Xiaomi Beebest FH100 Ultralight Headlamp US $17.34 (~AU $25.76) Delivered @ Mi Homes Store via AliExpress


Just 27 grams including it's in built battery, up to 17 hours run time. I bought one for my Camino trip and it was perfect. So light and I could recharge it via USB. Actually all devices I took were USB rechargeable and none used disposable AA or AAAs. I was so happy, I ordered another when I got back. Nicely bright on full.

Yes more expensive than a 3 x AAA powered one from Anaconda but those are about 127g with batts. I was happy to pay more and save 100 grams from my kit. A bit like genuine nitecore tube lights cost a bit but are way better than the clones. I have seen similar looking units to the FH100 but the specs are nowhere near as good. This is light (pardon the pun) and brilliant. Oh yes and I'm not affiliated in any way with xiaomi or beebest - just like I'm not affiliated with naturehike. Just love great camping gear I can get for cheap from China. Catch have them for $44.91

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Site says:

Brand BEEbest
Input 5V 500mA
Operating temperature -20-50℃
Storage temperature -10-35℃
Power interface Micro-USB
Waterproof IP45
Angle adjustment Support three-angle adjustment
Illumination brightness Low light 17h, medium bright 3h, highlight 1.3h
Lumen 105LM
Type of light source LED
Color Red
Size 48 x 28 x 32mm / 1.89 x 1.10 x 1.26inch
Weight 27g
27g is ultra light and portable.
High quality lamp beads.
Comfortable to wear.
IP45 waterproof.
105 lumens.
Three angle adjustments.
Three brightness adjustments.

Package Includes:
1 x Headlamp
1 x Headband
1 x USB charging cable
1 x Instruction manual

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    Thank you, just bought for my wife who is going to do the whole Camino this winter.


    Anyone got one? Some bad reviews on Ali…

    • +2 votes

      The OP does, from what I understand


      Yes i have 2 and perfect both of them. That's why I shared the deal. I read the reviews and only 2% were 1 star, 89% were 5 star, 9% 4 star and they did not really complain. That seems pretty good for 117 orders! Of the 2 x 1 star reviews, one had no description and one was seller did not ship. Hardly condemning. Like I said, my 2 are great.


        I saw a picture of one with no foam where it goes on your head. That surely can’t be comfortable?


          I can assure you 27 grams includes the elastic strap which is effectively the padding and I never noticed any discomfort. Surely your head is not that fragile. You can adjust the tightness of the strap if it's squeezing your melon but seriously, I'm wearing mine now and foam would make no difference it's so light. The whole thing weights the same as just half a Mars Bar! Darn, now I'm hungry…


    Alright I’ll pay the benefit of the doubt

    How does the brightness compare with the cheap anaconda ones?


      I have some anaconda ones that are much duller. I'm sure the anaconda ones used to be brighter. It's almost as if the anaconda ones and some torches like the Sipik seem to get duller with use (besides the battery needing changing). I just held the them side by side and the beebest must have been 4 or 5 times brighter than the anaconda one with fresh charged and new alkaline batts. To put your mind at ease I shot a video of the two and have PM'd you the link.


    How are these compared to eg the Black Diamond Spot? Can you rely on them if you are out in the middle of nowhere?


      It's Xiaomi quality. Mine work as per specification. I don't think they have a fail in the middle of nowhere function. lol. Seriously I used mine for 2 months on the camino. I charged it off powerbanks and wall chargers. It's usb charged, so if you have a usb socket in the middle of nowhere, it will charge. I found mine to be rock solid reliable. So much so I bought another. A black diamond spot is powered by 3 AAAs. The batteries will weigh more than the FH100 inc batts. 86g for spot with batts to 27grams for FH100. Plus you need a AAA charger or pack more batteries with the spot if you are out there for a while. Assuming you are by a car in the middle of nowhere you can charge anytime with usb cable and FH100. The spot has 3 times more lumens and 3 times the weight. I find the 105 lumens perfect for hiking at night but I'm not going roo shooting with it. I'm hiking this weekend and I wont go anywhere near to using a whole single charge with my FH100. Plus the spot costs more. That said I'm sure there are scenarios the spot may be better, but for me I love my FH100s and it suits my general home use, multiday hiking locally and 880km camino walk perfectly. If I need a brighter light for some occasion I take a dedicated bloody bright flashlight, otherwise I find this ideal for regular around the camp use.

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