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iPhone XR: 128GB $399; 256GB $549 with Telstra $65/Month 60GB 12-Month Plan (In-Store Only) @ The Good Guys


EDIT: Deal Extended (thanks axytrix)

The Good Guys iPhone XR 128GB for $399 or an iPhone XR 256GB for $549 when you sign up to the $65 Per Month Over 12 Months Telstra Plan (“Promotion”)
Full Terms and Conditions


1.. To be eligible to purchase the selected iPhone XR at a discounted price between 19th February – 29th February 2019 (Promotional Date) customers must:

  • Port in and bring their number to Telstra by signing up to the $65 60GB 12 Month Plan (40GB Standard + 20GB TGG BONUS) with minimum cost of $780,
  • Wait for the Telstra connection to be completed
  • Once connection has been completed the customer is eligible to purchase one of the selected iPhones in the table below.
The Good Guys Telstra Plan Eligible iPhone
$65 Per Month Over 12 Months with 60GB of Data. iPhone XR 256GB for $549 MRYJ2X/A,MRL2X/A,MRYM2X/A.
$65 Per Month Over 12 Months with 60GB of Data. iPhone XR 128GB for $399 MRYD2X/A,MRYE2X/A,MRYF2X/A, MRYG2X/A,MRYH2X/A,MRY9SX/A.

2.. Offer only available In Store. Excludes online and eBay, Existing Boost, Belong and Telstra Pre-Paid customers. No Rainchecks.
3.. Offer not in conjunction with any other offer.
4.. Except to the extent otherwise required by law, The Good Guys, in its discretion, reserves the right to substitute the Bonus with a bonus offer of equal value and/or specification.
5.. The Good Guys’ privacy policy (available on The Good Guys’ website at: https://www.thegoodguys.com.au/privacy-policy) contains information about how The Good Guys will handle your personal information. You should read this policy before providing any personal information to The Good Guys. The Good Guys collects personal information about you to enable you to participate in this Promotion. In order to improve its goods and services, The Good Guys may keep track of patterns of use in the e-mails and e-mail newsletters sent. By supplying The Good Guys your personal information for this Promotion, you have given us permission to communicate to you via mail, e-mail, SMS, MMS, Facebook, Twitter and telephone to inform you about our products and services, unless you opt out of such communications. If you wish to obtain a copy of our privacy policy, access the personal information we hold about you or if your personal information is inaccurate, incomplete, out dated or to unsubscribe, please contact our Privacy Officer either by email to [email protected] or by post to The Good Guys PO BOX 5190 South Melbourne VIC 3205
6.. In these Terms and Conditions, “The Good Guys” means The Good Guys Discount Warehouses (Australia) Pty Ltd (ABN 48 004 880 657) of Podium Level 60 City Road, Southbank VIC 3006.

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  • +2

    FYI: Plan ETC is $390

    • +1

      Where does it say that

      • Go to GG website and check applicable Telstra plan information

        • where? This is a contract that says $780, so where does it say you can just pay $390 and still keep the phone?

          • +1

            @asa79: Thats how Telstra plans work.

  • Oh dear, that's a good deal if Telstra can still let you wiggle out of the deal and upgrade to a m2m plan…

    • -1

      I've never seen a new iPhone fall that much in price in less than 12 months, got the XR 9 months ago and internally screaming

    • Yep you can after paying the min cost of $780

  • +1

    So about $1270 total

    • No, $790ish

      • +1

        $790? Huh?

        • +2

          399+390(ETC) is $790ish.

          You get an iPhone XR for around $790 if you take up this deal and terminate after first day.

          • @Fancydancer: You need to give more details then that, as there is nothing that says you can cancel pay $390 and still keep the phone in that wording up there

      • $399 for the phone

      • +2

        Could those negging explain why? I’m trying to help people understand how much it can cost if you cancel straight away as is your right. I have done this with the same plan previously for a great saving.

        • +1

          Just ignore stupid negs. You are right.

          I've recently paid out a plan 6 months or so early, half the plan cost.

          So many rediculous people here.

  • So, currently with Telstra, contract is up. Do you think I could activate a new Voda etc Sim, then port it over with this deal. Then go to a Telstra store and switch the numbers over.

    • You can.

      Better chance of doing it online.

      The stores don’t like doing this kind of transaction.

  • Me: That's pretty good

    Rest of title: +$65 p/m

  • Even at $780 for someone who uses 5gb a month this seems like a good offer??

  • Can you port in from Aldi for this deal?

  • Is the XS $100 better than the XR as it was $499 at JB with the same plan?

  • Bad news if you try to port in from Boost: they say Boost is Telstra so you can't do it. And if you port out, they quoted a 30 day waiting time before porting back in so that's stuffed. Unfortunately wasted 30 minutes filling in forms and then having the deal canned by the Telstra rep on the phone.

    • -1

      Your rep is possibly just an idiot. I've ported telstra to boost twice now, needed a special blank sim temporarily that's all. Presumably it's the same to go the other way.

      • You can port between the two but this deal isn't available to current Telstra customers so they won't let you take it on unless you have been off Telstra/boost for 30 days or more. Theres been plenty of discussion over this in similar deals.

    • Yeah it’s is a bummer, it’s #2 in the terms and conditions though.

      Offer only available In Store. Excludes online and eBay, Existing Boost, Belong and Telstra Pre-Paid customers. No Rainchecks.

    • I ported out in the morning to Optus and then took this deal in the afternoon

      • Are you able to confirm ETC is $390?

        • It'd take a day or so to show in a Telstra online account which has proof.

      • No 30 day wait?

  • Please report if anyone has successfully migrated to M2M plan after getting this deal. I am assuming you don't have to pay ETC in such cases.

    • +1

      Isn't that loophole long gone?

  • +1

    with the standard price not grey market price of the phone outright only few dollars less than total cost plus paying over 12 months and you need a some sort of plan per month it is a good deal so i give a thumbs up good find op

    • Thanks :)

  • So correct me if I'm wrong- this deal essentially boils down to-
    $399+$390 = $789 for the phone, if you port out instantly afterwards.
    Can you port out to any carrier? Also will they charge you the $65 charge for the 1st month if you port out instantly?


    • Correct with cost ($790). They may charge $65 immediately for first month but if they do it gets a pro rata refund.

  • Is there any reason not to downgrade to the $45p/m, resetting the 12 months, but immediately porting out and paying the lower ETC?

  • +2

    19th February – 29th February 2019
    this is last years deal

  • Looks like a typo, URL is 2020FY/Promotions/wk34/

  • what happens if you stay on the plan for around 6 months does the etc go down or still $300+?

    • One of mine is now $245,I started the plan in October.

      • thanks fancydancer, so which plan is that on and does it go down incrementally each month?

        • It’s the same plan as this, Telstra $65 over 12 months.ETC $390 at start of plan. It goes down at least monthly, might even be daily.

  • +1

    It is a lengthy process to get the iPhone. I went to store to sign up, only white is available (128gb). Talked to the Telstra connection team on the phone, passed credit check. But was told I would only get the phone if paperwork is completed, that is when porting is completed, could take up to 24 hours or worse, Vodafone may take up to 48 hours, said one staff. I was wondering around the mall hoping porting take only 1 hour. No luck.

    • I’ve done a couple of services. One took four days, the other less than 4 minutes.

  • Can Vodafone match this offer anyone tried ?

  • Does anyone know if this is still active?

  • Yes still going just signed up now.


    Deal running till end of March.

    They were running a little short on the 128gb stock but you can still sign up on 128gb with raincheck approx 2 weeks

    • Thank you so much! Will try this weekend. Would you know if the data is unlimited?

      • No so the plans are not as good as regular Telstra plans.

        60gb data and unlike Telstra direct who just slow your plan speed but no extra charge these charge $10 / extra Gb after you go over 60gb.

        Plus the thing that really is a let down is no data sharing / pooling between devices on the same account.

        It's an ok deal with the phone etc but plan details are not greatest.

        Early cancellation fee is $390.

        • Thank you. Would have to think about it first then.

  • Just tried at the Fyshwick store and have been told it doesn't exist. Has anyone got any links to show it's still going? I showed them the [email protected]'s from this thread, as well as the photo of the deal but got nowhere.

  • Can you just sign up to get the phone without porting your number, cancel the contract and then swap your old sim into the new phone?
    I have a m2m plan that I'd prefer not stuffing around with or do you have to port a number over?

  • Does anyone know what would be the final amount on receipt? Need to use it for tax purpose.

    • it will be $1129 on the receipt of thegoodsguy.
      GST amount is $102.64 in case u want to claim TRS.

  • are you allowed to downgrade plan later to a cheaper plan and keep it for 12 months or will you be charged the ETC?

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