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[PC, Mac] Free - The Sims 4 (Standard Edition) - Origin (VPN Required)


This deal is back.

1 - Use a USA VPN.
2 - Add the game to wishlist.
3 - View your wishlist.
4 - Click on get free button.
Thanks BlackCurrent

New look, same great content.
Unleash your imagination and create a world of Sims that’s wholly unique. Explore and customize every detail from Sims to homes–and much more. Choose how Sims look, act, and dress. Determine how they’ll live out each day.

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  • I sure hope nobody got sucked in by the 'up to 75% off sale' the other week.

  • Doesn't look free to me! Origin wants me to sign up for Basic Subscription in order to play it or pay 49.99

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      EDIT: On second look, it has added it to my library… don't know why it still asked me to pay for it though.

    • Worked for me using PureVPN.

      Followed the instructions OP gave.

  • It says buy for 49.99 or wants me to pay for a subscription

  • Only shows as fiddy bucks or subscription for me

  • No joy. Only seems to show pay or sub. I tried the app and website.

  • After having difficulties getting it I switched to a VPN on USA IP address where it gave me the option to purchase for $0.00 though when purchasing it gave me stupid choice between getting the basic version or paying for some extra bundle edition. This made it so I could not continue free purchase because no button to continue purchase but added sim 4 basic to my wish list and then it gave me the option to get it for free.

    Not sure if this is available to Australia because it was not working for me on AU IP address but worked on USA IP address.

    • That seems to be what they're saying on Reddit too. I created a new account to try it before passing on information to others who may be interested and it didn't work. I haven't tried the US VPN, I did try wishlist without it but no joy. I won't worry about it.

    • Bloody genius lmao thank you it works with US VPN

    • Just to add, after adding to wish list, then viewing wishlist, I was given the option "Get for free". Which after clicking added it to my library.

    • Worked for me. Had to add to wishlist for $0 then click on the wishlist and added for free. US vpn but needed to kill the origin client and restart.

    • I ended up using a vpn on my android phone, then do the Wishlist thing and it worked, I can see it now on my laptop without a vpn

    • worked for me thank you! added to my wish-list and relogged with a US VPN and it gives me the option to add it for free!

  • 28 up votes so it must have worked for at least 28 people

  • Looks like it works. I was signed out, and the game looked like it cost money. Logged into my Origin account (free account) and then clicked the link above. The game was added to my library. No VPN. (Unless I got the game for free a long time ago and forgot about it? I don't think so because I was looking to purchase this game recently at EB games but it was not in stock)

  • EA can't even give away a game for free without messing it up.

  • Hmm, didn't work for me - on my PC or on my Mac - not automatically added to library. Must be something different about my account :(

  • Unless someone posts a point by point description on how they got the game for free, I'm calling shenanigans on this one.

    For the ones saying it 'worked'….

    • You have a subscription and didn't know it, or

    • You already had the game and you didn't know it

    There is no indication in that link that it is a free game - only that it is included in a 'basic' and/or 'premier' subscription.

    There's no 'cancel' button. There is a 'Get The Game' button that takes you to a page with 3 options - to join a 'basic' subscription, a 'premier' subscription, or just buy the game itself.

    Clicking each of those links eventually takes you through to a credit card entry page, which I need to 'X' out of. None of these options add the game to your library.

    • I couldn't get it going either. But it did work on a USA VPN. Maybe EA mistakes some AU IP addresses for USA ones and thats why it only works for some people.

    • You have a subscription and didn't know it, or

      Nope, never have.

      You already had the game and you didn't know it

      Nope, never did.


      I get the FOMO might be killing you but it did work. Definitely glitchy but works and others have had more success with USA VPN.

  • Had to use a VPN like Tunnelbear

  • Worked for me using a USA VPN.

  • Confirming I had to use US VPN service (tunnelbear chrome extension).

    Used the link above, signed in. Then added sims for $0.00, but that ends up taking me to a page only allowing me to add it as a wishlist item. Then click on the wishlist and i could add it to my library from there.


    Click on 'deals' and you will see FREE on 'the SIM 4'

  • Okay, here is how I got it.

    1 - Use a USA VPN.
    2 - Add the game to wishlist.
    3 - View your wishlist.
    4 - Click on get free button.


  • Confirming able to add it onto wishlist and get it for free after using Hotspot Shield

  • Confirmed, US VPN-> wishlist -> Free

  • I heard you want some DLC for your DLC…. EA is scum. I'm glad for those of you who wanted to play Sims and got the game for free, just don't fall into their DLC trap which is why they're giving the game away in the first place.

  • This base game should be always free because it includes very little content - especially compared to Sims 3.

  • Go here https://www.origin.com/usa/en-us/ and search it out with your VPN turned on.

  • Currently 'Free' via PS Plus this month, also.

  • I set up my OpenVPN Client in a Windows Sandbox, didn't take very long.
    But then Origin was like "You Already Own The Sims 4"

    Huh? I Do?

  • Thanks - US VPN worked for me!

  • What a horrible website!

    Such a convoluted way to purchase a game.

    Finally found out how to get the free version, but not before being slammed with their subscription service. EA :(.

  • Thanks so much OP! Got it using Winscribe VPN, which I also got free the other day!

  • Well I can't even create an EA Account - says something like "we are currently experiencing some issues" and "invalid email address".

    Oh well. Don't suppose I'd ever have time to play it anyway. Thanks OP.

  • Swore off EA since that SimCity 2013 debacle.

  • This is a great vpn for USA if you want to do it from your phone https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.ow.free.us...

  • When you flash up your VPN, find your login details and follow all the steps just to discover you already have the game from a previous offer…
    Regardless, nice find OP!

  • Can confirm that this worked for me using NordVPN. Just grabbed the fastest USA server, added Sims 4 to my wishlist, and it allowed me to purchase for free.

  • Apparently I own Sims 4 already… must have picked it up the last time it was free.

  • People who are saying they didn't need a VPN and it worked fine just forgot that they already had it had it from last time it was free

    Worked with a VPN though :)

  • Confirmed it works following OP's instructions, used Express VPN. Thanks very much!

  • Cool, it worked for me. Used Windscribe VPN from a recent deal to get it.

  • 100% works using browsec plugin on firefox

  • Thanks Dealbot. Worked with TunnelBear VPN. Redeemed the game through web browser after signing in

  • Anyone try to login and got 'We're sorry, but we're having some technical difficulties. Please try again later.' ?

  • Thanks OP. Great find

  • +1 vote

    Thank you. Worked for me and my Mac.

    1. Downloaded VPN Hotspot - Unlimited Proxy , Sign up for 1 week free trial then cancel straight away. Change optimal location to United States then switch to ON to connect.

    2. Go to https://www.origin.com/usa/en-us/store/the-sims/the-sims-4

    3. Click on Get the Game

    4. Then it should ask you if you want to subscribe to Origin Access memberships - scroll down a bit to " Not interested in joining today?" then click on Buy Now - $0.00

    5. it will direct you to choose your edition - Add to Wishlist the standard edition.

    6. A pop up would come up asking you to sign in to your EA account. If you don't have one, then create an account but it seems like they are having technical difficulties today so maybe try later if you don't have an account yet.

    7. Then the rest of the steps should be pretty straight forward, if you don't have Origin on your laptop yet, it should ask you to download the game with Origin.

    Hope this helps.

  • Thanks OP. All good

  • Not sure if this helps anyone, but use Opera web browser and their built in VPN, select Americas, and copy link and paste, login in, add standard edition to wishlist, refresh page, boom game is in ur library. launch origin loader and play, profit. xD

    • Thanks. That worked for me. Although, I kept reaching Sweden's store even so I selected "Americas" VPNs in Opera.
      I ended up using my own and it worked.

      • @PhilEv90 I don't understand what you ended up using.

        Your own what?

        Because I still can't get it to work.

    • @EnegueWeil

      That's what I've been attempting to do.

      It has been taking me to the Swedish store and asking me to confirm that I want to stay in that one or change to another, but there are only European countries (plus Great Britain) in the list.

      • hey buddy, just select the swedish store, its ok. once selected on region, just add the standard edition. first few clicks might not work but after a refresh you should see it in your library.

  • I was excited by this for nostalgic reasons… So got my USA VPN, signed in and … found I already own it… no clue how… I need to keep better track of my bargains >_<'

  • Went to grab this but realized I already had it from last time deal was on. Thanks anyway and +vote'd

    • I must've done the same thing, apparently I even plugged 11 hours into playing it. Totally blanked on owning it and a bunch of other games on Origin. Shows how often I log into that account.

  • This game has been free before and I grabbed it thinking.. they're giving the bare bones away so they can sell their DLC's.. thinking it will be a tiny, frustratingly stripped game for sure.

    Was pleasantly surprised to find the opposite - the game is huge and complex at its "vanilla" level.

  • Couldn't get this one to work with multiple VPNs. Maybe they fixed it?

  • damm forgot to grab this for the missus :(