Custom 3" X 3" Die Cut Stickers 10 for CAD$1.25 (~AU$1.41, Was $28) Delivered @ Stickermule


This great deal is back.

Pay in USD and save 40 cents! (thanks Monty.Melb).
Mod Edit: Pay in CAD and save 55 cents (a further 15 cents)! Thanks doweyy.

I've ordered quite a few sets of these stickers (using the +1 gmail trick) and they are really good quality. Will be ordering some more this time.

Upload your logo, drawing or photo and we'll create a die cut vinyl sticker that's precisely cut to your specifications. Our unique sticker cutting technology allows us to make even the most intricate cut patterns. And, our proof approval process lets you work directly with us to ensure your stickers will look exactly how you want.

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  • +7 votes

    1 design, 10 stickers.


    Anyone know if they have stickers that can go on a shirt (transfer stickers) and are Washable?


    Please tell me about the google plus 1

  • +3 votes

    Got some last time. I could not expect better quality. Brilliant.

    • +2 votes

      fast shipping also, really cant fault these guys..


        Fast shipping? I ordered on 25th Jan, expected delivery was 12th Feb, order arrived 19th Feb a whole week late. So all up it's just under a month for delivery.

        I'm on the site now (20th Feb) and just got a shipping quote, quoted 15 days for free delivery or 12 days for expedited delivery at a cost of A$12.33. In my opinion that's pretty slow and expensive shipping for stickers!

        Quality of stickers is brilliant however.


    ordered some, thanx


    You reached the limit for this deal, but there's still time to share the love

    Awwww, they wont let me buy more ;(

  • +7 votes

    I've taken advantage of this deal a few times, and the best thing about it (besides the great sticker quality) is that they always give you about 15 stickers instead of 10.

  • +4 votes

    AU$1.56 if you in $US.


    Can I get 1x large sticker instead?


    Does anyone know a rough time frame for delivery. I would need it within 3 weeks.

  • +1 vote

    I got these last time. Excellent quality. I uploaded a circle image to fill the 76mm x 76mm square (made it obvious I was going to cut in into a circle) and they even pre-cut them for me too.

  • +1 vote

    I would like to try it. What do we use it for?


    ouch, rough Australian dollar


    You reached the limit for this deal, but there's still time to share the love 😍

    might need a new acocunt

  • +1 vote

    Are these washable guys?

  • +8 votes

    This scenario isn’t covered by the guidelines (I’d argue it should be), but I have a problem with encouraging fraud in deals (comments are another story):

    “I've ordered quite a few sets of these stickers (using the +1 gmail trick)“

    Clearly deals like this are loss-leaders, and claiming them multiple/many times may cross from unethical into illegal territory.

    In any case, if they’re abused they will go away, depriving the business of an effective route to market, and us of future deals.

    • +10 votes

      I wouldn't lose too much sleep about it.

      The business in question is a large US company. They would have a professional marketing department that would factor in all these eventualities in to their marketing mix.

      If it were really a problem, they'd simply add sms account verification.

      We're not taking about a small family business here!

    • +2 votes

      You raise an interesting point here, and I think it is good that you did. Too many people here try to get bargains at all costs, exploiting loopholes, etc. I too have been guilty of that.

      But in a way you too 'worked the system'. In order to get attention for your post (which admittedly I would otherwise never have noticed), you gave an invalid neg for the deal, which is a good deal.

      Now moral question: I never had used Sticker Mule before, so I certainly qualify for the offer. But is it morally ok to do so, knowing it is a loss leader for them, and that I will most likely never buy from them at full price?


        (profanity) the system


          No: change the system! And well, change always starts with oneself :-)


            @team teri: People talk about change and working within the system to achieve that. The problem with always being a conformist is that when you try
            To change the system from within, it's not you who changes the system, It's the system that will eventually change you.

      • +1 vote

        Reply seemed legit, until you claimed invalid neg vote.

      • -2 votes

        FWIW I also reported it with an explanation in that I believe this isn’t an “invalid neg” and that in fact it’s the guidelines that should be updated. I would go so far as to say that this is technically fraud under Australian law:

        “The key aspects of fraud are deception and dishonesty. A person who commits fraud has essentially deceived somebody so as to dishonestly gain a benefit or cause a detriment.”

        I also wrote to the OP to explain that I value their contributions and seek to change the rules.

        Oh, and that they may be a “large US company” doesn’t make it any less fraudulent.

        • +1 vote

          Here is where we part ways.

          First of all the deal itself stands, it is a great deal for people like me who order stickers from that company for the first time. As such it deserves a "+".

          The guidelines go as far as saying "don't vote" if you have any other reason not to like it - example given was you don't like the OP's avatar. Same could be said about liking or not liking the OP's moral values.

          Second: it's not fraud. People often have more than one email address. The deal website doesn't spell out anywhere that this offer is limited to once per person. What it does it that it only makes it available once per email address. Now I could speculate what the seller's intention was, but how would I really know?

          The seller also acts morally questionable in multiple ways: why would people who pay in AUD be charged a higher price than people paying in USD or CAD? Why, seeing they have a referral program, when someone goes back to the website does it say "You reached the limit for this deal, but there's still time to share the love" and the link they give you there is not a referral link?

          That's unfortunately they way the world works. Companies try to maximise profits by treating customers different from each other, rather than uniformly fair. And customers try to take advantage of loopholes. Tit for tat? Or one could turn the other cheek, that's what you're advocating. If you look at game theory, tit for tat as a strategy works better in most cases.

    • +5 votes

      Yes I agree. It's ok to rip off and steal from a big company but not from a small family business. I even learnt that in Ethics and Morality 1.001 at my Sydney uni philosophy course.

    • +2 votes

      I raised this point in Scotty's AMA. But unsatisfyingly he said to vote on things like that.
      And that leaves us exactly where someone below you said it's an invalid neg.

      I like Ozbargain for bargains. Save money on a game, a table, get your groceries 10% off tomorrow.

      I despise it when it's "get a free tap" "discount stickers" "a free bottle opener from this tile company".
      They're clearly not a bargain for random people. it's something to generate goodwill with existing clients or tease new ones.


      I wonder how much business they have made from people submitting work done by someone else which I wouldn't consider fair use. I don't see them denying money from people who are making stickers out of someone else's work.


    How do you pay in CAD? With paypal or CC. Can't see the option to change currency.

    Edit - Figured out.


    has this deal expired? Im seeing $20 USD for a pack of 10 stickers @3"x3"


    Can you use referal code and get this deal?


      If you use the referral code to get credit, there's a minimum spending of $30 (AUD I think, I can't remember). So if you tried to use your credit to order something for $1.50 or whatever, it won't let you use the credit you've gained from referral. You have to hit the minimum spend (it's written somewhere on the website). Otherwise you'd be paying out of your own pocket.


    anyone knows if you can stick these stickers on nylon bags?


    These were cool for my kids books etc. (labels).

    I'm doing this this time:


    Is this 10 copies of one design or can you mix it up and have say 2 copies of 5 different designs?


    Yay! Got some, these are really worth it. Thanks a lot for sharing!

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