Los Angeles Return Flights from $722 - Melbourne & $738 - Sydney Flying United Airlines


Destination: Los Angeles
Airline: United Airlines
Valid Departure Dates: 1-31 March, 20 April to 10 June, 20 July to 10 September & 1 October to 30 November 2020 (plenty of availability)
Deal Expiry: Till Sold Out

Price Estimator:
Flights on similar trips to Los Angeles usually cost between $1100-1300. These flights represent savings of at least $380.


  • These international flights are non-stop.
  • Baggage allowance of 2 pieces of 23kg each.

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  • +3 votes

    Expect flight prices to go even lower. I'd guess we'll see sub $700 fares to the US before too long.

    Airlines are taking a massive hit to revenue as a result of coronavirus.

  • +7 votes

    United is the worst airline to fly.

    • +10 votes

      You haven't flown many bad ones then.

      • -1 vote

        Please list any more bad one.




          Easyjet. Some reasons why:
          1) United usually departs and arrives at the scheduled times (they did all 3 times when I flew them in October). EasyJet are woeful (on 3 flights with them in January, had one flight be 3 hours late, one flight was over an 1 hour late, and only one was on time).
          2) Easyjet plane toilets were gross (either out of order or utterly filthy).
          3) United at least has some drinks or snack included.
          4) 2 of the 3 united flights had in flight entertainment / seat back screens, nothing on EasyJet.
          5) Leg space / seat pitch was better on United.

          United was worse in the following ways though:
          1) Cost. EasyJet is an LLC, so was fairly cheap.
          2) Security queues. The security screening lines in major US airports can be insane, and arrangement of those queues seems to be handled by the airline - so in Newark the United security line was so long that it literally went over 3 levels, with 2 escalator rides in between, and it took nearly 1 hour to get through.

          I'd try to avoid both airlines, if possible, but sometimes they're just the only practical option (e.g. if nobody else offers a direct flight around when you want it, or huge price difference).

          • +1 vote

            @nickj: I've had the opposite experience with Easyjet. Shrug.

            • +1 vote

              @zeggie: Yeah, it could just be luck of the draw. The one easyjet flight that was on time was early (8.55 AM) whereas the other 2 were a late morning + afternoon flight, so I suspect with the European low cost carriers like Ryanair & Easyjet, that you want a flight that's early in the morning, otherwise any delays can cause knock on delays to all the flights that aircraft & crew will make later in the day. And they work the aircraft hard, trying to turn them around as quickly as possible, so there's no slack if (or rather when) something goes wrong, so you get cascading delays. And I've heard from family that Ryanair can be worse than Easyjet, so I absolutely believe you, but I have yet to have the pleasure of flying with them ;-)

    • +1 vote

      Haven't flown United before - why is it that bad?

      • -2 votes

        Sharing my experience. I was flying from New york to San Fran to Sydney.
        New york to san fran - flight was delayed by 8 hrs. almost missed the connection, ground staff was not friendly enough to answer any udpates.

        requested specific dietary required meal - got conformation email - printed on my ticket. But did not receive meal in flight.
        Cabin crew said sorry we dont have it. showed them confirmation print out but said sorry we dont have it.
        So No meal during flight. On my return home - I did multiple complained through their website - no reply.
        US airlines does not come under Australian fair trading complaint.

        Entertainment I did not care - because I had my ipad with me.

        I had similar experience with Qantas too.

        Now If I compare this Singapore or Emirates airlines - you will know the difference. I would rather fly with budget airline with a lower ticket price and pay for things which i need.


          So because your meal missed the manifest in an isolated incident, the entire airline and its employees are the worst in the world?


          I was on a flight that had to abort a landing, pulled a bit of G to ascend, people yelling like we were going to crash, old lady sobbing. I was fine but can understand some may have thought they would die. Probably a very stressful memory for them. Pilot couldn't get another landing clearance that night so they flew us 3 hours back to the airport we departed from. 6 hour round trip to get nowhere and a hair raising 30 seconds in the middle.

          I still fly that airline.

        • -3 votes

          A neg? Wow that missing meal really rustled your jimmies…


        It's real bad. I had an experience in LAX airport when there was a prank terrorism event. All flights were delayed by at least 2-3 hours due to the prank, but United Airlines cancelled a lot of flights on day. My flight was LAX-MEL and I was put onto another carrier 24 hours later.

        We are unsure of the reason why they cancelled their flights, but what happened to all of us in LAX was NOT covered under Travel insurance because it was deemed as 'Terrorism'

        They way United handled the cancellation was really unprofessional as well. There is little integrity in the company - I would strongly suggest to pay a couple of hundred bucks more for other airlines


          I flew United and it was great. Planes are much nicer than qantas. Perhaps next time buy travel
          Insurance that covers terrorism not cheapen out on it. Rich to blame an airline for being over cautions. Next time an airline won’t be and something bad happens. Then Ud be bitching they weren’t more cautious. Can’t win


            @Gavman: If it's just about the plane and food or stewardess. There is no complaint.

            The flights were cancelled NOT because the airline was being cautious. Emirates, Qantas and Delta were still flying right after the prank

            UA is OK when nothing unusual happens. It's how they handle the unusual scenario that matters. They left thousands of travellers stranded in airport, I couldn't catch an Uber to the nearest hotel because there are just thousands others fighting for a handful of cabs. You will be surprise to see how many travellers slept overnight on the floor in LAX airport because of UA


          So they canceled the flight and alternate flight was after 24 hrs. Did they provide hotel room and meals? I know it is still inconvenient but this much should be minimum.


            @sydneybargainer: We expect that's the minimum too but there was no compensation. All customers with flight cancelled lined up for hours just to get a replacement ticket.

            I wouldn't complain if there is accomodation and meals provided. On flight service is OK but the problem is when there are issues like the cancellation the airline is treating us as though we are flying with budget airline.

            • +1 vote

              @b0b0: I had similar experience at new york airport and then no meals on flight.
              Once I was stuck at KL airport for 12 hrs and air asia give me hotel near airport and meal vouchers.

  • +5 votes

    Looking for actual feedback on the Australia to Los Angeles flight with United.

    Why is it bad? Uncomfortable seats? No entertainment?

    Looking at booking a trip, and they seem a couple hundred dollars cheaper. Is it really that bad?

    • +2 votes

      I’d also like to know what makes it so bad.
      I once had a terrible experience with Singapore airlines with food service, hostess, seats etc.. but on the return flight I had a complete opposite experience

    • +2 votes

      I flew in economy on United over to Los Angeles two years ago on their Dreamliner. The seats were fine, food was average plane food, entertainment had good range of options, and the service was very much all-American.

      I also had connecting internal flights with them to Newark. It's worth noting that domestic US flights on United don't always include meal service/drinks with the ticket, but international flights to/from Australia are full-service.

      I would fly with them again - especially at this price.


      I flew with them Melb to LA and San Fran to Melb. I would go with them again esp at this price.
      No complaints whatsoever and i am 194cm tall. Seats were good but i took the emergency exit seats (no extra fees).
      Note: I didnt use their infotainment system)

    • +2 votes

      I flew United (Economy & Economy Plus) in Jul and Aug 2019, MEL - LAX - EWR and then EWR - SFO and LAX - MEL. No complaints whatsoever. The only strange thing was that my flight out of the states in LAX was not from the international terminal but from the United terminal which confused the hell out of me. Bless my shuttle cab driver for getting me to the right terminal. It was strange not to pass through any immigration control leaving the country.

      Flights were good, I think the Economy Plus seats were worth it although I can't recall specifically why. I just remember regretting not having it on my EWR - SFO flight. Service, food and entertainment was good. I paid a lot coz it was last minute but certainly wasn't comparing it to Emirates or Singapore airlines, more like Qantas.

      • +1 vote

        Just a note re immigration when leaving, even the International terminal at LAX (TBIT) doesn't do immigration when leaving. It's just a US thing, no immigration needed when leaving, always found it weird. Upside is that you can go to the TBIT at LAX and use the lounges when flying Domestically (if you have time of course).


      I flew United economy 3 times last year to West Coast / Houston / NY and Qantas once to NYC via LAX.

      Overall better experience with United mainly thanks to newer planes (Dreamliner vs A380). Meals and service quite comparable.

      At these prices it’s a no-brainer, United all the way.
      Emirates and Singapore Airlines are both on a higher level.

    • +1 vote

      Flew 2 years ago from Melb. Was great. On time. Non stop. Meals, entertainment. New planes. No issues.

      Don’t listen to these turkeys having a bitch about circumstantial problems that probably woulda happened with any airlines.

  • +8 votes

    I've flown QF (once), UA (once), Air NZ (6 times) and VA (10+ times) on the Aus-LAX sectors, there's nothing wrong with UA. I find the service a little better on the AU airlines but I'd have no issue recommending UA, especially if it's saving you some $$. My MEL-LAX UA flight was actually cancelled and they called me (and the people I was travelling with) and rebooked us all on QF (hence the 1 QF flight) at a similar time and made sure we were all sorted. None of us had any UA/*A status but were treated great.

    Personally I stick to VA now due to status but if it was just a one off flight and UA were the cheapest, I'd probably book it.

    EDIT: For some reason one of the people I was travelling was marked as legally blind when booking the UA flights (no idea why, our manager at the time probably thought it was funny), and multiple UA staff (both on the flight and at the airport) were checking up on him and looking after him. We had to tell everyone he wasn't blind but shows that they do actually take note and are attentive to customers.


      Thanks, good to know.

      Did they have food included?

      Entertainment system working?


        Yes both food and entertainment included. I can't recall if the food was good but probably similar to most Economy food. I recall there being a good selection on the entertainment.

    • +2 votes

      I've been blind a few times while flying. I'm never going to drink that much again before or during a flight!

  • +4 votes

    This is so good - shame about the BRUTAL Aussie dollar conversion rate - you'll be giving that $380 saving back very quick as soon as you book accommodation.


    United has been fine for me in the past. (profanity) Delta though… is a complete piece of shit (in my experience).


      Interesting I fly DL domestically a lot (I've never flown DL internationally except US to CAN) and I've never had any issues. In fact, within the past 3-4 months I've flown DL, UA, and AA domestically and had minimal issues, except I had all of my AA flights delayed for multiple hours. But DL is the one I fly the most and I can't recall a single issue, or any major delays, also had multiple free upgrades on DL.


    Ha. Air canada to lax, stopping in Vancouver $882
    Air canada to Vancouver $1565

  • +1 vote

    No drinks offered on the service by United, had a terrible experience flying to SFO with them.

    I would pay more to fly Virgin or Qantas.

  • +1 vote

    Has anyone been to, or seen of any LA flight specials on offer at the World Travel Expo currently doing the rounds? I know they normally have a decent price exclusive to the show, and I'm considering going the Brisbane one on the weekend.

    • +1 vote

      Have booked flights at the travel expo before, they usually do a very killer deal on the day!


    Looking for a deal on premium economy fares or flexible economy (aka freedom fares) to LA. Never seem to go on sale unfortunately.

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