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Seiko Prospex - Turtle Gold (SRPC44P9) - $399 (Was $799) Delivered @ Starbuy


Seiko Prospex Turtle Gold (SRPC44P9)

$399 from StarBuy, incl free shipping.

I think it's an awesome deal (if you like Turtle case of course) and I thought I might try to revive our stalled horology thread, while the gurus are on a long vacation…

I hope you would enjoy this deal.

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    I've never bought a serious watch before, but I've started a new job and have wanted to get a decent everyday watch for a while now. Is this a good start? If not, what are some features I should look for?

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      Depends what you like. For a dive watch then the turtle will do.
      You say new job, whats the dress code? If its business attire then a nice dress watch is also good. Search for Seiko Presage Cocktail time. Take your pick from a variety of colours.


        Thanks for the advice, the watch is a little reward for me and not for work. While the cocktail time looks like a very nice watch, it looks too fancy for me using it daily. Thanks for the recommendation though!

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      Seiko 5 is a great and affordable way to get into the hobby.
      But if you are looking for just 1 watch for office/suit environment I would also recommend Cocktail Time from Seiko

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      This would be perfect to wear for the rest of your life in every occasion.

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      features? Most important thing in your first and only watch is finding something you like the look of.

      mechanically this is a fine watch, but a bit Gaudi for me for your only watch/daily driver.

      divers in general are nice though because they're so versatile, you can wear this to work, out to dinner, at the beach, on the Kokoda trail, you name it. They're pretty rugged, well waterproofed, etc. The look is a matter of taste but I think they can be dressed up nicely.

      dress watches are far more elegant though, and can be rare these days which makes them even nicer IMO because so many people are wearing the oversized blingy stuff.

      pilot watches and chronos sit somewhere in between, can be a bit cooler/more versatile than a dress watch, but some designs are pretty geeky.

      Seiko are a great choice for a first mechanical watch though. If you're not so interested in the watch nerd stuff (or even if you are really) Citizen Eco-Drives are very much worth checking out too.


        Thanks for the detailed writeup! There were a lot of new terms use that I'll look up and see if they're what I'm looking for. I've got to find the difference between divers, pilot and chronos watches, and while I would love to wear a dress watch I know I'm too rough to take care of one properly.

        I've seen Eco-drives on Ozb before and am interested in them, I like the idea of watches that are solar or movement powered.

        But I'll take your advice and keep an eye out for something that I really like the design of and hope it's in my price range!


    Horology thread?

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      Didn't know we have one as well. The best topic to revive the stalled thread is the "Horology House Scammer".

      If people have 2-3 hours to kill, go over to TRF and read about the whole ordeal. The main person involved is a well known Australian watch enthusiast.


        More like two or three days! That thread is a beast. There's also an IG page and podcasts worth a listen that summarise TRF.

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          Can someone link the TRF thread to this ordeal? Could make for a good train ride read.
          EDIT: believe I have found it myself, for some reason I was looking for a much older thread and immediately discounted this thread when first clicking on it. Please correct me if this is not it. It is linked below for anyone else interested in a read.


    Have a look at some Tissot personally they look great without having to spend massive amount of money, however the autos are a bit more expensive,

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