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20% off Horizon Oxford 6 Rower $1119 + Free Shipping (Was $1399) @ Fitness Warehouse


20% Off Horizon Oxford 6 Rower + Free Shipping - Was $1399 - Now $1119.

Hit your 2020 Health and Fitness goals with The Oxford 6 Rower. It provides a transformative workout that fits your body comfortably and your home beautifully. As a result, discover ergonomics that accommodate your unique shape and your natural movements for efficient low-impact exercise. Moreover, the sleek industrial design and whisper-quiet operation won’t disrupt your home whether your rower is in motion or folded for compact storage.

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    For this sort of money, you are better off buying a Concept 2 model D rower (~$1500).

    Mag rowers aren’t great at the best of times and this one only appears to be a few steps up from the el cheapo machines you get at Big W, etc.


      I'm in the market for a Concept2. Cheapest price seems to be buying direct. Do they ever drop?

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        Direct is usually the cheapest and they don't really do discounts. If you wanted wanted a cheaper machine I'd always recommend just getting a used Concept2 model D as they last like tanks and have all the individual parts up for sale on their website if your handy and want to tinker/repair it yourself. I personally just waited a while and found a score on Gumtree for an essentially brand new model D for around 50% MSRP, Facebook marketplace is also a good place to search.


          What is the price mark consider good buy?

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            @Jacku: This is quite hard to say as it differs depending on the person and location. Usually it'd be around 900-1100 for a reasonably well maintained used machine. However, the key to finding a good bargain is to look at both the price and the 'location it has been in.' For example, old gym machines are usually the worst maintained as the individuals that use it don't treat it properly or row with bad technique that can damage the machine over time. Comparatively, if you found a machine that had been used individually within a dry home environment, or by an actual rowing team it is likely to last you longer into the future. Just make sure that you keep in mind that Concept2's don't really depreciate in value and after your done with it even 10 years down the line you can probably sell it for only a 100-200 dollar loss if you find a good used deal to begin with.


              @ca1ypso: I picked mine up a good 5 years ago for about 800 second hand from a place here in Perth that sells second hand gym gear.

              Was on very good condition compared to a few others they had there.

              Going strong with lots of use and minimal maintainence to this day.

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          We also sell Concept rowers but due to our reseller agreement you have to call our stores for a quote. We sell second hand ones too but they are like unicorns and usually come into our warehouse and leave the same day due to a waiting list. But patience as you mentioned is the key. They really hold their value and stand the test of time as they are commercial units. So far we've had a good experience with the Oxford Rower. Thanks for writing.

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      So far we've had a good experience with the Oxford 6, but as you said Concept are the ultimate standard at the moment. This model for the Oxford rower allows us to provide an option for people at the lower end of the market. Thanks for writing

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    How did this get an upvote and the cheaper post didnt…


    Seems to be quite a bit of margin in these.


      Rep friend might be on ozbargain too