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Enjoy a Free Pie Face Classic or Premium Pie, Pie Face NSW, VIC, QLD


Today's Ouffer: Enjoy a FREE Pie Face Classic or Premium Pie to Celebrate the Launch of the 'Pie Jam' Australian Music Program! (Up to $5.75 Value)

Only 100,000 Free Pies available Redeem your pie at your nominated Pie Face location between 5th September 2011 and 30th September 2011 Limit of one voucher per person Expires on 30 September, 2011 Not valid with any other offer

Don’t pay a dime—this one’s on us! Bite into a FREE Pie Face classic or premium pie in honour of Pie Face, Nova and Drum Media’s Pie Jam launch! The ultimate jamming celebration- Pie Jam features 240 original, unsigned Australian artists and 40 LIVE music hubs across Australia Pie Face pies are hand-made and baked daily using only the freshest ingredients

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  • +1

    Breakfast served1

  • Wow maybe you'll actually get a free pie as advertised this time.

  • -1

    oh that's right, no Pie Face in WA

  • +1

    Wont let me select the redemption location, anyone having this issue?

    • Worked for me.

    • +1

      I can't select a redemption location too. It won't let me process it without the location.

    • Can you please let me know which browser and operating system you guys are using?

      • I'm on Windows XP Pro, with Firefox 4.0.1

      • +2

        Linux, Chrome

    • yep same issue here

  • Cool got it! ty
    can't wait till 5th sept!!

  • +1

    I got myself one. Then in hindsight wanted to send another one as a gift.

    Found out you're only allocated one per ouffer account. So you can choose either to get it for yourself or to send your allocation as a gift. Guess this stops those with multiple email addresses! (not me) :P

    • -6

      Whoa that's so greedy. It's disgusting to see people taking advantage like that. We're supposed to let others take advantage of such offer too not keep everything to yourself.

      • +1

        How is wanting to send another one as a gift to someone else being greedy? I thought it's the opposite of that.

        • Well either it's a shitty gift or a "gift", I would guess the latter.

        • -4

          He's sending it as a gift to himself using multiple email addresses dumbo.

  • -1

    Got one!! :) I had issues with IE too… had to use my phone!! ~22k bought already

  • hmmm, referral links not working anymore?

    • You will be redirected in a 5 seconds. Patience.

      • yes, but redirected to home page, ie. non-referral link page.

        • I tried it just now and it works. 4012 Bought!

        • +1

          You brought 4012? wow thats so greedy. :p

        • you are so funny.

  • +7

    remember to validate your name on the pieface website - http://pieface.com.au/freepies
    I can forsee a lot of pain if people forget this step

    • thanks for the heads up…i would have totally missed that

    • if you sent the voucher to your friend as a gift, do you put your name or your friends name to validate?

  • +2

    Sometimes (although very rarely) the person selling me a pie doesn't feel like selling it to me with a smile. At least the pie makes up for that on those occasions. :P

  • +1

    Sweet, I was wondering if these pies were any good, now's my chance to find out for free.

    • Classic Lunch Pie:
      A mixed selection of minced pie, bacon & egg and tandoori vegetable.

      Premium Lunch Pie:
      A mixed selection of chunky steak, steak injected with cheese, chicken & Mushroom, thai chicken.

      These pies are the BEST!

      • which location do you get yours?

    • +1

      i live in central Surfers Paradise and there are a few Pie Faces here.
      To be honest, the pies are OK, but not amazing. But definitely eatable.
      Sometimes hot, sometimes not as hot. The taste isn't as good as a traditional bakery, and sometimes when you try to be a little creative with products, you can loose a great taste.
      Some may disagree, and it could be the location - Surfers - typically fast food isn't as good as other parts, but many of my friends have had a few pies from Pie Face, and are more impressed with the 24/7 availability than the overall taste.

      • +2
        • to smokenz.

        These pies are complete awful! I've tried many around brisbane and gold coast. For the price its a complete rip and there are plenty of good traditional bakeries that taste better cost lest.

        Made in factories by machines and migrants packed frozen ready to quick cook. Certainly not a pie worth that price when you can have a good natural made on the day at any reptuable bakery. All the glitz and style but no substance in their product.


        check out the video link on opening this franchise and all will be answered.

        Ps. I've been pastry cook, pies and rolls are my specialty, for 3 years

        • i agree with you, i was really just being polite as the pies are ok if you get some, like pepper steak etc. but the normal good pie is not that great, the dessert pies are bad as well. many friends have tried before. but say im walking home to my riverfront home, after a good night out, sometimes my clouded judgement will make me go in and buy a pie, and then it is definitely eatable, but of course, not that great.
          glad i'm not the only one, as many of my friends don't like it, but we weren't sure if it was just the surfers stores or nationwide!

        • I see your point but are you a masochist with a glutton for punishment?

          You have been a pastry cook with pies as your specialty yet you have still managed to try many "completely awful" pies from Pie Face around Brisbane and Gold Coast.

          Please share as to what makes you keep going back for more…

  • cool, free lunch

  • -2

    OMG, too much work for a bag of hot pastry filled with random animal bits LOL

    • +3

      Not random at all…they know EXACTLY what they throw in. :)

  • +1

    Hmm doesn't seem to list the one in Macquarie Center

    • yes I wanted to choose macqaurie centre too, but its not there. chose chatswood instead.

  • I wonder what the validation does?

    • validates ???

      • Validates according to what though? So they try to match up the names of the vouchers bought on Ouffer with the names put into the validation website?

        • They just want you to view their website to activate the voucher… marketing… advertising… no big deal…

  • it seems like you need a cc to put your credit card details for this

    • Not for me. What are you basing this on?

    • Nope.

    • You need to sign up to ouffer - it will work perfectly.

  • Got one

  • I couldn't get it to work for me and then I signed up to ouffer and it worked perfectly.

    Thanks for the post, I've been wanting to try these pies for ages.

  • The Bondi, NSW location isn't listed.

  • +1

    Got! Pie Faces are popping up everywhere in the Melbourne CBD.

    • Yeah, I've seen them around quite a lot. I thought there was only one on Elizabeth Street but it seems there's a lot more now!

      • They are establishing themselves in any free nook and cranny now. Hope they don't make the mistake of over expanding.

  • -7

    Hate these facebook 'like' promos. I don't want to advertise to everyone that I'm a scab. Maybe I need to set Mr Bin Scab up as a secondary facebook for these things.

    • +7

      this deal has nothing to do with facebook…

      • Actually they changed the rules/process. When I signed up a few days ago I just clicked buy and it was done. I had a friend sign up last night and now you have to send the offer to others in Facebook, Twitter or nominate 2 email addresses. If you don't do this then you can't proceed with the purchase.

  • Pity its limited to the stores around the city only…
    Still a +ve vote though

  • Nice! thanks man!

  • looking forward to my delicious free pie. their coffee isn't too bad either.

  • Expired. :(

    • Its not expired, the link has changed, link has been updated.

      Be quick only 88000 pies left.

      • -1

        There's plenty of dead animals to go around - unless you choose the vegetarian options which are less bloody (my favourites).

  • -6

    Wow don't they lose he'll alot money for so many pies???

    • +2

      Who is "he'll"?

    • Let's Neg all the freebies! :/

    • If the comment was written on a phone, then I don't think these negative votes are fair…

  • So is it correct that I can only print out the voucher once the deal ends?

  • +5

    Just ate my free pie and it was delicious! Something about free food that makes it taste oh so much better….

  • I'm gonna use this after I get smashed on my birthday, WOOT! xD

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