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20% off Asian Food via The Menulog App


Just received the following email:
Celebrate the Lunar New Year with a 20% off* voucher when you order Asian food via the Menulog app.
Hurry, offer ends at midnight on on 25/01/20.

*20% off is only valid with orders made via the Menulog app from the following cuisines; Asian, Chinese, Filipino, Japanese, Korean, Malaysian, Singaporean, Sushi, Thai, Taiwanese or Vietnamese, until midnight on 25/01/2020. One redemption per person. Not valid with cash payments. Vouchers may not be used in conjunction with other Vouchers or any other discounts or promotions provided or advertised from time to time. For full terms and conditions regarding vouchers, go to www.menulog.com.au/info/privacy-policy.

Don't forget to combine if you have access to the following:
Commbank Rewards- Menulog $10 cashback on $60 spend: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/506176
(Cashrewards/Shopback may not work because of the coupon code…)

Note: It appears that the code isn't working with the Android App currently.

This is part of Lunar New Year Deals for 2020

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  • Ended up just using the two use free delivery codes and getting hungry jacks. In my area there was only 3 options, all low rated.

    • How is it related to this deal?

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        you must be fun at the party

    • Then what happened?

  • Annoying as I just ordered Chinese last night!!

    • Know what they call Chinese food in China? food.

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        Never knew that - just thought it was Asian!

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    I got the ad for this on menulog app but then when I tried to use it, I got "Voucher is not valid for this device". Real shame they have buggy app.

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    Targeted? Not working on my Android app. Not working on my phone or my partner's, receiving the "Voucher is not valid for this device" message.

    • Me too wtf

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        Spoke to customer service on chat. After requesting the name and postcode of the restaurant, the rep advised they'd credit 20% off the bill.

    • Same. Tried to do chat, they wanted me to uninstall and reinstall etc. No thanks. I'll call Telstra for that kind of support :D

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    Didnt work for me on the app or on the website

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      Same here. What a bunch of muppets.

      • FWIW, i complained on the FB page and they got back in contact and honored it. So, there are a few good people behind the scenes despite their App/tech people being delinquent drones.

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    Worked thanks!

  • Im also getting "Voucher is not valid for this device"

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    Worked on iOS. Need to enter at the very last payment screen. Also stacks with first time discounts offered by restaurants

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    Isn't India in Asia too? Then why no Indian cuisine in the list?

    • Because it's a lunar New Year promotion 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️

      • Is thai food part of the promotion? Because A lot of those countries were influenced heavily by India a long time ago and hence have the same new year as India.

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      Its not Indian new year

      • Diwali

  • Anyone tried this code for pickup order?

  • Year of the rat. Gonna get some mystery meat for sure!

  • Garbage that the Android app won't work.

  • What are the traditions around eating for Chinese New Year?

    It seems a big meal on new year's Eve is popular seeing how many people were in the restaurants and lining up outside Chinese bbq shops yesterday.

    What about new year's Day?

    What sort of dishes are must eats for those celebrating Chinese New year?

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    not working on website or Android APP. gees

  • Thanks OP. Worked on both my accounts using IOS.

  • Worked with my iPhone app, not with my android app. Same account.

  • Didnt work on my android but worked on my IOS, pretty big issue if it doesnt work on android or on desktop (tried my desktop pc as well)

    • Usual shitty testing from Menulog.

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    Just tried to order but voucher code didn't work. Chat with online customer service and they had to issue me credit with the order