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Samsung 82" SERIES 8 RU8000 4K UHD TV $2,550, 65" $1,189.15, LG SM8600 65" $1,253.75 + Delivery @ Appliance Central eBay


65" RU8000

LG SM8600 65"

TVs gone cheaper again

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    They also have this LG 86UM7600PTA 86" Smart 4K UHD TV for $2691 + Delivery

    The LG is better

    Samsung - VA 10bit panel
    NO local dimming
    Edgelit back light


    4" larger
    LG - IPS 10bit panel
    Local dimming with LG LED OFF mode to get deeper blacks when it detects HDR content.
    Direct back light

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      The LG 75" 7600 price still high

      Some said Samsung contrast is better just wondering in real HDR contents


        VA Panels have better contrast
        VA Panels have deeper blacks

        So Samsung wins in those two things

        But the LG IPS Panel here has better viewing angles and colours as well as having direct backlit LED's VS edgelit LED's for the Samsung

        The tv completely turns off some of these LED's in the array to get as close to OLED Black levels as possible and it looks great. Almost like fake OLED


    Not from this seller, but my RU8000 82” arrived with a dead pixel. Samsung is sending a technician out to assess. It took 3 guys to get the TV to the top floor (which I had to pay for)…so I am expecting a poo-fight with Samsung to replace the TV and have it moved to the top floor (and for the old one moved back down).


      Just got the LG 86UM7600PTA within 2 days from this seller and its working great.

      I've got a 2010 LG47" 200Hz FHD Passive 3D TV and 2014 LG65" 200Hz 4K Passive 3D 200Hz TV and both are still working great.. I've used the 65" almost every single day for 5 years now rock solid reliable :)

      I love these LG IPS high refresh rate panels they are like tanks.

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      A dead pixel? Just one or multiple? How did you spot one out of 8.2 million? Must have good eyes.


    Hi team, this is my spot to pop a tv.


    Tried a 55” but it’s too wide (by a bit less than an inch)

    Under the spot there is a gas heater (shown).

    If I have the tv go over the cavity will the heat from the heater in winter be a problem and damage the tv? Should I get a 50” to sit inside the cavity?

    Any suggestions would be good. I’m stuck!


    $400 postage to SA?

    I know these thibgs are big, but c'mon….


    what do people think of the LG 65 as a reasonably priced choice?


    LG 65SM8600PTA has my vote, has been apx $50 cheaper, I need IPS screen for angle viewing.
    Considered HiSense R8, popular tv but feet are too far apart for my cabinet and couple people have been disappointed.

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    Unless you really need the IPS viewing angles and have your tv in a really bright room. I would go with the RU8000 judging by this


    Also: 55 inch ru8000 is $869 (delivery incl.) with PICK100



      But some did mention the LG have local dimming on HDR which make it 100% black.


        From the full review:

        Regarding contrast:

        "The LG 55SM8600PUA has a mediocre contrast ratio, as expected for a TV with an IPS panel. The contrast ratio does not improve when local dimming is enabled. This is due to the fact that the TV is edge lit and local dimming cannot help in our checkered pattern. This performance is very similar to last year's SK8000."

        On local dimming

        "The LG SM8600 has bad local dimming. It is an edge-lit TV and thus has vertical local dimming zones which can cause issues with local dimming performance. The TV, however, has particularly bad local dimming performance when LED Local Dimming is set to 'High.' In certain scenes, the TV reacts to brightness changes in small areas of the screen by brightening/dimming entire vertical columns, which causes significant blooming; this is very distracting."


    Why there is no 75" for Samsung RU8000? Only 55,66 and 82" :(


    In the market for 65SM8600PTA, but have seen it $50 - $100 cheaper in the past.
    New models are usually released very soon, allowing heavy discounts on superseded models.

    Where is 65SM8600PTA manufactured ?
    Can I afford to wait for a better deal or will the Chinese factory shutdowns diminish stock or increase the price.

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