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[Switch] Overcooked Special Edition $8.84, Overcooked 2 $22.50, SteamWorld Heist $7.49 @ Nintendo eShop


Nintendo eShop sale. Likely other good sales going on too based on these prices but I only listed the ones that interested me.


Overcooked 2

SteamWorld Heist

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  • have played Overcooked on PC a bit with 2 players, it was ok, not amazing, but I'd be pretty tempted to pick it up again here because I have more controllers for my Switch and it's only 8 bucks.

    is Overcooked 2 worth the extra cash? Are there any big additions that change things up or is it more of a "just add more stuff" sequel?

    • IMO Overcooked 2 is well worth it. It adds the throwing dynamic but also I found the levels and recipes far broader and more interesting.

    • It depends on what you want out of the game. I find the throwing mechanic makes the base game easier, but extra levels (that were free) like Kevin's Christmas Cracker really pushed you, even with the throwing mechanics. Going for three stars is a much more rewarding experience, but it can take an hour to beat a level if you're struggling

      What didn't you like about Overcooked? If it was ice levels, 2 doesn't have them (thankfully!)

      • after we got used to the chaos it just got a bit dull and repetitive. I had no desire to even unlock all the stages let alone 3 star them all. That was me and my partner playing together - it was hilarious for two good play sessions but we had no desire to go back to it.

        I see value in picking it up again just because I can play it with new groups of people in "party" situations which will bring the chaos back.

        I actually liked the ice levels lol.

        • Haha awesome. The ice levels made me and my partner rage lol. I've tried playing it in party situation but people can get frustrated really easily which is a bummer. I guess that's why some levels are easy. The later levels are harder, I promise you. You might enjoy Surf'n'Turf. It's very different from any other level and I found them to be among the most frustrating. The levels are very dynamic, which is true of most levels in 2 tbh. I think all round you'll have a blast!

    • Played through 1 with the wife, and we're playing through 2 now.

      Personally, I would buy 1 now, and play through that. Then buy 2 next time it's on sale (hopefully at a bigger discount!).

      One thing I hate about 2: it's annoying that you don't unlock 4 stars until you've completed the game - basically requiring a second playthrough to 4 star everything, even if you score enough for 4 stars on the first playthrough! Basically a completely arbitrary gating of stars to artificially extend the "length" of the game by making you complete it twice!!

    • We loved the first one - one of the few games I can get my wife to play, even though it sometimes brings us close to divorce :P I haven't played the second.

      But looking at the price difference, I'd say buy the first one for about 8 bucks and play that. Pick up the sequel later when it drops further in price.

  • Possibly silly question, but on switch can you play with two players (one joycon each)?

  • I have Overcooked 2, is it worth buying overcook 1?
    The discount looks nice ;O

    • be careful dont overbuy…

    • It's not as polished and there are quality of life downgrades but you'll have fun. That was my experience at least.
      Can't throw and your approach angle to activities has to be more precise.

  • Full list anywhere?

  • For 10 and 9 yr olds that find lugis mansion too hard, would you suggest overcooked 1 or 2?

    • Overcooked has a star rating system that allows you to go back and re-try certain levels to get a higher star rating. Lots of fun!

    • i reckon 2 is easier, and the throwing mechanic makes it more fun

      • I actually think 1 is easier. Lot simpler due to less mechanics and millions of hazards to worry about.

    • Also depends on whether you want said 10 and 9 year olds screaming and yelling and throwing controllers at each other :P

    • Overcooked is pretty intense but they will figure it out, kids are wiley. It will really test their communication and team skills.

    • find lugis mansion too hard

      I'm adult and I got stuck on Luigi's Mansion 3 for ages.

      Not sure whether that says I'm too slow to solve puzzles or it's actually a difficult game. :|

    • This is like saying my kids don't understand cricket, should I get them to watch Home and Away instead

    • I love the fact that I've seen a 5 yr old girl play Zelda BoTW pretty well but struggles with the side scrolling Mario and Donkey Kong games on the switch! I think it is just what captures their imagination and what they want to sink their time into.

  • Thanks for the heads up. Been wanting to play this. I'll just get the first one (for now).

  • Thanks OP got overcooked!

  • Thanks OP. Will get overcooked!

  • Steamworld Heist is a good game. I put 30 hours into it and double it if you want to test yourself with the harder difficulties. Has a very simple level up and loot system. The turn-based combat is satisfying and enemy locations are randomised. Forgot whether or not the maps are too.