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BeyerDynamic T5p 2nd Gen Tesla Audiophile Portable for $1099 (Was $1499) Delivered @ Minidisc


Beyerdynamic T5P 2ND GEN TESLA AUDIOPHILE PORTABLE for $1099 from $1499

Seems to me a pretty sweet deal.

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Minidisc Australia
Minidisc Australia

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    Thanks for sharing OP! These headphones (and the other Beyers that are on sale) are available for demo at our store. Feel free to shoot us any questions about them~

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    You're just wasting your money unless you buy monster audio cables as well.

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      Could you please explain why one would need very large cables to take a signal to meters of tightly wound voice-coil wire, given that we are talking about a circuit.

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        Because then you're better able to hear the woosh of the sarcasm as it propagates overhead…


        I think Phoebus has his tongue planted firmly in his cheek.
        Although I use the thickest cables I can to reduce "losses" in connecting to speaker coils. Headphones use very low current. Gold plated connectors on these. Oh and gold plated for HDMI interconnects. Meh.

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    These guys are good! Bought an Amp/DAC off them while it had a discount, also had a coupon code for a few dollars off and it came in like one day.

    Good service!

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    Best imaging I've heard in a can, if you are a gamer, look no further. I still prefer listening to music on my Elears though…


      I'm considering selling my Elegias to (partially) fund these T5ps. They are just amazing for a closed can.


        I was so impressed by the Elears, I purchased the Elegias a couple of weeks ago for use at work. If you AB them, obviously the Elears are better. But, the Elegias are the most engaging, dynamic closed back I have heard. I would stick with them over the T1 unless you are a gamer. The imagining on the T1 is excellent, but the soundstage is not that great and they are hard to drive; you had better have a decent (preferably balanced) headphone amp for the T1s.


    Grabbed a set to wear to the gym thanks op

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      The gym?

      Don't be silly, that's not really their intended use case, these are more suited for use while angle-grinding, chainsawing or jack-hammering.

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    they're selling T1s for the same price.

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