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BlitzWolf BW-LT15 LED Motion & PIR Infrared Sensor Night Light US $7.69 (~AU $11.66) Shipped @ Banggood


These are on sale again, not as cheap as the previous deal.

Ordered another two as I prefer the extra brightness (10 v 7 lumens) over the Xiaomi Mijia Night Lights.

I ordered yesterday and they have already been shipped. Promotional Sale ends on 23/02 and 67 units remaining at time of posting.

Price in title inclusive of GST - Don't forget to remove shipping insurance at checkout

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  • Does anyone have experience with removing it from the wall after sticking it? Is it easy to remove and did it leave any stain/damage to the paint.

    • don't stick it to the paint. Use blu-tak instead.

    • Not sure how it compares to the Yeelight one (which I removed from White paint), but a little heat from a hair dryer made it come off clean without any discoloration after being in the wall for 8 months.

  • Are these rechargeable? I love the fact that Xiaomi do usb rechargeable ones.

  • If anyone is aware of something similar that will stay on for about 2 minutes (rather than 15 seconds) after motion is no longer detected please let me know.


    • I don't know where I got it, but I have an led strip with motion sensor that has a slider for 20, 2 minutes, on, off.

      It works well, but it drains the 4 AA's a bit quick.
      I like my motion yeelights, but would prefer it stay on longer too, so I'm not mid piss shaking my body trying to re-activate it.

  • damn bought mijia gen 2 yesterday….

    • damn bought this one also…

    • Are these better?

      • OP said brighter… i dont know man, everyone loves them, never enough…. la la la never enough

        on serious note: the mijia gen 2 (the round magnetic base) doesnt have always on switch. yeah imagine that.

        • Whats this always on switch you talk about. The Mijia Gen 1 didn’t have it.

          • @nightelves: i dont have mijia gen 1, i have yeelight gen 2 (usb). always on means the light i always on, instead off, or automatic (sensor wise).
            so on my yeelight i can see 3 switches on auto off.
            mijia gen 2, only 2 switches, low and bright. not even off! plus we need to unscrew the light to access the switch! seriously…..

            • @ChiMot: Sounds brutal. I have there Yeelight ones, which I like, but I wish the motion sensor brightness was as bright as the on option. Seems odd to me it's a tad more full on motion than always on.

              .. or was it the other way around?

              • @Salmando: hmm i didnt notice the diff. between brightness in always on or auto (sensor).
                if you need stronger brightness then get mijia gen 2, or this blitzw (i assumed blitz is due to higher lumen)

  • Hmm checkout is trying to charge me $7.45 in shipping

  • How come it's showing $15.42 Aud for me? Ta

  • i need more cheap batteries to power these but Ikea doubled the price of their LADDAs. I don't feel like paying the Eneloop tax.

    What's the next best solution?

  • They're 10.60 AUD incl GST through the app. No shipping fee

  • Damn, Ozbargained by the looks, wish there were a decent number in these sales, when OP mentioned "67" I knew I was in trouble. Thanks OP anyway.

    Reported as "sold out".

    (added on edit)Thanks for the undocumented neg…………there is (tho for how long?) a way on BG site switch to USA, go to place your order but then STOP, (postage is a killer) switch back to OZ and then they are cheap again.

    Have asked for deal to be un-expired.

  • Still available but ~$14 shipping showing still?

  • Using the App I just got it for $10.76. Don;t know why listed as expired.

  • the perfect night sensor for me :

    shape: mijia gen 2 (round magnetic base you can remove the light part and carry around)
    brightness: mijia gen 2 or blitzwolf (higher lumen).
    power: yeelight gen 2 rechargeable via usb
    feature: yeelight gen 2 (have switches for on, auto (sensor), or off)
    feature: yeelight gen 2 - nice solid hook and magnet

  • Expected delivery "Saturday,03/28" woah but tracking says has landed in Sydney today 26/2. Most strange.

  • Not received yet.. shipped 22feb, almost a month….