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Entry Level Gaming PC: R3-3200G / GTX 1660: $529.20 + $29 Shipping @ TechFast


Hi all

Another Entry Level PC as part of SUMMERFAST - this one comes in at $50 better value than the previous entry level R3-3200G deal did with the GTX 1660 6GB option added separately ($579) and is in fact at that deal's RX 570 4GB pricing.

In terms of gaming, it was discussed on the previous post but this video shows performance across a huge number of titles with very similar specs, which confirms this PC will do a great job at entry level gaming and of course home/office work.

Entry Level Ryzen 3 3200G / GTX 1660 6GB Gaming PC

Ryzen 3 3200G
GTX 1660 6GB (likely Galax 1-click OC, 1660 Super upgrade likely Inno3D)
8GB 2666MHz DDR4 RAM
120G SSD
Biostar A320M motherboard
Allied 550W PSU
Leaper Flair RGB MATX Case
AOC 23.6" Monitor + keyboard/mouse $110

Price: $529.60 after SUMMERFAST

Link: https://techfast.com.au/products/amd-ryzen-3-2200g-gtx-1660-...

Lots of other deals still running until Jan 31, including:

R5-3500X / RTX 2080 Super + other 2080 Super and RX 5700 XT gaming PCs: $1449 and 27" bundle: $1599
R5-3500X and R7-3700X RTX 2070 Super Gaming PCs: $1149.60 and $1399.20

R5-3500X / RTX 2060 and i7-9700F / RTX 2070 Super: $829.60 and $1399.20
R5-3500X / GTX 1660: $660
all + $29 delivery

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  • you guys should do a budget build with the ryzen 1400 4c/8t: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S-5GRirpzKU

  • Shame we don't get the 1600 AF here that'd be an interesting build, budget gaming wise… Basically a cheap r5 2600 :)


    Does my head in with the extra Nvidia sku's…. How many 1080p cards do we need.

    Not sure what's worse, this generation or the 1030s with different performance…

    • +4 votes

      We nearly did the 5600 XT!

      • Wanna be careful with those. AMDs launch of that was awful to say the least.

        If yahs go for it, best to make sure you're snagging the ones that can run the memory at 14gbs. Think sapphire is the only one currently guaranteeing that outta the box though.

        • Funny how the ones reviewers got were the sapphire ones, and AMD is the ones that provide the chips to the manufacturers so guessing they know what they provided sapphire is fine for 14gbs…. Nvidia at this stage doesn't have to do anything but sit back and watch AMD GPU department just knock itself out.. Lolll

          Only way out of it is if they have 5600 n 5600XT (ones that can hit 14gbs)… And basically discount 5600 versions to 1660 prices…

          What a mess.. Lol

  • Could you activate windows 7 on it and then upgrade to windows 10 for free?

  • "Entry level" with a 1660 haha. Its crazy to think how far we've come. I had a HD7950 as my "entry level" GPU, and even then it was only entry level because it was a generation old.
    Anyways, another great deal from techfast :)

  • Are you guys (techfast) still making a healthy profit by offering this cheap as chips deals?

    Seriously, how do you guys stay in business or is this a one-man outfit only?

    • They sell thousands of PC's through ozbargain. Their custom cases and psu's are cheaper than they appear. Bulk discounts on components also healthy margins on any upgrades.

  • As someone very behind in the knowledge department these days, can anyone comment on the processor? I'm in the market for a budget build but I'd definitely want to have a good CPU and skimp on the GPU for now (way easier to upgrade than CPU).

    • I have a Ryzen 3 2300X from a previous Techfast deal and it's a great little CPU, the 3200G is very similar in performance and specs.

      But - if you can spot the difference for a Ryzen 5 CPU like 3400G, it would definitely be worth it for the sake of future proofing.

      This 3200G and my 2300X have 4 cores + 4 threads (the Ryzen 5 I mention above has 8 threads), and very ocasionally I feel my system chugging when I'm running a lot of different applications.

  • I have to warn anyone about the Biostar motherboards - they are far and away the worst I have ever seen.

    I've had 2 fail almost straight out of the box (this was the B350 version), worst BIOS interface & functionality I've ever seen, with no support available, just a dead-end website with unresponsive contacts.

    Also took several contact attempts with Techfast to replace the first dead one, then I didn't bother with the second one for the sake of my mental health, so really can't recommend Techfast either.

    • Sorry to read about the motherboard issues - 2 failing is highly unusual. While I can see you didn't choose to warrant the second board due to what reads like some support difficulties, that option is always available to anyone with an item under warranty. If you change your mind I am here to help.

    • Thanks for this. Made me not pull the plug. Mobos are pretty important!

      @luke any consideration into changing mobo brands in the future?

  • hey just a question in general about shipping, I ordered one of your pc's last Friday, does it take longer for pc's that have added upgrades (such as the case)?

    • No, upgrades don't affect delivery times unless stated, like the 64G RAM kit which can be special order depending how much we have on hand, or sometimes high end gear like 2080 Tis.

  • Posting my experiences: bargain PC, very barebones but decent price.

    Placed order end of Jan and was sent out on time 10 business days later. Good build, was missing a power cord. Everything else is what you expect, very light case. Only disappointment is the SSD- generic Chinese SSD "Allied" - no information about this whatsoever so I would recommend getting a brand name even WD SSD as from research some of these SSDs are horrible (KingSpec https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v7YBCynA-b0). Monitor is decent. Happy with price and communication. I would definitely up the RAM to 16GB for these cheap Ryzens.