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RTX 2070 Super Gaming PCs: R5-3500X [B350/16/240]: $1149.60 & R7-3700X [B350/16/480]: $1399.20 + $29 Delivery @ TechFast


2 more mid-tier RTX 2070 Super gaming PCs here as part of SUMMERFAST, with AMD Ryzen 5 and 7 CPUs.

At the same price as the i7-9700F deal, the R7-3700X offers equivalent gaming performance but superior productivity/editing performance with double the threads.

The R5-3600 is always offered as a +$150 upgrade from the 3500X, and no dedicated deals as such with the 3600 bundled are planned at this stage; the pricing would be equivalent and identical in any case. So if you're after the 3600 for the additional 6 threads over the 3500X (better for productivity), select the upgrade option under Processor.

Ryzen 5 3500X / RTX 2070 Super Gaming PC:

Ryzen 5 3500X
Galax 1-click OC RTX 2070 Super 8GB (MSI Ventus +$99)
16G 2666MHz RAM (16G 3200MHz $29)
240G SSD
Biostar B45M2 B350 motherboard
750W Allied PSU
Leaper Pro RGB Case (note: upgraded from Leaper Mid)

Price: $1149.60 after SUMMERFAST

Link: https://techfast.com.au/products/amd-ryzen-5-3500x-rtx-2070-...

Ryzen 7 3700X / RTX 2070 Super Gaming PC:

Ryzen 7 3700X
Galax 1-click OC RTX 2070 Super 8GB (MSI Ventus +$99)
16G 2666MHz RAM (16G 3200MHz $29)
480G SSD
Biostar B45M2 B350 motherboard
750W Allied PSU
Leaper Pro Case

Price: $1399.20 after SUMMERFAST

Link: https://techfast.com.au/products/amd-ryzen-7-3700x-rtx-2070-...

Other current deals:
Core i5 9400 / R5-3500X / GTX 1660: $596 / $605
Higher Spec R5-3500X / GTX 1660: $660
R5 3500X / RTX 2060: $829.60
i7 9700F / RTX 2070 Super: $1399.20
all +$29 delivery


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  • i7 9700F / RTX 2070 Super vs Ryzen 7 3700X / RTX 2070 Super, which is faster for gaming and photo editing? consider but same price thx

  • Can anyone confirm if the mobo (b350) m.2 slot is a nvme? Yes I have not upgraded in a while.

    • 1 x M.2 Key M 32Gb/s Connector i believe :)

    • The SSD supplied uses a SATA connection, as it is an 'SSD 2.5" '
      - speed is 600MB/s (sometimes written as 6Gbits/s), storage 480GB

      There is an M2-SSD upgrade option for $119 extra.
      - speed 4GB/s (sometimes written as 32Gbits/s), storage 1TB
      - the mobo has an M2 NVME slot which is not used with the SSD supplied in this deal

      [ https://silentpc.com/articles/computer-component-speeds ]

      • On the Mobo supplied,the M2 slot is Key M only, which means NVME protocol only.
        There are also M2-SSD (the SSD device) which are Key B, which means a SATA protocol.
        - they won't work with this Mobo.
        But the SSD supplied in this deal is a SSD 2.5, which means it uses a SATA wire connector, and fits in a "HDD Bay".

        Biostar do not state whether or not the BIOS allows to boot from an M2-NVME-SSD… if you upgrade
        … maybe you cannot Boot from an SSD in the M2 slot on this Mobo

  • Are you planning on offering more AMD GPU builds?

    The 5600XT cards look like they are almost as good as the 5700 in performance.

  • The 3500x model is actually $1049.60, not $1149.60.

  • Hi Luke, can you bring back the 3800x 5700xt deal, Thanks!

    • The 3800x purchasing deals have ended for the time being so the cost vs performance isn't there to offer it.

  • Spending $1000+ on a PC, the PSU should be 80+ gold as a default option.
    Users are likely going to change the SSD and PSU with better brand, so the cost will go up if the default PSU is not 80+ gold standard.

    • I down-voted your previous comment and this one, not because Luke asked me to but because of your bad attitude.

      I bought a Techfast deal at Christmas time with these "garbage" components and it's been excellent - the performance is exactly what I expected and far better than I could have gotten elsewhere for the same price.

      They may not be of the very highest quality, or have prestigious branding, but they are perfectly functional and have all of the features that are important to me as a buyer.

      If you don't want to buy this deal, you are very welcome to ignore it. If you believe that this deal is not good value, you are welcome to argue that case. If you just want to denigrate certain brands and feel superior about your own purchasing decisions, you can keep that kind of unwelcome and toxic behaviors to yourself.

      • Well said klaw81

        When someone says a motherboard has "no future" who do they think they're kidding? When I talk "future", I talk about investments, education and important things in life. Not whether a motherboard has no upgrade path. Seriously, some people need to put things into perspective. PC's are consumable/commodity devices. If a motherboard does the job and will last for 5 years, that's probably good enough for most people.

        Luke - I can only say positive things about your computers. Bought one for my youngest son last year during your crazy January sales. It took a while but who cares, it was an excellent value machine and does the job well. Sure, I could have gotten a machine faster from Dell but it also would have cost $1K more. In fact, my other son who has an Alienware Aurora had to wait a month for his machine too, so you guys aren't really that slow after all!

        I really don't know why people have to criticise others for their choice in vendor. Sure, if they want to spend an extra $500 on top - go for it. But don't criticise others for choosing a more economical option. And calling us goons is really below the belt.

      • It wont be functional in 5 months when your card overheats and you get stutter problems, if you pc will even turn on at all.

    • +4 votes

      Did nothing of the sort. The community can speak for themselves.

  • None of these have a gpu? Looking for a base but upgradeable gaming pc with nvidia gpu so i can cast to my nvidis4 shield

    • Pretty sure both systems come with RTX 2070 SUPERs as described? The 2070 SUPER will cast to your shield via GeForce experience with no issues.

      This is also confirmed through clicking on the link…

  • Hey Luke, are these guaranteed Galax 1-click OC RTX 2070 Super 8GBs?

    Also, I noticed that the option to buy an extended warranty for the Ryzen 7 3700X / RTX 2070 Super Gaming PC build isn't available. Is this intentional?

  • 3800x 2070super would be nice as well!

    • The 3800x purchasing deals have ended for the time being so the cost vs performance to offer it isn't there.

  • Hi Luke,

    How are orders coming along? I bought a PC from the 5700XT deal on the 11th and haven't received an update yet.

    Just wondering how it's going at the moment, thanks

  • i missed out on the last one. but a amd cpu/gpu combo deal would be great to see. like 3700X and 5700XT.

  • Hi lukeļ¼Œ
    This looks like a good deal, however I have one concern about the quality of PSU, what brand is that and how long is the warranty?


    • +1 vote

      The Allied PSU is the standard PSU we have used for a couple of years, which has the same reliability and performance of any other unrated PSU out there in our usage. Our assembled system warranty is 1 year and the PSU has a 2 year warranty, which can be warranted through us. The upgrade option of the 80+ gold PSU is there if you need that additional peace of mind.

  • @luke , when do you think you will have the budget 3200G office Towers back on special?

  • I wish Techfast dealt with their clients that had problems with their new pcs before they released more deals. I ordered a PC around middle of December, it arrived just before Xmas and it had issues with booting, it wouldn't boot randomly and would get stuck on the motherboard DRAM light error. Plus, the PC has a crack in the front panel - obviously it has taken a hit in transit. I contacted Techfast and they stepped me through the process of fault diagnoses and it was decided the pc should be sent back. However I stated that I wanted a new PC sent back to me, because that one had taken a hit and they agreed on it. Two weeks later and my supposedly new system arrived two days ago and guess what, it didn't boot. I left it for 30 minutes and it worked fine for the whole 24 hours, now it is playing up again! I have the feeling that the motherboard from the original system is now in this one. Because, I know that motherboard was not the latest revision and I updated and the new system has a fully updated bios. I could be wrong!! I sent an email for a manager to call me and I get an email response from the call centre… /sigh.

    • -1 vote

      Just being realistic every business takes on new customers while working through existing customers' issues, but I am more than happy to give you a call on Tuesday now I know about it. Please PM your details or your email details so I can contact you.

  • hi luketechfast, can you recommend me which deal is the most bang for the bucks to do video editing?
    I dont really play games, just need video editing and some accounting softwares


  • Ryzen 7 3700X / RTX 2070 Super Gaming PC regarding this deal i know it ends soon but we will see something similar in a 3-5 weeks my mate gets his pay soon and he really is interested

  • Ryzen 7 3700X / RTX 2070 Super Gaming PC can you guys extend this deal until friday-tuesday next week got up to 2 people who are keen

  • I only just saw this deal, I'm hurrying to sell my PC so I can afford it, will it still be available by Friday the 7th?

    • Not sure about this particualr deal but new deals come regularly!

      • I ended up selling my old PC a lot faster than expected anyhow, and got the new one ordered, looking forward to it, really a great deal!


    Any 3900x deals in the pipeline?

    3900x/32gb ram would be nice

    • We have a Ryzen 9/2080 Super deal here - we haven't offered it with 32GB RAM as standard previously, but it is always there as an upgrade option - if we did offer it bundled in, the respective price increase would be the same as the upgrade from 16GB.

  • looking forward to see deals like 3700x + 2070 super.