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Transfer Your flybuys Points to Velocity and Receive 20% Bonus Velocity Points


Now's the time. We're giving you a huge 20% Velocity Points bonus* when you transfer your flybuys points to Velocity.

Hurry! Your offer ends 25 February 2020.

Terms and Conditions

*For the promotional period 18 February 2020 to 25 February 2020, linked households may transfer a minimum of 2,000 flybuys points (equivalent to 870 Velocity Frequent Flyer Points) per redemption and receive 20% bonus Velocity Frequent Flyer Points. Only one Velocity membership can be linked to a flybuys household at any one time. No fractions of Velocity Frequent Flyer Points will be allocated, only whole Velocity Frequent Flyer Points. A maximum of 138,000 flybuys points (equivalent to 60,030 Velocity Frequent Flyer Points) may be transferred for Velocity Frequent Flyer Points per household, per calendar year. flybuys points can only be transferred in increments of 2,000. The 20% bonus Velocity Points will be calculated as the percentage of the base number of Velocity Points you will receive when you convert your flybuys points to Velocity Points during the promotional period. Visit flybuys.com.au/transfer to transfer flybuys points. flybuys points transferred for Velocity Frequent Flyer Points will be credited to the linked Velocity account. Standard flybuys Terms and Conditions apply to the collection of flybuys points. Standard Velocity Frequent Flyer Terms and Conditions apply once points are transferred to Velocity Frequent Flyer.

Mod: Marked expired, reports that everyone is receiving 15% bonus only (even those that received the email with 20%). Will unexpire and update as targeted once resolved.

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        • +3

          no, the real magic is using points for business/first.
          upgrades (purchasing an economy ticket and using points to get business/first) is not as good.

          • -5

            @bohn: Thanks for confirming .. but did use the the phrase "to get upgrades"

            Edit: Wait .. can someone who has actual experience confirm "(purchasing an economy ticket and using points to get business/first) is not as good" as using points to directly purchase the higher value service seats!!?

            • @Wally: Already confirmed it for you based on 'actual experience'.
              I think upgrades make the most sense if someone else is purchasing your ticket, eg an employer.

              • @bohn: Ok I stand corrected and thanks for the information

          • @bohn: I agree with you on this. To get the upgrade you need to purchase the relevant class of ticket, not the cheapie versions, and hope that they will allow you to do the upgrade. With the points for business/first you know you have a ticket. That said, some people have been bumped from business class, e.g. if someone's seat in business class is faulty, and the people on points are likely to be a prime target. Last year we had enough points to do business across to Europe on Qantas (Emirates) and enough points to get back economy with Virgin (Etihad). The reason we came back with points was it is hard to get a decent price on a one way economy class ticket but points are based on the distance flown. The holy grail is enough points to get over, and back, Business class.

            • @try2bhelpful: I agree certainty of booking is paramount,

              however it is possible to request upgrades for the lower cost economy fares via this

              FWIW also you can make a cash bid (lowball?) to request a possible upgrade

              • @Wally: Yeah, but I really only need business class if I'm flying long distances. I certainly wouldn't waste points flying business in Australia or to New Zealand. The long haul flights still looked like you need a decent starting airfare. Might be worth considering an upgrade from Premium economy to Business class but I wonder what are the odds on getting a seat?

                • +1

                  @try2bhelpful: Domestic cross country flights (i.e. Perth to east coast or back) are very worthwhile in business if you're on one of the wide body (A330) aircraft. Otherwise, nah.

              • @Wally: Yes however the options you mention, offer poor value vs award redemption flights, and you would have to fly virgin to get a velocity point upgrade or a bid upgrade.

  • +2

    I didn't get an email and it didn't work for me; I've only just managed to wrangle my points for the October bonus and that was only after a lot of emails backwards and forwards. I think they just don't like me.

    • Did you actually check your Virgin Account balance?

      • +2

        Yup, I can only see the 870 points from the 2000 points transfer.

        • Sorry to hear that.They may have woken up.

          • @IanC: I was happy for the heads up anyway. Worth a try :) I tend to get a number of purchase/points offers but I have all sorts of issues with the bonus offers. I had to really hound them to get the points from October and I really wanted them as I got an extra 9200 points out of that. Did the bonus points show up immediately?

              • @IanC: ah, then I'm screwed.

              • @IanC: Now, this is where it gets really weird. My Velocity account is setup to pool all my points to my man's account. When I did the transfer the bonus points didn't show up as an entry in my account but they did show up in my other half's account. We've now changed the Flybuys link to his account and the bonus points came through as 20% plus 15% for subsequent transfers. Thanks to OP and IanC.

                • @try2bhelpful: well done

                  • @IanC: Thanks for your input. I wouldn't have kept checking, otherwise :) I got pretty badly burned with the October offer. It didn't seem to be a targetted offer but I kept having to hassle them with emails, and phone calls, for anything to happen. They, eventually, coughed up the points but I got the runaround from both Flybuys and Velocity.

  • +1

    i transferred 108,000 Flybuys to my VFF account. I received 35% bonus (16415 VFF points). I only received the 15% bonus email, but i got that 20% extra too!

    redeemed my Europe flights during Xmas period with Etihad. Not my best choice of airlines, but given that it will cost me $3500 cash to fly with Etihad during that period… beggars cant be choosers i supposed.

    and i can't choose my seats on Etihad!

  • +1

    I didn't get any email from flybuys but did 2000 points transfer to test; it worked and got +15% and +20%.
    Just transferred remaining yearly allowance and still got +15% and +20% (81,041 total)

  • How can I transfer back to flybuy?

    • Once you transfer from Flybuys to Velocity you can't go back.

    • You cant

    • I wish it could, and just wait for the next promo.
      Rinse and repeat

  • I got the 15% bonus email and also got the 20% after transfer, 35% is the best bonus yet for Flybuys->Velocity transfers!
    Now we just need nCoV to go away so we can book some flights…..

  • Why did I get 20% + 15% + 15%, in total 50% bonus? I'm new to velocity.

    • +1

      Do you have a pic of the 3 extra bonus additions added to the base flybuys/velocity transfer!?

      • The additional bonus transaction detail shows 'Velocity Welcome Transfer Bonus - flybuys'.
        I dunno how to post a picture here.

        • Fair enough - but it would seem from that Velocity applies an extra Welcome bonus on your First transfer ( which adds to the current offer)

          As someone previously hypothesized - the other !5% might be a pre-emptive compensation for when Velocity/Flybuys may choose to match the current Qantas/Woolworths conversion rate .. perhaps!

  • Oh man, I'm torn. Velocity points or flybuys dollars. Do velocity points have an expiry date?

    • +3

      As long as there is activity I don't think they expire


      • .. easy to create activity by buying something on Ebay (for example) after clicking through the velocity store.

        • +1

          Even easier when Coles gives you a points special.

        • or $1.00 on fuel

          • @IanC: Velocity no longer partners with BP, unfortunately.

            • @rith: Which is really odd as all the BP stations that I drive near still have the Velocity signs up.

              But I did go in to one of the shops last week and ask, and, unfortunately, it's correct. No more partnering.

    • I'm the same, I've only just signed up to Velocity so I'm not sure if it's worth transferring if I don't have any cc that earn Velocity points

      • Most of my points come from deals with shopping at Coles. At the moment I've started another 10,000 points for a 4 week * $50 shop. Sometimes they stack points for specials.

  • +1

    Thanks OP. Transferred $16k points . Got 35% bonus instantly .

    • Did you receive an email or did you risk it?

      • +1

        My email said 15% but I got the 20% bonus too. I suspect this is for everyone & from past experience will probably show up on the flybuys website soon.

      • +1

        No email received . Just went with the flow - OZB way.

        • Love it, thanks for the encouragement you’ve restored my faith in OzB haha did the same and got the bonus points in my Velocity account.

  • Great offer - thanks for the headsup velli25!!
    I wonder if this is a precursor to them changing to 2000 flybuys = 1000 velocity (to match the new Woolies Qantas transfer rate)?

  • 2000 Flybuys points (redeemable for $10 off at Coles/Target/Kmart/Liquorland/etc) just now transferred to Velocity resulted in: 870 VFF points + 131 VFF points from 15% transfer bonus + 174 VFF points from 20% transfer bonus = 1175 VFF points, valuation at 1.2 cents each = 1175×0.012 = $14.10 ; so better than cash, provided you have a good use for VFF points, and accept the risk of a possible VFF point devaluation.

  • I've received no emails but transferred and got 15% and 20% bonus, so not target obviously.

    • Up until now we thought it was targeted.
      resmansg has confirmed: not targeted.

      • posted two hours ago not targeted. no email of any type

        • no, no. resmansg confirmed it!!

          • @bohn: IanC 2 hours 31 min ago
            Not targeted. Did a normal transfer through website and got the double bonus.

            Thanks OP

            • @IanC: yeah.. 1

              1. obviously it was sarcasm, it's been said so many times that it wasn't targeted. But we must be thankful for resmansg confirming it for us just now… 

  • I suspect the 15% + 20% is a mistake (should be one or the other depending upon your email offer) so might be best to run with this sooner than later if you plan to use it.

  • I received email for 15% bonus points. Transferred 12000 flybuys points and got both 15% and 20%. Sweeeet

  • What's the best to build flybuys points?

    I've never really bothered, but I am now.

    • +1

      Coles flybuys bonus offers.
      Coles credit card signup offers (recently was 100k + 50k second year).

  • +1

    I just transferred 20k and got both 20&15% bonuses so it's still going

  • Expected to see more pessimists on here suggesting it's an error and one set of bonus points will be retracted.

  • So I just did it for with email and the wife without email. Currently showing as transfer plus 15 plus 20 for me and only transfer plus 15 for wife. YMMV.

  • I'm wondering whether the 20% offer was from Flybuys, whilst the 15% offer was from Velocity. Two offers, stackable.

  • only got the 15%

    • Same here. Only 15%.

  • Thanks OP. It took a couple of hours but the 15% and 20% later popped up.

  • transferred 10k and got both 20&15% bonuses

  • confirmed 15+20 landed in my Velocity account, cheers

  • Ive only got the 15% bonus showing on mine. Did the 20% show up at the same time for others?

    • +1

      yes. This is the order it appears on mine 15% transfer bonus> points received from flybuys>20% transfer bonus

  • I usually only transfer my points if there is at least a 20% bonus. I got the 20% email so transferred all my flybuys points and just got 15%… wtf?

    • Same here, need to contact them tomorrow, but unlikely they will give extra 20% now, probably just 5% to make up the difference

    • Yeah, I just transferred some more points and only got the 15% this time .
      Looks like they have noticed the system spewing points!

    • Same. Got email for 20% but only got 15%

      • you got pwned

        • Is that you Big Hoss?

          • @chumlee: no .. just an aspiring knob polisher

    • Same here got 20% email but when I transferred got only 15%

    • same.. I got the 20% email but only got 15% bonus. Wifey got no email and received 15% too.

  • I’ve had no emails and I got 15% bonus. Was hoping for the 20 as well but can’t win them all.

    • Just tell the VFF CSR you responded to this received in an email

  • Also no email,
    Bonus 15% YES
    Bonus 20% NO

  • Only got 15%

  • Damm..looks like the jig is up. Only got 15% bonus

  • Only 15% now oh well

  • Another ozbargained deal

  • Only for "selected" people

  • Tried to transfer but initially got a "Currently unable to redeem" message. Then the webpage wasn't working for about 10 minutes.

    Now able to transfer and got the 15% bonus as expected.

  • Party over - got a 20% bonus email - but only got 15% bonus for the transfer.

  • +1

    Only got 15% bonus

  • -2

    Dammit, I should of taken more notice on this. I had the 1st comment and left waiting for the gold promo haha. Now I missed 35% bonus points uhhhhhh

  • Targeted, checked my statement and didn’t get the 20% bonus as I only received the 15%.

  • Also only received 15% bonus even though I got the 20% bonus email

  • Email: No
    15%: Yes
    20%: No

    Happy, but still jealous of all of the 35%'ers out there!

  • only got 15% this morning but just received the 20% email…. how annoying

  • Is this available to those who didn't get the email? And is it limited to a single transfer?

    • Is this available to those who didn't get the email?

      Should be as far as I know.

      And is it limited to a single transfer?

      Nope. I've done three transfers and each got the 15% bonus.

  • I just got an email about the 15%

  • Expired? I thot by 25th.

  • +9

    just got an email..

    We recently gave you a 35% bonus on transferred flybuys points, and it may have left you scratching your head.

    We apologise for any confusion. There was a glitch in the Velocity Matrix, which added a 35% bonus on your flybuys transfers.

    You don’t need to do anything; we just wanted to let you know what happened.

    Enjoy the extra bonus Points, and we hope they will get you to your next holiday faster^.

    • Good gesture by Velocity. Thumbs up.

  • +3

    May regret this…

    VA might mean Voluntary Administration, nor Virgin Australia soon.