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2020 Chinese New Year Sale, 50% off on All Long Term Plans from $12.50/Mth For 6 First Months @ Lyca Mobile


2020 Chinese New Year Sale. 50 % off on all long term plans.

The newest year will be around for 366 days, the Sale wont be! Hurry.

A brand new year to usher in, with 3 terrific 6 month plans for half the Price.

Small - 30 GB for 6 renewals- $12.50 / 28 days
Medium - 180 GB for 6 renewals - $15.00 / 28 days
Large - 270 GB for 6 renewals - $20.00 / 28 days
unlimited Oz talk & text, Unlimited calls to 12 countries.

This is part of Lunar New Year Deals for 2020

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  • +10

    Boost $150 (currently $135) is cheaper per month with more data compared to the small plan and on Telstra

    Haven't done the maths on rest, but honestly just go with Boost

    Also I wouldnt quite call it 6 months. It is 6 x 28 days. More like 5.5 months. In fact no month this year has 28 days.

    • +1

      28 days aside, the medium plan is still a ripper deal.
      ~$16.34 p/m for ~30GB p/m.

      Telstra 12 month plan is $17 for 12.5GB.

  • 2020 Chinese New Year Sale.


  • +4

    28 days…come on…lyca and amaysim

  • +3

    It's a very ambiguous way of quoting prices.

    6x 28 days of service for $12.50 a month

    Why not say 168 days for $75?

    Ps. 28 days is not a month unless it's February, and even then that's only true 75% of the time.

    • Agree… tricky as… especially "The newest year will be around for 366 days".

  • Lunar new year? Vietnam people also celebrate this festival.

    • -1

      I concur. most people are ignorant and don't understand the difference like op. not just Vietnamese, but also Filipinos, Thai, Malay, Sing, Indo, etc

    • -2

      Psst…may be this is also a Chinese customers only deal and should not be posted in OB https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/514503 ;-)

    • -1

      Chinese New Year has existed over 3800 years. Forcing everyone especially Chinese to call Lunar New Year instead Chinese New Year is offensive as it’s been called for thousands of years. Lunar New Year is based on traditional Chinese calendar and animal zodiac. Don’t make it a big deal when it’s called CNY. It’s not been referred as for Chinese only but more of referring it’s origin and tradition.


      • -1

        I am sorry YOU feel offended :-p

        • I just stated the facts. Not sure what your loaded reply with caps and smiley face for or implied.

  • -2

    This Lyca deal includes Unlimited Calls to 12 Countries. Boost deal is superior as it has unlimited calls & text to 25 selected destinations +1200 standard mins & text to 30 selected destinations, plus bonus for Apple Music subscribers, Stream Apple Music Data Free!

    • And free AFL app and streaming.

      • And free NRL app and streaming

        • And free FFA/soccer app and streaming

          • @DisabledUser35983: And free Netball app and streaming

    • But only if you're ok with a small data cap on Boost.

      This is a great deal if you want more than 10GB p/m.

      • All Boost's plans are better if you data usage go up to 20GB/month, their biggest one is:

        • +1

          Boost: $20 per month for 20GB vs
          Lyca: ~$16.34 for 30GB

          Even if they were same price, you're trading 10GB/month for some extra countries which most people don't even need.

          Both are Telstra too.

          • +1

            @pifts: I stand corrected on the data size. "for some extra countries which most people don't even need" is a moot point point though as I am sure there are people with ties to at least one of those additional 12 countries (unlimited) plus 30 countries (+1200 standard mins & text). That's 42 nations in all, some of which compose a sizeable population in Aust.

          • @pifts: "Both are Telstra" is technically not accurate though. Boost IS Telstra network while every other MNVO uses wholesale network.

            • @rookie317: You are right - so I guess the big differences now are if you're rural or want to call a country not on the Lyca list.

  • What network is it?

  • Ok, not sure why this is getting so much bad wrap

    But I'm on the catch plan
    31gb for $17 per month for 12 months upfront


    This is 30gb per 28 days for $15

    Which is give or take the same

    Am i missing something?

    My plan expires in may,
    But am thinking of buying those 3 months for $15 intro kogan plans and porting in and out

    • I'm on the same plan, but finishing in 2 weeks :)

      I couldn't find 2 months 15$ plans with Kogan, but I got a 5$ 30-day one with them, and then we'll see … :)

      • What about the 3 months for $15 plan

        • Didn't see any in the last couple of weeks.
          Catchconnect do, so might bounce back

  • Good deal on the medium and large especially

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