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'FREE' Samsung 3D Glasses (2010 TV's) - Just Pay $15-$35 Shipping


Hey guys, Samsung appear to be liquidating their stock of 2010 3D glasses (not compatible with the new 2011 models), giving them out for 'free'. You only need to pay shipping, which works out to $7ea if you choose to get 5 glasses.

Quoted from their website:

Samsung is giving away 3D Adult Rechargeable Glasses SSG – 2200AR valued at RRP$149 each. P&H fee applies. Glasses compatible with 2010 3D TV models only.

Phone to order today: 1800 236 454

Credit card only purchase. Allow up to 4 weeks delivery. Maximum 5 per customer.

1 Pair: $15
2 Pair: $20
3 Pair: $25
4 Pair: $30
5 Pair: $35

Offer available till 30th September 2011 or while stock lasts.

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  • Great find OP thanks :)

  • +12 votes

    Awesome, I've got a PS50C7000. They should make such that you need to upload a receipt of your TV so there isn't any Brodening.

  • Omg is the site working for anyone ? Put me down for 5!!!

  • I phoned the number being a bit excited and they state you can email them also on
    [email protected] so I've tried that. I have a 58" plasma
    but these things will be all over ebay soon all broden like !!!

  • Hmmm…. more 3D glasses to put with my other 3 pairs I've used once or twice?

  • Great deal! Now if only I had a 3D TV

  • Would this work on a Sony 3D tv? I'm guessing no :(

  • Better than the $70 I paid las time, nice offer n good find.

  • Did anyone call up, can you do it right now?

  • Incredible deal, I bought a pair recently for $70 and thought that was cheap, this is a steal for those with 2010 TVs.

    • Likewise, i thought i got a "bargain" paying $25 for kids ones at HN a few weeks ago.
      seems Gerry Harvey had the last laugh….

  • LOL forced obsolescence by stupid 3D tech, so every year shoppers gotta know what year of the specs to buy for their new sammie tv…

    • if you can afford to buy a new tv "every year", buying new specs shouldn't be a problem for you :)
      i don't think it's that hard to just remember your tv model / year and just read the 3d glasses box :)

    • woa … i don't have a tv, and missus only has a 17" that her brother paid $20 for it ( 2yrs ago ). Don't you have anything better to spend $ on ? oh no, we (as the PM said) need consumers's "confident" in the retailer market…

  • does it work with UA46D6600?

    1. The Promoter collects personal information in order to conduct the Promotion and may, for this purpose, disclose such information to third parties, including but not limited to agents, contractors, service providers, and Bonus Gift suppliers. Entry is conditional on providing this information. The Promoter may, for an indefinite period, unless otherwise advised, use the information for Promotional, marketing, publicity, research and profiling purposes, including sending electronic messages or telephoning the claimant. Claimants should direct any request to access, update or correct information to the Promoter. All entries become the property of the Promoter.

    This is irking me, considering the promoter is a 3rd party and I intend on maintaining a silent number… :\

    • The promoter is Samsung Australia:

      Claims are only open to Australian residents aged 18 years or over. Employees (and their immediate families) of Samsung Electronics Australia Pty Ltd ABN 63 002 915 648 ("Promoter")

    • If you got a 3D Sammy, did you not also claim the redemption for the Bonus offers?
      If so they already have your details?

  • Great find OP
    Having a 63" Plasma 3D TV and getting samsung "junk emails" constantly, i would have thought that i would be a suitable candidate for a promotional email re the 3D glasses.
    Apparently not, however i appreciate the post very much.

    • Apparently the advice only went out the the people with BIG 3D screens … ;) Obviously, the 63" toy you have is too small … lol …

    • Promo email just arrived from Samsung this morning. Better late than never.

  • Thanks OP! I think Samsung's phone lines are going to be jammed tomorrow morning!

  • thank OP…nice find

  • Thanks heaps, wish us luck for in the morning eh ^.-

  • Nice, I've only got 2 pairs of the rechargeable ones and 3 of the non-rechargeable.
    I may as well grab 5 at this price. I have a PS63C7000.

  • Cool, Good find

  • You know there are going to be arseholes who don't own Samsung 3D TV but will hoard these to sell on Ebay.

    • +1 vote

      They need to track it by serial number or something else to keep it fair.

      • I dont think they care who buys them as long as they get sold. With the new models out and the new type glasses all these ones are now "junk". That said i am a happy camper.

        Anyone that redeemed previously, will now have got the email promoting the sale so most potential customers have been notified i guess

  • the fact these glasses only work on 2010 models just show how poorly 3D was implemented in the first place

  • So who else wants to now buy a 2010 samsung just so they can avail of this deal? Argh ozbargain, what are you doing to me?

  • My housemate bought a Samsung 51" Plasma FullHD in June or July, i'm not sure if it is a 2010 model, or 2011. He's got 2 pairs of glasses already.

    I don't think these are compatible, they look different. Are they bluetooth?

  • Apparently they are infrared.

    By the way, I think something like Samsung, Sony, Panasonic etc. are working on a standard for 3D glasses so we don't have this incompatibility bs in the future.

    I don't care too much for 3D anyway though..

  • Guess I'll just wait till they do the same thing with the 2011 models…

  • A good deal but there's not much good 3D material to watch anyway.

    • nothing worse than my kids frends complaining that Monsters Inc is all "blurry" while my kids watch it with glasses. :)
      Now the all can watch in 3D at the same time, no fighting…

  • Done, painless. On the phone for 3.5 min and 4 pairs on the way:)
    Cheers op, good find!

  • Just ordered 5. Got a 58" 3D TV but not sure what year it is. Got it last year though… Any way to check? without taking the TV off the wall? THANKS OP

    • I take your TV will be PS58C7000. Just check the model sticker at the back of TV. If it is, these 3D glasses are for you. I got PS58C7000 and PS50C7000. Yes, two, one for living room and one for family room. Called them to get 5 pairs. They are busy and ask me to leave a name and phone number to call me back. Will see.

  • Thanks OP. Was on the phone for 4.5mins and that included me being meticulous and double checking all the info.

  • Thanks OP, done as well. Phone lines must have opened at 830.

  • Thanks OP, I have just ordered some - also got cut off the first time I tried, but called back and got through 2nd time…

  • These won't work in the cinema will they?

  • Fantastic, I'll have to get 5 just 'cause I can. Thanks for the great find. Now just have to find 5 ppl to watch movies with ;)

    On phone now, hopefully they haven't run out!

    • Pretty sad to be watching a 3D movie by yourself, looking at 4 spare pairs of glasses sitting on the couch……

  • Just got 5 pairs =) very happy.

  • Whoo Hoo got through this time about 2 min wait, now to find some friends :(

  • Ordered them this morning by phone. Don't rely on email, as the guy said they were so busy on the phone that they hadn't got around to the emails yet.

    Wasn't greedy. only went for an even 4 pairs :)

  • FFS, the automated phone system keeps disconnecting me. I've made 7 calls, all disconnected within 1 minute.

  • I have been trying for the last 1/2 hour, have been disconnected every time from about 1 min to 5 mins, one time I even got someone say "Hi, one moment please" and put me back on hold!
    Edit: finally got through. She only took basic details as they are so busy and said they will call back later to confirm other details and process order.

  • I have been cut off 7-8 times now, Starting to irk me I understand being on hold although just cutting off calls is not great.

  • I keep getting disconnected too, it rings for a while and then just hangs up :(

    Going to cost more in phone calls than the glasses at this rate, luckily I'm doing it at work :)

    Edit: Yay, got through, on hold now.

    Argh, after a few minutes on hold I got cut off!

    This is a joke!

    • I know right… why weren't we the ones to know about the extra half hour of open-ness.

      • Well I only just got into work so couldn't have called earlier anyway, no way I was using my mobile for this farcical system. What's wrong with setting up a website to handle this sort of thing?

        • Damn, that would almost be… convenient or something?!

          I've been 'next to be answered' like 4 times now. It's like a bloody slot machine, you keep thinking next time… next time… surely next time; it must pay out!

  • Now I get through to sorry your rung outside our office hours please call back after 9am :(

  • WOW, thanks OP i just got 5 pairs. With 3 kids atleast ill have a couple of spare incase they break them. I got through and was on hold for about 5 mins, then some guy answered and said "hi one moment please" and put me back on hold, he then answered and procesed my request about 5 mins later, so Dont give up at this stage, im sure you guys will get some.

  • Ha Ha even a call centre can be Oz-bargained…..

  • Bloody hell, it sounded like someone answered this time after being on hold for 5 minutes and then it hung up again!
    This system is a complete shambles.

  • Eventually got through they call me back to complete order got 4.. which is great

    • So you have actually given payment and delivery information?
      All I gave them was my name and number and that I wanted 5 pairs.
      I assume they will call me back?

      • Same, they said they are too busy and will call back for credit card and address information etc.

  • Yeah hating this phone system.


    • Glasses purchased: 0
    • Message telling me to call back after 9am (ie 20 minutes ago): 4
    • "We advise that the number you've called is currently switched off, or unavailable": 2
    • Just plain hung up on me after 2 secs: 6
    • Just plain hung up on me after 2 minutes: 4

    Customer service fail.

  • How the hell do you get through? I have made over 10 calls now.
    Sometimes it rings and then cuts me off, sometimes it puts me on hold for a few minutes and cuts me off.
    The latest time someone asked me for my name and number and then it cut me off again before I got a chance to answer!

  • I was able to get 5 pairs. Has anyone had these processed through their credit card yet?

    I got through and completed the call, registered for 5 pairs.
    It only took 20 minutes and about 15 calls!

    She repeated the number back to me as she was typing it, but I'm still not confident.
    I sent an email as well just in case.