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NBN 100/20Mbps No Contract $75/Month for First 6 Months ($95 Thereafter) @ Vodafone


Looks like Vodafone have a discount on their 100/20Mbps NBN plan - $20 off for the first 6 months. I'm with ABB atm but I'll swap to Voda for the discounted 6 months then back to ABB to take advantage of "new customer" deals.

No contract, and has an optional free modem, though there is unfortunately a modem fee if you leave Vodafone within 36 months ($5 x remaining months). One pro of their modem is the 4G backup (Max speeds are 12Mbps for downloads and 1Mbps for uploads).

Offer ends 21/4/20. Don't forget cashback (CR $35, SB $30).

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  • Ok deal, but the Barefoot deal at the moment is the best one.

    • The Barefoot deal is 100/20, this is 100/40. If you don't mind slightly lower upload speed, then Barefoot is cheaper.

      • Yeah i think for the most part people wont feel much difference. In the longer run though the difference to the pocket is quiet alot. more of bang for buck

      • If you read the CIS, you will see it's actually a 100/40.
        AFAIK, when voda added $5 extra across all its plans in Jan, it also dropped all the upload to 20mbps.

        • My apologies, looks like you're right. I was under the impression ISP's were required to make this more obvious. Thank you for pointing this out.

          • @RatedCforCool: My bad i was meant to type "not a 100/40"

      • +6

        Actually the Vodafone one is also 100/20 according to the CIS from the deal link.

        If the aim of the game is to squarely save on costs there are better options:

        1. Sign up for Superloop 100/20 unlimited from this deal for 6 months - $68.95 per month, then look for a another deal.

        2. Jump on this Vodafone deal for 6 months making sure to use Cashrewards ($35 for NBN plans) or Shopback ($30 for NBN plans) for cashback and take into account the $24 saving from 6 months (compared to Barefoot Telecom/Mate Communicate) at $79, then when it's up look for a better deal. If you don't have an account with the cashback sites, look them up on here and take advantage of the referral system.

        3. Alternatively if you're just looking to remain with the same company at cheapest rate then I would join Mate Communicate (same company as Barefoot Telecom) using a referral from one of our mates here on OzBargain (only they seem to get a kick back this time) and once setup, add your own referral to the list for someone else to use.

        It all really depends on what exactly you're looking to get out of your Internet plan and if you want to take time out every few months to search for deals, make a few phone calls and wait for Internet connectivity.

        Edit: Whislt writing a few others have also pointed out the plan speeds/CIS info.

        • +1

          Well researched. Apologies for the incorrect statement, I was under the false impression that ISP's were honest regarding upload speeds. I'll add a reminder for cashback in the description.

      • It looks like Vodafone have ditched 100/40 for residential and business; everything appears to be 100/20 now? :(

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    I think Kogan = vodafone. Been with Kogan for about 12 months. Haven’t had any speed or connection problems. Can recommend.

  • Are you getting CGNAT or proper IP with Vodafone?

    • You've lost me I'm afraid. CGNAT?

      • https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Carrier-grade_NAT

        Basically if your address looks like 100.64.x.x it's behind CGNAT, not good for games and VoIP services

        • Noted. I'm not connected to Vodafone yet, but I'll update this once I connect.

        • Whirlpool says it's not CGNAT, usual dynamic IP, YMMV

    • I was with Vodafone recently and no CGNAT.

    • They provide a 4G backup (12 mbit limited) and this is CGNAT, but otherwise no.

      • The 4G backup is painfully slow. Ping was around 280ms a few months ago.

        • That's way too high

  • +1

    The Superloop deal will be a better option for most people

  • ($5 x remaining months) is a dealbreaker

    • +3

      Modem is optional.

    • +3

      Only if you take the optional modem/router. I just used my existing router.

  • I'm 37 minutes into making a 'no NBN service, no Vodafone failover' call to Vodafone "Sorry to keep you waiting, all our advisors….." Sydney North Area again.

    • I guess the $$ saving comes from somewhere. Hopefully I don't have to contact them. If I do, I'll probably end up swapping back to ABB for their customer service.

  • Hoping somebody in the call center is on OzB, hence the long wait time.

  • +1

    No way I'll pay $95 for 100

    • +1

      Yeah, $95 is a complete rip. I'm definitely leaving after 6months.

    • Yeah I wouldn't pay for 95 dollar a month TBH. I got mine on old price and am still on the $90 old price anyway, if they price increase next 6 months to an existing customer I'd be leaving too.

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    Whilst there are no contract, you have to use their modem/router. If you leave early you have to pay the remaining cost of the router. They won't accept it back and they won't give you a connection without you taking the router.

    • You don't have to use their modem/router. It's optional.

      • you don't have to use it but they give it to you. you cannot return it back to them if you cancel your contract, you must pay out the remaining modem/router instalment I believe it is something like $5 a month for 12 months before it is paid out. So technically there is a contract.

  • -1

    100MB plans are a joke anyway. Most you will probably get is 75MBIT on a 100 plan. Most 50 plans struggle to deliver 46MBIT..

    • I'm with Vodafone and during the day I get over 90Mbps consistently. During peak hours it slows down a little but not to the point you're talking about.

      Latest Speed Test: https://www.speedtest.net/result/9066911153

    • Its not a joke, no I don't get 75 Mbps on 100 plan. I get 90 Mbps consistently here, and am using Vodafone WiFi Hub with 1Gbit Switch as I run 6 ethernet with it.

      Here mine speed test https://www.speedtest.net/result/9117189486

  • So i moved from tpg to Vodafone and it got activated today however seems my netcomm nf12 is somehow not compatible. Anyone has an idea to fix it or suggestions for a cheap modem/router which will work with Vodafone? Thanks

  • can Telstra issued Technicolor modem be used for Optus, Vodafone?

    I read online it can be used for ABB, just VoIP won't work.

  • My 6 months with ABB are ending mid April. This will be the first time I will be switching Nbn. Do I need to give notice to ABB or do I just select the date of connection with Vodafone ( 2-3 days before invoice date) and call ABB to cancel once this is connected?

  • Can we get this withiut the modem? Already have the one from Telstra.

    • Yes, You can bring your own modem. Check below link item 2 for modem requirements. I recently joined Vodafone and so far very happy with the speed. Even though in evening speed I am getting around 87-92 Mbps speed. The only drawback is the modem if you have a double story house. I bought my own modem Netgear Nighthawk AC3200 and its just fantastic.


      Modem Compatibility (Copy/paste from Vodafone website)

      Does your modem work for nbn™?

      If you choose to bring your own modem, we’ll only be able to provide you with general advice. You’ll need to make sure your BYO modem works with the nbn service, and you’ll need to know the basics of troubleshooting the device. For anything else, you’d need to check with the manufacturer directly.
      Does your modem work with the nbn technology where it’s being installed?
      You’ll also need to ensure that your modem supports the nbn™ technology that is used at your address.
      Your modem will need to support IPoE authentication
      If the nbn™ technology type used at your address is FTTN, FTTB or FTTC, then your modem will also need to VDSL2 compatible. Please consult the device guide that came with your modem to ensure that your modem supports these features.
      Does your modem work for nbn™?

      Even if you have your own modem,

      a Vodafone Wi Fi Hub may be better for you
      By purchasing a Vodafone Wi-Fi Hub we ensure that if you have problems connecting with your device that our support team will be able to better assist you. Our support teams are also able to remotely connect with the Kogan Internet modem which is useful if we need to troubleshoot your nbn™ service. The modem also comes with a 3 year Warranty.

      • Awesome thank you! This is great info.

  • How’s vodafone’s call centre support like?

    • Non-existent at the moment, same as Kogan NBN support (same call centre?)
      Looks like it used to be an offshore call centre which might have gotten badly affected by COVID-19.

  • Can a connection/start date be selected?

  • Anyone have any opinion on Tangerine v Vodafone? They work out about the same price but just wondering whether one has better speed than the other?

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