpful: I know right, it only took me a month, but says "3-5 years" on the front.

            • +2

              @roguescholar: genuinely made me LOL.

            • +5

              @roguescholar: i got a really tricky one. it was all light brown all over. it took me ages to finish but it was worth it. when i did there was a cool hidden picture on the back.

        • ozito

      • Having the wrong attachment fitted in a dark room could be problematic.

  • +5

    another valentine's day gift sorted, thanks oP

  • +10
    • +1

      Depends where it's being inserted.

    • +6

      Fun for everyone if you use this one

  • +39

    If you want one of these, you'll need to be quick.

    This item has gone viral on the Aldi Mums facebook page…

    • +10

      yes, MILFs = Mums I'd Like to Facebook

    • +6

      Huh, TIL JV is one of the 69k members of Aldi Mums facebook page

      • Shhhh… Don't tell anyone.

  • +1

    May be not maybe

    • thanks, I knew I had it right the first time

      • Third time's a charm

  • +3

    Can I use this to nail my shed?

    • +1

      whatever floats your boat ;)

    • +16

      Shed is a weird nickname for a neighbour…

  • oh dear, Aldi is selling a sports massager, and the inner child just has to come out from all OZBers…

    • +2

      Some people just never grow up.

      • +1

        'Puer aeternus'

  • +18

    Yeah I'm into fitness.
    Fittin this massage gun…

  • +32

    Came for the comments.

    • +35

      Looks like you don't even need the fitness massage.

    • +14


    • +2

      You took longer than normal

    • +5


    • why did you come inside?

    • +1

      i came IN the comments

      • TMI mate..

    • -2

      The pun was intended. I should've put in in inverted commas.

    • good thing I came early… gold mines in here 😁

  • What’s the difference between this one and eBays $65 ones?

    • +1

      Cost to send it across the country and store it on the floor.

      The two main ones in the market is Hypervolt ($699) and THERAGUN ($500-$800). These prices are insane, but marketing works.

  • +3

    If you have a jigsaw, you could try an attachment like this.

  • -1
  • +4

    Apparently a guy on youtube recommends a reciprocating saw with a ball attachment to be better value for money…..

    • +1

      I mean it might work out cheaper but those things are loud as [email protected]$&. These will keep your sanity and won't wake up your house and neighbours.

    • A jigsaw would be easier to hold. Attachments here.

    • +2

      Can 100% back this up FWIW. Louder than you'd like, a bit heavy and you need to be cautious with the speed, but absolutely effective, and cheaper than Hyperice/Theragun premium models. A Ryobi cordless jigsaw/battery kit from Bunnings and a massage bit from "The Mobility Bit" and you're flying.

      In general these guns are great for larger muscle groups, particularly glutes, quads, hips - releases in 3 minutes what would require 2-3 massage sessions.

      • Can also back this up, i have a DIY one and a kogan massager which is similar to this. DIY one is about 5x better.

    • Ball attachment eh?

  • +20

    Everyone here obviously needs to quit their jobs and become full time comedians.

    • +42

      I tried that, everyone just laughed at me.

  • +5

    I have a massage gun I bought of Amazon. It does feel good and my wife especially likes it.

    Honestly though I wouldn't recommend it for…other purposes. Unless you want to cause a tear.

    • so .. are you recommending or not recommending

      is tear good, like happy tear?

      • Im guessing tear as in muscle tear.

  • +3

    the comments here are just the 2nd reason why i love OzB.

    • +5

      Is people whining 1st? Or is it jv??

      • +3

        Hand in your badge, mate…

      • that would be the 3rd reason (but a close 2nd). On the other hand, i dont quite know this jv you mentioned.

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