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Budget GTX 1660 Gaming PCs: R5-3500X $605 / Core i5-9400 $596 + $29 Delivery @ TechFast


Hi all,

1660s have been the flavour of January so we're bringing back the Base Spec version for those who want the lowest entry point for the GPU + the 3500X ($604), as well as a i5-9400F version for $596 for those so inclined.

Compared to TA's higher spec deal, you are better off with this new deal if you're interested in the lowest entry price point, or just looking to upgrade say storage and/or RAM capacity. If you're after those plus faster (3200MHz) RAM or m.2 storage you'll need the B350 motherboard, so you're better off using TA's deal which has a higher bundled spec, and upgrading from that one.

Ryzen 5 3500X / GTX 1660 Gaming PC

Ryzen 5 3500X (R5-3600 +$150)
Galax 1-click OC GTX 1660 6GB
8GB 2666MHz RAM
Biostar A320M motherboard
120GB Allied SSD (our standard offering)
550W Allied PSU (our standard offering)
Leaper Flair RGB Case
AOC 23.6" Monitor + Wired Keyboard/Mouse Bundle +$110

Price: $604 + $29 Shipping after SUMMERFAST

Link: https://techfast.com.au/products/amd-ryzen-5-3500x-gtx-1660-...

Core i5-9400F / GTX 1660 Gaming PC

Galax 1-click OC GTX 1660 6GB
8GB 2666MHz RAM
Biostar H310M motherboard
120GB Allied SSD (our standard offering)
550W Allied PSU (our standard offering)
Leaper Flair RGB Case
AOC 23.6" Monitor + Wired Keyboard/Mouse Bundle +$110

Price: $596 + $29 Shipping after SUMMERFAST

Link: https://techfast.com.au/products/intel-core-i5-9400f-gtx-166...


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  • nice,

    any recommendations for which one would suit a NAS build running OMV or freeNAS?

    • +6 votes

      I have to confess lack of knowledge here for NAS purposes as my focus has been on gaming for quite a long time, but I'm sure others can and will chip in.

      • I think you'll find the Ryzen system would work better. Is the NAS going to be serving up media? Set up as a Plex server or anything?
        Generally these days, intel is the smallest of margins better for gaming and Ryzen is better for everything else.

        • mainly file server

          and some media but I haven't had any issues playing directly from USB on my router

    • Well, the point of a NAS is too have a low powered computer serving files so it's unsuitable from that POV. You can buy little low power computers for DIY NAS though.

    • I would find another deal for a NAS, particularly freenas these are not great motherboards for NAS's (or in general) and you could probably do without / with a cheaper GPU for a NAS.

      I'd build one to suit or get a Synology DS918+ or if noise / heat /space aren't an issue second hand enterprise gear will perform better as a NAS and be even cheaper.

  • What are the dimensions of the Leaper Flair RGB Case?

  • I was thinking of buying second hand computer for University work and were hoping to have dual monitor station as I have to do a lot of research and multitasking. There is a risk that second hand computer might be faulty. So this deal seems sweet.

    Can someone please tell me more about the Ryzen CPUs?

    Would this computer be suited for my work?

    Also what about windows key? How do I get about getting one as cheap as possible?

    • +2 votes

      I would say it depends entirely on the nature of your work but…yes?

      The 3500X has 6 cores and 6 threads and compares favourably to the Intel Core i5 9400 6-core CPU. It is roughly 7% better for gaming according to this. Ryzen has been really gaining ground and overtaking Intel this generation.

    • This computer is designed be good at running games, so there is an emphasis on graphics power (GPU) and a well as a fairly decent CPU.

      Ryzen CPUs are good quality CPUs and I wouldn't bias them based on brand (AMD vs Intel).

      Whether this is good for research or not depends on the kind of work you do. If you need graphics power for parallel processing tasks such as CUDA, OpenCL, machine learning etc this is perfect, otherwise if you just look up papers, web browse and write documents the GPU is overkill.

      • Yes, I'm doing mainly paper research for assignments and would be need daul monitor.

        • +5 votes

          The graphics performance of this computer is overkill for your use case, however it may be difficult to get something new which is significantly cheaper and has dual monitor.

          Have you thought about getting a laptop that supports dual monitor?

        • This computer is more than capable for running dual monitors to look at word docs and internet pages.

      • If you are into maths or anyway using MKL (math kernel library) - I would recommend you to stick to Intel.
        2K or 4K monitors add to efficiency.

  • just a question..are they compatible with windows mixed reality headsets.

    • I will try to see if I can install the Compatibility Checker on a similar system to verify, but I can't find any specific information without doing that. I would almost certainly say it would recommend the TA version's spec though.

  • You're doing some killer deals dude, Love the fact that you're in Radalade too.

  • Do you sell CPU+GPU combo only with no other component?

  • This is likely a dumb question and may get downvoted to hell, but I know little about these things: my SO loves playing the original Age of Empires, and despite it being totally mad, I am contemplating buying her a budget PC to run it. The requirements are here: https://store.steampowered.com/app/813780/Age_of_Empires_II_.... Will this do the job? Or is even this likely to be overkill?

    • Firstly mad respect for trying to gain another interest with your partner i wish my partner was more open like this.

      Secondly… these systems would run that game with no issues at all infact it would be overkill but you want that as buying min spec now is pointless as in a years time you will find there is almost nothing you can play on it. Personally i would go for the ryzen system over the intel, as it is a stronger core. The gpu is a good budget choice and will allow you to play newer games for a while at some thing like a 1080p resolution.

      Hope this answers your questions if not feel free to pm me… or horas Luke he will get you a answer.

      • Hello, I have a similar question to excensis'. I have a neat little Thinkpad X230 which I got for basic word processing, Internet use, and Endnote. It can play Sims 4 and Sim City but understandably can't play any of the games I got from the Epic store (e.g., RiME, Last Day of June).

        Would this budget PC be suitable? I'd also like to play Life is Strange on it. I'm happy to pay a little extra for TA's $689 deal if it'll mean I can play more games.


        • the difference between tightasses deal and this one is just the amount of ram.. yes 16 gig is the amount you want to have for gaming now days so if you can spare the extra money go for it, as it means you will be able to do more at the same time. but in terms of performance gain you are talking less than a 5% difference in performance. if its worth it to you is your choice but extra ram does help but it is not a game changer really.

    • +2 votes

      Maybe a tad overkill but not overly so. The Definitive edition of the game was released recently and has improved visuals and animations compared with the original version. Overall I think this would be an appropriate computer for the game.

    • https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/512876

      This one would be more than sufficient for any pre-2015 gaming and current games on low, and definitely sufficient for Age of Empires.

    • Will this do the job? Or is even this likely to be overkill?

      Yes and Definitely Yes.
      Bbbbut, getting her a system like this means she'd have the opportunity to play just about anything she wants. Whether she wants to play more modern Age of Empires games or other RTS games which do get a bit more demanding, this would accommodate to all of that and is leagues ahead of whatever brick and mortar stores are going to try sell you.

    • Definitely overkill I play the definitive version on a crappy i5-3440, 1050ti and it runs smooth

    • No, not overkill.

  • The motherboard options for the Intel Core i5 9400F setup is wrong on the site. Only AMD motherboards to select from.

  • How long does these take to ship out?

    • Our 1660 systems have been shipping out almost entirely in the 7-10 business day mark. We have had some delays with 3800X stock, orders overdue orders of which are all being finalised this week.

  • what's the timing on the ram?

  • Can this run most modern games atleast on low settings? Like the new call of duty or Star Wars game? My main purpose for this is just editing videos as a hobby and university work.

    • cpu is more than capable for any game out right now (60fps) but gpu is underpowered, should do low setting 1080p though. also need 16gb for modern games otherwise you'll experience severe slow down when you try to browse internet while gaming, ram isn't affected by settings that much.

    • Bump up to 16GB of RAM and this will be great. No idea how anyone could call it an underpowered card I have a 1060 and have never turned any game to low normally medium/high and the 1660 is more powerful again. I would suggest paying the extra ~$80 for tightarse's deal also linked https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/512615 as that bumps to a B350 motherboard and 16GB of faster RAM

      • you will not be able to run more demanding games at 60fps ultra, and it's only going to get worse. a 1070 equivalent at least is required for modern games and some head room @ 1080p. you must of only played very well optimized games, there are huge variations between games. 1060 was the definitive 1080p card in 2016/2017, not anymore. btw averaging 60 fps in benchmarks is not very useful, you need a high 1%/0.1% fps close to 60 or stuttering will annoy the crap out of you, and that normally requires much higher than 60 average fps. i have a 1070 for 1440p and even in 2017 i felt it was under powered despite it being marketed as the ideal 1440p card back then, needed a 1080 at least and for 2020 games need a 2070 super or 2080 at least.

      • lol @ the negs, just love it

    • This will do most games at 60fps on medium/high, maybe not ultra.

      Don't listen to people who say the 1660 is a slow card, it's perfectly good for 1080p gaming. Also, as the owner of a more powerful graphics card the difference between high and ultra on most games is almost nil.

      Tom's Hardware lists the 1660 Super (slightly faster than this one) as the best 1080p graphics card:


      It's honestly pointless paying hundreds more for overpowered hardware you don't need.

      • have fun with stuttering. and ultra is noticeable from high. if you're willing to sacrifice ultra the fps gain is indeed huge, but have fun with medium/high.

        • Do you have shares in nvidia or something?

          If you are getting 'stuttering' with a 1660 running games at 1080p then something else is wrong with your system.

          • @caitsith01: yep got $500k in nvidia and shorted 1 mil in amd.

            i dont have gsync, i have 1070 for 1440p and its WAY underpowered for recent games. i know from my experience 60fps average in benchmark mean s***, the important thing is to have a high 1% close to 60fps, that requires much higher than 60 average. maybe you've only played well optimized games that take a potato to run, e.g. cod 2019 battlefield 5 fortnite overwatch star wars. play some other games and your pc will cry, demanding games have lower than 45fps for 1080p 1660. locked 60 is a HUGE difference from average 60 with constant dips to 45-50. but hey maybe you're ok with it because you just came from consoles. i was amazed at 40fps pc ultra when first coming from my 360/ps3 in 2011. now anything below 50 is completely unplayable to me. waiting for next gen getting something with lower power consumption than 2080, perfect for 1440p locked 60.

            • @Gerry H: Wow, you sound like a winner.

              I've been playing PC games since they came on 5 1/4 inch disks, but sure, lecture me about how your poorly configured computer doesn't play games properly.

              A 1660 is perfectly fine for 1080p gaming.

  • When does the special end? Will it go on till Friday?

  • Can you provide more information about the Allied 550W PSU? Specs such as what connectors it has (cpu/pci-e/sata/molex/etc) and a table with the Amps across each line?

  • I should upvote these deals more, they're amazing value.

    Just don't buy another PSU.

  • Bought a PC off TA's deal through these guy's, quick delivery however no post on arrival, contacting support led me to resetting the CMOS and they provided a guide for such. Phone support wasn't the greatest though, felt like they were on a script and were not trying to listen to my POV. Otherwise good.

  • I am looking for a PC that can play fortnite but not after top performance. Do you know how many FPS can the i5 one do at 4K and FHD resolution with Epic details?

  • Hi Luke, any chance for a 5700XT build to drop this week?

  • My kingdom for a mini atx case deal.

  • can we order without graphic card, powersupply and SSD?

    • buy the system and sell the bits you dont need on FB/Gumtree. you'll come out ahead pretty quickly. no idea how techfast sells these so cheap!

    • No sorry, complete systems only. You can order regular or unassembled. To request your system unassembled, just enter SHIP UNASSEMBLED in the Notes field on the Cart page before Checkout. Please note that our 1 year assembled system warranty will not apply to the system you have assembled, as we did not assemble it, but component manufacturer warranties will apply and we will assist with these if required. Regarding packaging, we will ship components as we receive them; some have retail packaging, some come to us as OEM/bulk packaging, so we will securely package those for transport.

  • 2 pc shops in my area closed down. I think techfast is becoming a monopoly!

  • Hey OP, I’m probably looking at getting the other gaming deal with the Arseryze code with a few upgrades as it comes in a bit cheaper than this one upgrading to same specs. Anyway, i was wondering about the cases. Does the Deepcool Tesseract case with any USB and headphone ports? I’m looking at that case because it has a slot for a Bluray drive. Otherwise I’ll just stick with the standard case.

  • Hey Luke, do these builds/new cases come with the transparent side (glass panel) or do they come as shown in some of the pictures with no glass panel?
    Would be more interested in buying if it came with a glass panel/transparent side.

    • Every case apart from the regular Leaper has a transparent side panel. The Tesseract has a transparent window. I've updated the website image - not sure how to replace the deal's image on here.

  • To the OP:
    I'm interested in the Intel system. Just wondering - how many outputs are there on the GPU? Maybe this is a newbie question.

    Would just like to have a dual monitor setup (not for gaming). So looking for dual displayport or HDMI.

  • what kind of psu do you guys use?
    I've heard that low end psu can wreck your whole system so I'm a bit worried about getting one of these as its my first time buying a pc. also if it breaks down, is it included in the warranty?

    • Hi, our bundled PSU has the equivalent reliability and performance of other unrated power supplies on the market. The option to upgrade to a rated power supply is there is you need the additional peace of mind. Our 1 year assembled system return to base warranty covers any faults within the first year, and where applicable any balance of manufacturer warranty on individual components applies after that, directly with the manufacturer.

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