Lenovo i5/8GB/1TB HDD Desktop - $692 Delivered @ Harvey Norman


Product Type Desktops
Brand Lenovo
Model 510S-029
Colour Silver
Processor Brand Intel
Processor Type Core i5
Processor Model 8400
Processor Speed (GHz) 2.80
Installed RAM 8GB
RAM Configuration 1 x 8GB
RAM Expandable To (GB) 16
Keyboard USB Wired Keyboard
Mouse USB Wired Mouse
Primary Storage Capacity 1TB
Storage Type HDD
Hard Drive Speed (RPM) 7200
Optical Drive Type DVD-ROM
Wireless Networking IEEE 802.11ac, Bluetooth

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Harvey Norman
Harvey Norman


  • +1 vote

    Really? Do I need to even explain why this is terrible? I'd suggest you remove the deal before the influx of negatives….

    • -1 vote

      4 negs. Can those 4, and if different, the 4 who voted this up show us their Harvey Norman receipt for this?

      And explain to us all why you think this is a good deal, and why you purchased it….


        I haven't purchased yet, but hoping to get one of these a little cheaper sometime this year. reasons being:

        I'm a lenovo fan as I've had heaps of their stuff and haven't had problems.

        The form factor will suit my set-up

        I'd rather not have a dedicated graphics card as I don't need it and it's just another thing to go wrong.

        A dvd drive is actually useful for me. I have physical DVDs and just want to ease of putting in and playing

        I have some older cds I haven't digitised yet and this will be convienent

        While the techfast deals are great value, I don't want to add storage, get windows key, add wifi dongle

        Yes, cheaper could be built, but I have no interest in building a PC and just want easy support if there is issues.

        I prefer to buy local from officeworks or similiar for easy returns if I have too.

        So all in all its just preference and suits my needs.

        Like that time you bought a $5000 laptop from Harvey Norman despite not being a laptop fan, never using off the desk and selling after 12 months for significant loss. Lots of other options for you but that was your preference

        • -3 votes

          Stalking my posts is just weird.

          That Laptop was the first 1080 Max Q Laptop, their wasn't exactly an alternative if you wanted something that powerful in that form factor. It just so happened I didn't transport it as I originally intended.

          The Techfast deals often include SSDs, which this doesn't, immediately making this PC feel awful to use on a daily basis. Likewise, the AMD APU setups they have don't need GPU's either and are infinitely more powerful than this.

          External DVD Drives can be had for around $20. Adding a wifi dongle isn't exactly hard… even for the absolute novice.

          The Support I'll give you, but hardware failure is relatively rare for pretty basic setups.

          Installing/activating Windows is as easy as signing up here.

          • +2 votes

            @scuderiarmani: Just trying to point out people find value in different things and also answer your question as to why people upvoted and found this a good deal….although I cannot provided the requested receipt.

    • -1 vote

      Who are u to tell me what do i do. I got two simple words for u .
      Get lost

  • +8 votes

    I think you’ll find these to be much better deals: Budget GTX 1660 Gaming PCs: R5-3500X $605 / Core i5-9400 $596 + $29 Delivery @ TechFast - https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/514111

    • +3 votes

      Also the Lenovo is much less upgrade friendly and doesn't even come with an SSD for the OS.

  • +5 votes

    Not a good deal, unless your absolute main priority is small form factor


      Or supporting Gerry.


      Small form factor is a big deal for some people, especially inner city apartment dwellers who have limited size desks ( if lucky enough to have space for a desk) or small dining tables.
      Elwood floor space is $10,000 M2 in a house.

      • +1 vote

        You can build smaller, cheaper and faster.

        And if space was of that much concern a marginally smaller pc case isn't gonna make a difference. There would be significantly many other options.

      • +1 vote

        I have to admit the case looks pretty nice and it would really suit a HTPC. Something similar from Silverstone would set you back a few pennies and would need a separate PSU.

  • -3 votes

    To be fair, it's a pretty good price coming from Hardly and for a name brand computer. However the DVD-ROM is a complete joke.


    sarcasm on

    WTF is a HDD?


    how does the CD go in if stands vertical like that?

    • +1 vote

      Looks like a slimline DVD drive like notebooks have.

      In which case the DVD will actually clip on to the spindle with a gentle push.

      You should know though that even the big 5.25" drives will work fine on their sides - I have on on my desk that way, and the tray is designed so the DVD sits in the tray in it's side just fine without falling out.


        ah yes the laptop clip. though i was imaging like a old dvdplayer type holder that doesn't actually have the clips, it's just a groove/crater that sits in, 5.25" has clip too?


          On my large 5.25" external drive on it's side, it's not a clip on the spindle, no, just a groove at the side of the tray that let you put the disk in without it falling out.

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