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Samsung Galaxy S10e $599 for Existing Samsung Owners @ Samsung Stores


Thanks/credit to l005e for commenting on their experience on the previous S10e deal. Seems cheaper than the student deal online.

I went into the Samsung pop up store in Penrith. Standard S10e price is $799, AND I ASKED them to check. (Caps lock because at first they said no way!) Their store manager checked and yes, so long as I was willing to sit down for a 10 minute diagnostic on my S8. Result is an S10e for $599. No exchange required so I'll be selling my S8 shortly! Go for it!

2 year warranty, but single SIM Exynos as it's official Samsung stock.

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    This is the kind of ingenious marketing that rewards loyalty and makes people want to stick with a brand.
    Although can people just "borrow" a Samsung for about 10 minutes?

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      Keeps people on the Samsung ecosystem and rewards peeps who already gave Samsung business previously. Unfortunately Ozbargainers will find a way to exploit.

      Woulda jumped on this if didn't get mi 9t JB deal. Incredible price.

    • I have a Samsung tablet. Would it work? ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

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    I guess the obvious question is - Do they do this for other models?

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      As far as I know, someone did an s5, so maybe samsung s series only?

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        I meant are they selling other new models with a discount, but that's also good information.

        Anyway I found the answer in l005e comment. The discount is on all S10 models except the Note.

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    Thanks/credit to loo5e for commenting on their experience

    There is no such user called "loo5e". Which comment are you referring to?

      • My mistake it must be one zero zero 5 e!

        Regardless, it was their comment that made me think the forum should know!

        I was thinking of a tcl plex or a realme x2 but heard some connection issues with android auto on the forums that do lineage is etc (xda?) So stuck with what I know!

  • Wonder how the S10e Holds up to the xiaomi 9t, which was $400 at JB

    Looking at the specs at gsmarena comparing this phone doesn't have such amazing specs, and the battery? 3100 seems a bit low to me not much different than my samsung s7?

    • Way better than the Mi9T no comparison

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        In what way is it WAY better, care to elaborate? you make it feel like one of them is a flip phone and the other is some amazing phone which is definitely not the case?

        what's so much better with the samsung? slightly better processor and GPU?, worse battery life, smaller screen, Camera's seem to be even?

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          Camera on the s10e is way better than the Mi9T

          S10E is a flagship Samsung phone, its better in most ways

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            @freoleo: Care to show that? because in GSmarena they look quite the same both in video and photos… also the S10e is not flagship. The S10 and + models are flagship.


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              @Tehcookiemonsta: Other than CPU and GPU, there are some differences:

              • S10e has USB 3.0 support (unlike Xiaomi phones, even their so called flagship phones are only USB 2.0). USB-C/3.0 not only provides speed advantage, also allows HDMI out. You could get a USB-C multi-port hub and use it properly. With Xiaomi phones, you can forget about HDMI out.
              • Wireless ax support (interestingly, the CPU in Xiaomi 9T is ax capable, but Xiaomi elected not to implement it - to be fair other phones with that chipset are in the same boat).
              • HDR screen quality that is better than S9 series in HDR specs.
              • MicroSD card support.
              • Wireless charging (bi-directional).
              • Waterproof.

              Also, from OS point of you, MIUI is a mixed bag. It has some nifty features, but it tends to have some odd issues here and there.

              Sure, you could argue that most people don't need USB 3.0, microSD card support and wireless charging and HDR10+ are somewhat gimmicky. But, S10e retained enough key flagship features so it doesn't feel like Xiaomi 9T (which basically cuts every corner that can be cut and retain just the key bits - cameras and current gen mid range CPU/GPU). Are those things worth $200 more?

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            @freoleo: Have S10e and camera is crap. Upgraded from A5. Think the A5 was better even.

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          Not saying which phone is better, but from what I gathered

          The mi9t

          1080p screen (more than enough) 6.39 inch
          Better battery life
          No OIS
          Night mode is only for main camera (none for tele or wide)
          Single bottom firing speaker
          Headphone jack!!
          Indisplay fingerprint sensor
          No wireless charging
          Midrange cpu and gpu
          Android 10 coming soonish
          No official dust/waterproof rating


          Smaller screen, also 1080p 5.8 inch
          Has ois, but not telephoto (not a big miss tbh)
          Dual speaker
          Headphone jack!
          Indisplay fingerprint sensor
          Wireless charging
          Flagship cpu and gpu
          Already has android 10 (rare for a samsung!)
          Ip68 official dust/waterproof rating.

          The xiaomi looks sexier the. But if you can get a good price, the s10e would last longer/futureproof

          • @mbck: Another important point to add.

            Mi9T - One year manufacturer warranty (for AU stock)
            S10e - Two years manufacturer warranty

          • @mbck: Great comparison, S10e wins at that price point.

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            @mbck: S10e i think has fingerprint reader on side button

    • +3

      I upgraded from the S7 in July, although battery life isn't that much better, the camera, performance and display improvement was very much worth it
      A+ 10/10 would recommend

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      I suppose mi 9t pro would be the closest competitor

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    I still have an Samsung Galaxy S3 from many years ago. I wonder if that will work.

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    Grabbed one at Parramatta. They take down some numbers from the device info page of your phone but that's about all.

    • Thanks this is my local and I have an S5. But I'm travelling os in August so trying to hold out until then.

    • thats my local store, should try next week

    • is that a trade up or you just buy new phone for 599

      • New phone, no trade in

        • Thanks

  • Does anyone know if itโ€™s dual sim?

    • Single sim exynos

  • How about if I have an A20?

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      Not "loyal" enough.

    • Maybe buy a second hand S8 for cheap, then sell it for similar price afterwards

    • it's any samsung mobile phone even if you had an old s1 lying around

  • I've got the S8 and in the market for a new phone. Kinda wanted to try a different brand, OnePlus 7 Pro and Xiaomi. Does anyone think the extra few hundred will be worth for the 90hz screen on the OnePlus?

    • Being on mainstream brand/os will have its perks. Like more 3rd party accessories, usb to hdmi support, data back ups, timely updates. We have in our family xiaomi, pixel, samsung and lg. Only if pixel didn't drop the ball, i would recommend Samsung for all the perks above.

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    I wonder if I can use an S4, or even my OG galaxy i7500?

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      I just went and powered up the i7500 from I think 2010, what a walk down memory lane. Still powers up with android cupcake 1.6. AMOLED screen still perfect.
      Battery maybe not so good.

      • I also have an original S1 which runs. But it is rooted with Slimbean. Wonder if they'll care …

    • Any samsung mobile device works

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    What do we ask to get this promo?

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    if I have a 18 year old Samsung CDMA flip phone can I get the deal?

  • Personally waiting for the K30 pro to come along, the S20 is already on the way. This is a good deal for a samsung though.

  • they didnt let me get the free battery pack last time for not scheduling for free check up

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      Ironically, I was served by the same person that swapped the freebie battery pack I got from April's checkup that failed within 12 months!

      It was that service that made me chose the s10e exynos single sim from a store for $599, over the x2 dual SIM big was battery life but overseas/no warranty for $469.

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    Gutted, I bought s10e last week as s8 upgrade, paid $730..

  • What kind of plans are you folks pairing this with?

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      Boost or Vaya seem the main two go-to's, though some people hate both! Depends if you're in a Telstra or Optus good coverage area too.

      • Thanks Tigeh, I have not heard of Vaya. I am currently with Optus (plan runs out in 3 months, so I'm starting to hunt around). After dropping my S8 in the ocean 2 months into a plan, I have been using a beat up S6!

  • What is IH difference between s8 and s10e ?

  • Is there any possible way to do this online? I just bought my wife the s10e for 669 through the education store, which was a great price. At 599 I'd definitely get myself one. I don't live anywhere near a Samsung store though. Or is it just a store that stocks Samsung phones?

    • I grabbed one this morning and the salesperson had to take details from my old S4 to put the deal through. She gave me the $200 off because the diagnostic test on my s4 showed that the battery was struggling. I assume you would need to go in store to get one so they can check out the old phone to find a reason to upgrade.

      • Bugger. Thanks for replying though!

  • Anyone tried other pop-up store?

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    Got one from Macquarie Centre Samsung store at $599.00.

    I dropped my Xiaomi Mi 9T phone today and killed the screen on the spot and sadly need to buy a new phone asap and jumped to the S10e.
    I would not say the S10e is way better than the Mi 9T. In fact, I would happily get the Mi9T again instead of the S10e if Jb is still running the $399 special. I was just blown away by how great my Mi9T provided at its price tag.

    It is noticeable the S10e battery drains faster than the Mi 9T.

    • That's worrying I have mi 9t but my previous s6 edge took many hits with only small cracks in the glass to show for it.

      Samsung build quality is top notch on galaxy S series.

      • That was definitely a generational thing. My S6 cracked never, my S5 cracked once, my S7 cracked three times and my S8+, which I've had for much longer, has had 6 screen replacements at this point.

    • +1

      Thanks, did you need another Samsung phone for the deal, or did you just ask for the $599 offer, or is there some secret phrase?

    • Were they doing the same deal on the S10?

      Not sure if I want the S10 over the S10e.

      • Yes, I needed to show them a separate Samsung phone(other device may work? not too sure). Luckily my wife has a Samsung Note10+ so I just showed them my wife's phone then got the deal.

    • Give it a few days for the software to tune, it usually gets better within a week as it figures out what to sleep\what you actually open all the time

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    Galaxy S9 or 10e?

  • Any idea how much S10 would be after loyalty discount?

    • S10 was listed as $1149, minus the $200 from having a Samsung handset brings it to $949.

      I got the S10e as the difference between the phones wasnt worth $350 to me.

  • +1

    And where is a pop up store in Perth?

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  • +3

    Pretty amazing price if you can get it. Personally I like the flat screen on the s10e. Less hassle buying protective accessories.

    Probably why future S series are slowly moving back to flat screens, cheaper/higher production = more profit.

    • +1

      Flat screen after s8 and crappy curved screen protectors for me too. Curves just mean they can state larger screen size without actually being more useful, and the only 'pocket sized' flagship I could find.

      • It's pretty much end of an era as was with 3D TVs. Samsung's very good at pushing these kinds of essentially obsolete high margin products.

        Once they get the yield right for the under screen camera screens, they'll be laughing again.

        We gotta stick to our bargain brains lol. Cheap/reliable/fast, pick 3.

    • +2

      Despite the flat screen I've had hell trying to purchase tempered glass on eBay. I usually stick with Nuglass but their standard ones leave around 4-5mm (!) on both sides of the display uncovered!
      Their "3d curved glass" ones (which are still flat for s10e!) are only available with a black border which covers actual pixels.

      The only ones I've found to fit are slightly curved at the edges with one thin strip of glue at the curve only. They leave a tiny airgap that increases reflectivity. The curve is tricky to fit flush and catches dust underneath.

      Apologises for the rant! In short, do you have any recommendations for tempered glass?

      • For all S series with curve, spend a little more on Whitestone Dome glass. They work directly with Samsung for the best user experience. Pricy but well worth it.

        Note: there are UV glue glass imitations on the market, they will harm the screen as the liquid is cheap and nasty.

  • So grey imported also OK?

    • +1

      I just tried a grey import and it was rejected. They want to see the 'tick' symbol on the phone plus they enter details off the back from the phone. They didn't want to power the device up.

    • My grey import A5 from Kogan which was a United Arab Emirates model was fine at the Liverpool store

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    is this advertised anywhere?

  • +2

    Are there any pop up in Canberra?

    • Let me know if you find out!

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    I've had the S9 Plus for a while and I don't think I can go back to a smaller screen.

    • Good to know

  • Does anyone know if this works for S10+ and what the price is? Given S10e still shows $1199 on the Samsung site and not $799.

  • Anyone who's going to get this able to ask how long it's for? Might be good for those who live rurally since it's not online.

  • At Penrith pop up store now. Walking away with my finances new s10e for $599. Thank you OzB!

    Had to convince the staff to check with manager. Usually this "check up loyalty discount whatever" is only available for full price handsets.
    For whatever reason it's currently stackable with the s10e's discounted price.
    Get on it before someone realises!

    • Was there any s10 plus available? Did u enquire price difference?

      • Not exactly sure how much the offer is but my impression is it's $200 off any full-price handset. Could be completely wrong though.

        Tbh there's not much reason to go for the s10 unless you want more zoom, marginally bigger screen and sonic fingerprint sensor (which is much slower than the cspacitative in the s10e. But you do you n_n

        • Thanks. Im sure about going smaller for watching videos thats all. Will have tk check it out

          • @Sweetnsour: fair enough! I have note 9 and live for my massive screens functionality so totally understand. Fiance has smaller hands so appreciates smaller size phone in general. Good luck ;)

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    Data point: Bondi Junction Westfield. S10e $599. Done. They did not offer the deal but instead offered the S10e for $799 when I asked about deals and pricing. Only after mentioning this promo did they say yes to $599. They claim the deal requires an AU version of any Samsung phone. I did try an international S4 mini which got rejected but had an S9 Au version which was approved. Thanks OP.

  • -1

    Where are these pop stores in perth? And whats the deal here trade in old phone for new at 599.
    Is this working phones for trade in?
    My samsung s5 died few months back and had a local store look at it for free which i said ifs its going to cost me or cost heaps to fix forget it. He said before looking could need a new chip. It turns on etc but has that Android guy on all time saying do not turn off downloading,i tried heaps of things prior to asking guy at store with no luck. Guy at store said as it would need a new chip if the truth would need to break the screen and then obviously replace chip so not really worth it. He said probably cheaper buying a used s5. I ended up getting the a20 instead on low price deal at big w with a 25 off voucher at time and then mnanaged to get Vodafone to unlock for free but that was hard work getting that.

    This a20 seems good for what i paid but my goal was always to get the better phone funds permit. Wife has the s5 also so could maybe benefit from deal also her phone still works but mine turns on but thats about as far as it goes.