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2.6kg CO2 Gas Cylinder Filled with Gas for $66.95 (6kg for $83) - Use with Sodastream etc @ Kegland


Similar to deals in the past, kegland have the 2.6kg CO2 cylinder for $66.95.
They also have stock of the 36 inch adapter for Sodastream

Further details from previous deals here.

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    6kg at $83 is a better deal if you can fit the larger size tank wherever you're putting this

  • Where to get gas refills:

  • I picked up the 6kg one yesterday from Springvale. The bigger one is a better deal. Now I can make 1000 litres instead of 60 litres from the normal Sodastream canisters

  • I just refilled mine after about 5 months (I probably go through about 2L a day)
    Was $35 for anyone curious

  • Anyone know the difference between these delivery methods?

    Authority To Leave - FreightFinders - (NO PO.BOX / Parcel Lockers) $14.44
    [Residential] FreightFinders - Flat Rate $10 Redelivery Fee (NO PO.BOX / Parcel Lockers) $21.11

  • Can I ask what your guys' sodastream bottles weigh at empty/manual refill?
    The first few times I refilled mine after picking these things up it worked fine, but lately it doesn't seem to be filling up properly or only giving me a few weeks worth of usage before needing another topup =(

    Maybe I should just hand it in and do a $19 swap next time it runs empty to get a fresh, new sodastream bottle?

    • Do you chill the empty cylinders in the freezer before refilling?

      • Yeah I saw that tip from the instructional video and have been doing so.

        • Any chance your donor cylinder is getting low?

          Do you invert the donor cylinder?

          Do you have the new or older style soda stream cylinders?

          Weigh your soda stream cylinders before and after filling. Should be getting about 400g CO2 in there

    • Standard sodastream bottles
      Empty around 700g. Full around 1.1kg.
      Can get it to 1.2kg if donor cylinder full and inverted and, receiving cylinder placed in freezer for a few hours.

      • Thanks, hmm yeah I can get it at about 900g before it refuses to fill up anymore.
        Maybe I need to freeze for longer or something, I admittedly don't wait as long as I could.

        • Did you invert donor cylinder? And, fill slowly to avoid triggering sodastream anti-fill valve closing.

          • @rifter: I inverted the first few times, then about the third time I actually couldn't get it flowing upsidedown but I could right-way-up.. so I was a bit confused and maybe convinced myself that It was the type that didn't need inverting at all? (In reality it may have been the anti-fill valve triggering which caused the problem, which I then cleared)

            I'll definitely go back to inverting and freezing properly next time.
            Cheers for the tips!

            • @Stoibs: Hi did you turn on the cylinder really slowly, the valve on the soda stream cylinder will close and not allow filling if there is too much pressure.

              • @josephnds: Yeah once or twice I turned it too fast and had to do the release valve thing. Thankfully the video guides on the kegland site are useful and good at explaining it all

              • @josephnds: Hi,

                I bought the 6KG from the last deal and just tried to fill a cylinder last night. Had the sodastream bottle in the freezer for a day, and turning on soooooo slowly, but I still can't get the bottle to fill at all. Like I trip the anti fill valve every time.

                Bottle is inverted etc. Any other tricks?


                • @mctubster: Try it even slower and only open the 6KG Valve very very slowly. Listen for this hiss of gas being transferred and don't open any more.
                  - That the Sodastream cylinder is empty or close.
                  - That the 6KG has a lot of GAS left. If it is close to empty, you won't be able to transfer to Sodastream.

        • They won't fill up completely as the donor cylinder starts to get empty.

        • I'm similar to you - invert cylinder and it only gets to about 1000g
          I do also put the empty in the freezer for a day or so before I refill it.

          I bought a Kegland 6Kg in June last year - I can tell it is running out but so far I have only gotten 3.5Kg's of refills from it.
          I'm surprised I have gotten more out of the 6Kg I purchased.

          • @gimjam: Same story here

          • @gimjam: I'm getting about 450g of co2 into my cylinders (Tare 755g Full 1205g) when the donor bottle is full. The empty bottle needs to be super cold -20c. Maybe check the temp of your freezer?.

            • @ash2000: Thanks - I generally average about 350g per fill. The most I have ever been able to get is 400g on one fill.
              I make sure the bottle is empty before I put it in the freezer and they always measure 755-760g before I fill them.
              On the last fill I was only able to get 117g - which tells me the 6Kg donor bottle must be getting towards the end.
              I just measured my freezer at -18c so it should be doing a reasonable job.

              I'm mostly curious if others are only getting 3.5 - 4 Kg out of a 6Kg cylinder?
              I assume it means that it wasn't actually full when I received it from Kegland.

              • @gimjam:

                I'm mostly curious if others are only getting 3.5 - 4 Kg out of a 6Kg cylinder?

                Sounds odd…. Possible it wasn't full, but seems unlikely.

                I use a hand held luggage scale to monitor the remaining gas in the my bottle. My empty bottle weight is 13.4kg and when it's refilled it is nearing 20kg.

                • @ash2000: Unfortunately I didn't weigh it when I received it, but it's due for a refill so I'll get it on the scales before and after a refill.

                  • @gimjam: If I am not mistaken, all bottles should weigh the same when empty so yours should also be 13.4kg (based on above comment by ash2000).
                    It should be stamped on the cylinder as well……just not sure if that stamped weight includes the valve/handles etc.

            • @ash2000: How do you guys invert the 6kg? Had anyone made a stand or something?

          • @gimjam: I got the smaller 2.6KG and extracted approx 85% of it to Sodastream refills. once the main 2.6kg was say at >50% empty, the less the Sodastream bottles would fill and usually required a few Freezes and top ups to get them close to full. Below say 25% would only be able to top-up Sodastream bottles to 50% full (or less).

            The remaining 15% I use direct from the Cylinder to a 2L plastic standard coke style soda bottle full of water using the regulator/carbonator cap kit, hence no waste. I just carbonate 2L of Water at a time on a per need basis. It's a handy kit as also allows one to gas any liquid using normal soda bottles of any size.

    • I aim for about 1070-1100grams full. From memory 1070 is what the manufacturer sets theirs at. (Read on Reddit somewhere, no real fact check).

      Also- no idea if all soda stream bottles weight the same when empty.

      I usually freeze and fill mine 2-3 times to get it full.

      Be careful- you can over fill this way (1200+ grams) which results in some crazy water overflowing weird sounds when streaming. 100% do not recommend.

      Other things I don't recommend: bubbling milk.

      I have filled about 12 gas bottles from my current 6kg tank so far, cost me $48 to refill it at the country brewer. $4 a gas bottle cost on average.

      • What happens when you bubble milk? Or anything else other than water? The manual said not to do it but I wonder why not.

        • When you add Tea then you get Bubble Milk Tea ?… Nope, you get Sour milk see it for yourself.

        • It goes all over the bench and up into the machine.

        • You get crazy bubbly milk through the machine/ valves.

          Or maybe bubble milk tea like Dlovep^ says.

          I have made sparkling red wine before without too many dramas.

          • @Blandford: What about fruit juice?

            • @bboT:

              @bboT @Blandford: What about fruit juice?

              I haven't been brave enough to try yet. Pls post video when you try.

              The issue with most things other than water is that the bubbles don't settle down as quickly- I like to call this the blowing bubbles in your milk through a straw effect.

              Be brave, try juice and maybe under fill the bottle so the bubbles have more space.

    • I got this a while back, i think it was some person that did some measurements. I go off this, although i find that i cant fill mine up past 1000g or so, and the cylinder behaves as empty at around 750g.

      Weight of cylinder % gas remaining
      1070g 100%
      1030g 90%
      990g 80%
      950g 70%
      900g 60%
      865g 50%
      825g 40%
      780g 30%
      740g 20%
      700g 10%

      • Oh cool, that's a useful chart.

        • Surely you have a leak

          • @MikeKulls: In the Sodastream bottle thingy? Yeah it crossed my mind. That's why I was considering eating the $19 next time it runs dry and doing a regular swap.

            • @Stoibs: Swap to or buy a cylinder that does not have the anti-fill valve. Eg. kegland sodastream cylinder.

              • @rifter: Ooh I didn't know Kegland sold their own brand. Just had a look, I assume this is the one.

                Forgive my ignorance but how do you know if it has the anti-fill valve or not?

                EDIT: Ah, just read the warning and instructional sheet at the very bottom of that page for unscrewing the attachment valve also, yeah I've totally just been holding the cylinder itself… woops.
                Guess there's a good chance that's where my problem lies and I've accidentally unscrewed the cylinder itself.

                • @Stoibs: i bought one of those, use it interchangeably with the original sodastream one. Works just as well and is easier to fill than the sodastream one

                  • @dimitryp: Nice, thanks!
                    Was on the fence between that and just getting a 'woolies' swap since the cost of shipping from kegland isn't great up here to QLD, but in the longrun if it is easier to fill then I might go for it.

  • One important question is how do we connect it to sodastream
    there might be a lot of ways but I am new to this any ideas where I can start looking

  • Can I use this one for fish tank :))

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    can I have a tank of straight oxygen for my fizzy drinks
    what else do they sell in kegs
    just remember to treat a pressurized vessel with respect

  • Sounds good but how much is a full 2.6kg and 6kg normally elsewhere anyway? Does $95 & $125 respectively sound about right?

  • pfft, I make CO2 for free

  • So you hook this up directly to the soda stream with the adaptor?

    Is there a way to refill Sodastream bottles with this?

  • You peasants using liquified gas.

    Dry ice refills are where it’s at.

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      Thanks mate, I just opened my empty bottle in preparation for tomorrow’s trip to BOC, approximately $1.50 to refill my bottle!
      I cannot believe I haven’t thought of this before!

      • How'd you get that price? BOC shows up as $11.92/kg pellet dry ice. 60L sodastream bottles hold ~0.4kg C02, so should be 0.4*11.92 = $4.77 per 60L bottle?

        • BOC near my place have me a minimum 1 kg for $4.90 (bit more than what I saw online but cheaper than a refill.

      • Can you buy that little dry ice?

        Last time I tried to get it from my local supplier they had a limit of 2 or 3 kg minimum.

    • Has anyone done this on a 2.6kg bottle, or 6kg one?

    • Mmm dry ice can be seriously dangerous if you inhale it. Think I'll stick with the kegging

      • inhaling dry ice = inhaling CO2

        • Uh a lot harder to breathe in co2

          • @UberIsCool: But they're in your drink after you "Bubble" it… that can be seriously dangerous ? XD

            • @dlovep: lol. get a wif of dry ice smoke and see you in IC unit.

              • @UberIsCool: No way. It just lets off c02.

                open a bottle of soft drink and you are hit with the same gas.

                dry ice is the solid form of c02 in the same way ice is the solid form of water.

              • @UberIsCool: Dry ice is literally frozen CO2. Definitely can inhale a lot more that just a whiff for adverse effects. Your body is quite good at detecting CO2 levels in the bloodstream (you feel like you're "suffocating" because of rising CO2, not low O2) and you won't be able to breathe enough to hurt yourself before your fight or flight kicks in and you run somewhere else.

                • @fatal: Dry Ice can be dangerous, toxic and unhealthy. You may want to do a bit of research.

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                    @UberIsCool: Keep digging, you might reach China.

                  • @UberIsCool: Is this an attempt at humor?

                    Obviously co2 can be dangerous, as liquid like these tanks, solid (dry ice) or just the gas as a free gas. They are all just co2, you breath out the same thing all day. In a small enough space you could suffocate if you were really dim.

                    "You may want to do a bit of research." Feel free to enlighten us with a link to back up your claims before i run out of downvotes for the day.

                    • @Duff5000: Click on the YouTube link above and scroll to Paul Foresters comment. Also tons of examples online, google it for yourself, I’m not you assistant

                      • @UberIsCool: That's it? Read my last post where I said you could suffocate in a small space if you were dim with any of the 3 forms of co2.

                        He is talking about the co2 being the issue. Mess with co2 in any form and you risk displacing the oxygen, that is not surprising at all. That doesn't prove your claim that a whiff of gas from dry ice will put you in the ICU. The exact same thing will happen messing around with liquid co2 that happened to that guy. Don't use co2 in any form in or above a container then stick your head in it, that's dumb. Even if he passed out, he would have fallen over and got some oxygen again unless he was doing it in an unventelated room.

                        You can get a whiff of co2 when you use a Sodastream. You can get a whiff opening a bottle of drink, the exact same gas as if you sniff the gas coming off dry ice. I don't know how you can't understand this.

                        They serve meals at restraints with dry ice making a fog. Who other than you thought that was life threatening?

                        Edit: your cheese example is really poor. You are saying breathing co2 is fine unless that co2 comes from dry ice despite the fact that is utter nonsense, it is the same chemical either way.

                        A analogy of your argument would be that drinking water is fine but drinking melted ice will put you in hospital. It is essentially the same argument you are making and it is completely absurd.

              • @UberIsCool: if you were right, these people would be dead now

    • I was told by BOC staff that the dry ice is not recommended for these hacks as it is not food graded. I don't know anyone else close to me in Melbourne that sells dry ice so going for the 6KG and the hose to install and forget

  • That is pretty damn cheap, I bought a 2.6kg tank for my fish tank a few years back for around $120 delivered.

    • What regulator did you go with?

      • Any regulator should be fine, these canisters used for brewing operate around the same pressure as those heavily marked up aquarium specific ones.

        I don't recall the model as I just went to a nearby aquarium and bought it, but it looks exactly like this

        Apparently it is highly recommended that you buy a solenoid and regulator separately, but this has been going flawlessly for me over the past 4 years. It has an integrated solenoid with the regulator

        Only issue I had is that this is meant to only be hand tightened to your co2 canister. I over tightened it when I first got it and squashed the gasket between the tank and regulator. The aquarium charged be 5 bucks for that tiny gasket, but you could probably buy 50 of those on ebay for 5 bucks.

        I never had the issue of squashing the gasket after I realised that though. Refilled it about 5 times now

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    Any cheap deals for O2?
    Air quality kind of sucks right now

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    CO2 Gas Cylinder Filled with Gas for $66.95

    What about global warming ?