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AirAsia Gold Coast / Sydney / Melbourne Avalon to Kuala Lumpur from $127.35 Return


Travel from 1 Mar 2020 to 31 Oct 2020.

Gold Coast to KL $127.35 return
Melbourne Avalon to KL $141.35 return
Sydney to KL $175.25 return
Brisbane to Bangkok $173.20 return

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    Sydney to Kuala Lumpur from $103 one way or $173 return (purchased this earlier today and stil seems to be good availablity.)

    Coolangatta to Kuala Lumpur from $80 one way

    Brisbane to Bangkok from $103 one way

    Perth to Kuala Lumpur from $89

    If you join Airasia BIG which is free to join you also save $3 off each flight

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      Thanks. Description updated.

    • What dates did u book?

      • booked for 3 weeks in april over the school holidays. Songkran time of year so al ways fun.

    • Are you able to let me know what dates you were getting Bris - Bangkok?

    • +35

      I'll tell you why it makes zero sense to say that. 22 cases of COVID-19 reported in Australia. 22 cases of COVID-19 reported in Malaysia. Australian recoveries, no longer showing symptoms - 11. Malaysia - 18.

      They literally are doing better than us. I know you are kidding about but the jokes are the bedfellow of very real misinformation.

      • +3

        The jokes also make the general public freak out. My mum just told me to wear a face mask when I go to Indonesia because there was a case of covid-19 in Bali (the other side of the country to where I'm going)

      • +2

        I would argue that those 7 cases should belong to the diamond princess…

        There was that lady who's husband had been confirmed to have coronavirus, yet she was hugging him on TV and said she was leaving to go to Darwin… Its no wonder that the coronavirus was spreading.

        • Diamond Princess is its own 'country'. Check out the bottom of this page for mildly interesting tally.


          • @seamonkey: Most people think Japan has like 900 cases, but most of it is from the Diamond Princess, which all started from 1 single person…

      • +4

        But many countries are not trsnsparent as Australia on number cases and other details.

  • How do you guys find dates in the future e.g. past May? I couldn't find any flights.

    • I could find some in around July/august to Jakarta that were better than any others, other than the cheap ones in this sale.

      Make sure you go all the way through to the specific flight and times selection because if you are just looking at the calendar view the prices aren't accurate.

      • +1

        I got this error looking for a visit from Gold Coast to Bangkok in July 11.

        We couldn't find your trip.
        Try selecting different dates or nearby places.

        Would be nice if we could book the entire plane and deck it out in Orange and Gray

        Edit: It shows in the app so if anyone else has problems with the website and the lousy bot AVA, try the Android/iOS app

  • Wow that's really cheap. nice find OP

  • +5

    Always hesitated flying from Avalon, but damn this is cheap. Booked a return flight AAV-KUL for $138 mid-Aug!

    • +1

      We recently did it for our honeymoon as a transit stop and it was amazing. We got a whole row to ourselves and staff were super friendly with great on board food.

      Would do again especially at these prices.

    • Where did you choose for the accommodation?

  • Hoping Jetstar or scoot match that to SIN 😔

    • I had a look pretty cheap flights to singapore like 180 ish but stopover in kl low ses :(

    • I’m trying to find a flight from SIN to Melbourne but can’t find any for 24 March. Scott cancelled my flight…

    • +1

      JQ won't price match non-direct flights and they no longer fly MEL > SIN direct. It's now MEL > DPS > SIN

  • Worth it if wanting to go to singapore? Skybus to avalon then another long ass bus to singapore. So cheap though.

    • Haha…

    • I've done it a couple of times. Not the bus. Just a flight KUL to SIN or the other way around. You can secure it crazy cheap. Flight time about an hour.

      • Thanks for the tip. I commented before I actually clicked the deal so I assumed another flight booked separately to singapore for $100 plus return would not be worth it may as well wait for a scoot sale. However I saw $170ish return booked direct from air asia which is a steal.

    • +1

      I've caught the bus between Singapore and KUL about 6 or 7 times. I find it ok, but just don't go during peak periods (beginning/end of school holidays/festive periods, or Friday to Sunday). The price ranges from $7 to $30ish SGD.

      • +1

        You can even consider going to Malacca and staying there a night or two. It's ~2 hours south of KL via bus and well worth visiting- I was there last week. Malacca -> Singapore is maybe 3 hours.

        • Or Johor Bahru - Singapore

          Take a 30min taxi to Singapore. Dont forget to visit Legoland in JB

        • +1

          Great food in Malacca
          And Georgetown

  • how do you see which dates offer the best price? Do you have to see manually?

    • I checked manually, yep

  • +1

    Air Asia (like aus arlines) have become NSW school holiday unfriendly.

  • this price! how come its so cheap?

    • +2

      I guess the fear of the Coronavirus is depressing international air travel everywhere. People are battening down their hatches and staying at home.Hence these sales, I think.

  • Anyone care to share dates for SYD-KL? Can't find anything listed for that price.

  • Never been to Malaysia and I'm thinking of visiting KL for a week. Has anyone here travelled KL before? What are your thoughts?

    • +2

      Food is really cheap and awesome. There is a food street in Bukit Bintang, I think it was Jalan Alor, get a MRT/LRT card (similar to myki) and travel anywhere closer to KL even like Batu caves, Good Hotels are really affordable, Central market is good for shopping, Always haggle a lot the price, hehe

    • +1

      KL is a lovely vibrant city well worth visiting. Make sure to get tickets to go up Petronas towers, get a crazy taxi ride over to the Mines shopping centre to sample local offerings and a day trip to the Bat caves. There's also a pretty decent water theme park too.

      • You mean Batu Caves right? Although if I recall correctly, there actually is a small bat caves at batu caves lol

    • +1

      Hated KL, traffic is terrible, streets are dirty (the main shopping centre in the CBD has cracks in the building which turned me off) nothing that special there. Would recommend Penang over KL.

      • +1

        Hated it also, but I went there about 12 years ago. A good friend of mine is a local and showed me around, but I just couldn't get past the humidity and dirty feel of everything. Each to their own though.

    • +2

      penang is a cheap flight away and is one of my favourite places to visit

      • +2

        Penang is amazing but a few weeks ago I was offered sex with a 12yo girl in Georgetown by a pimp. I was so angry, so furious. It took everything I had not to attack the guy. I reported the guy to the police and even pointed him out but they just shrugged and walked away. It ruined the rest of my trip.

        • It's a common issue. They are trafficked from a young age. The pimps are sometimes from criminal gangs and pay off the police.

    • +3

      Been to Malaysia 20+ times for work.

      My favourite city by far in Malaysia is Kota Kinabalu.

    • Take a bus to Tioman Island…a very affordable, mountainous jungle paradise, with duty free booze.

  • +4

    That's ridiculously cheap given that it includes $60 passenger movement charge.

    • +1

      Whats a passenger movement charge?

      • +2

        Have you ever tried using Google? It really is quite amazing technology. This is the first result from a search for "passenger movement charge".

        "The passenger movement charge (PMC) is a tax payable by all passengers departing Australia on international flights or sea transport, whether or not the passenger intends to return to Australia."

        • -2

          Why the smart Alec attitude bro?

          • +1

            @Flykiwiguy: I'm just trying to teach you that it is easier if you google stuff yourself before asking basic questions.

      • See yesterday's Deal - some people transiting may be eligible for a refund of PMC. I didn't know about it until then.

      • -1

        Typically free in Australia but I was reading the other day that Europe can be as much as 4 euro.

  • +3

    Very tempting @$124.35 Gold Coast - KL rtn with free Air Asia Big membership.

    Rent a basic bungalow by the beach from around $20/n double & eat ridiculously cheap roti canai for breakfast.

    • What's some good spots to find $20 night bungalow? Online or rock up and pay?

      • +5

        East Coast has been good, but I've got limited experiences in 2010 & 2013. Prices haven't changed much in that time. There's plenty to choose from, as long as your expectations aren't high😉

        Stayed in simple chalet (bedroom, basic kitchen, shower, balcony) in quiet Cherating across the park from cafe & beach - price now is RM60/n ($21.50) for double or twin building.
        (I found it again after 10 years on Google Maps - recognised the rows of small buildings & used StreetView to get it's details!)

        Many old guest houses are available around that price. They're great - adds a very local flavour.

        A room I stay in at Malacca (traditional wooden 100 year old Chinese family home in a Kampung, set in a beautiful garden) is listed on the budget accommodation booking sites for under $20/n for 2 people - with local breakfast of fruit from the trees or pastries etc. Beds & facilities are basic, but lounging around the pavilion overlooking the garden, or opening the room's wooden shutters during a tropical downpour is wonderful. The family are lovely.

        All these won't have aircon (fan only) & may not have hot water (you don't really need it in the heat).

        Booking - depends on the season. In the past I've turned up, looked at what was available ok. Some can be booked online & expect some are on Airbnb. Most will have reviews on TripAdvisor.

        Stayed in aircon dorm on the Perentian Islands for $6/n in the past - just have to be lucky when you turn up. Had a ball!

  • +1

    How do you get the listed price?

    I've been trying Mel - Kul return for the month of April with everything over $220

  • Would advise everyone to be careful just incase anyone else runs into the same issue as me. Went through check out with zippay and after payment it returned to AirAsia but the screen didnt load, no emails no money taken so I tried again. Same thing happened 2 more times so i gave up and now I have 3 of the exact same bookings but only 1 has been paid for, I’ll hope on chat tomorrow and sort out the others lol.

    • Same. After PayPal, it returned to Air Asia payment gateway & hung.
      F5 refreshed it & everything worked fine. Payment made & booking email received.

      • Using PayPal on AA always glitches for me.
        I gave up and just use a card.

  • +5

    Pulled the trigger on a Saturday, 1030 depart, Monday 2315 return flight for $125.GC to Kl in August

    Satuday night drink with a mate
    Sunday eat durian
    Monday free day then fly home.

    • Can eat durian in Sydney lah. Why have to go KL ah?

      • +2

        Why have to go KL ah?

        Seems the trip is to have a drink with a mate! So pointless going to Sydney if they're not there…

        The return flight Gold Coast to Sydney currently costs more on sale than the $124 GC to KL!

        And the food is great in Malaysia & prices are cheaper than Sydney.

        Those are also my reasons for the trip to KL during Durian season - at a great price.

      • Because this is like 2008 - 2010 prices, only seen $250 odd unless it's a limited seats deal.

        • You're right. This is way cheaper than a trip to somewhere in Australia…

          • @Munki: Since this is Oz bargain, Haha Munki this trip might cost me less than a weekend at Gold Coast(I live in Brisbane) . For arguments sake, 1x activity : day at movie world,1x night out : Saturday night cocktails and drinks at surfers..etc eating out all costing $$

            Kl on the other hand will be so much bang for buck. Also serious question is there non frozen durian in Sydney? I thought most durian in aus even the "fresh" ones are just defrosted?

  • Flights are booking out at cheapest prices!

    Chose flight dates for a trip in May, then checked I am free to go & looking up accommodation…
    Took too long - dates for flights were either unavailable or much more expensive.
    Booked @$124.35 KL rtn - just 2 weeks later. Will then be in the middle of Durian season!

  • +1

    $313 return for 3 of us from the GC, can't beat that. Thanks ozbargain!

  • iirc their premium flex used to be much cheaper. now it's too expensive offering little value, they even took away the entertainment tablet option. smh

  • Wonder whether you can do it the other way round?

    I love it that in the olden days, you are able to buy a ticket with reversing dates….

  • What am I doing wrong - I've tried both dates & travel as 'any time' and am getting zero results Brisbane - Bangkok / GC - KL.

    • I've managed to find $120 return GC to KL May 2 - 9, but the search is really cooked. Really struggling to get any results….

      • +1

        See my comment above!

        • Hmm I'm not sure how accurate it is. End of April/start of May there's plenty of $80 flights that aren't showing on Google.

          • @Hinee: Fair enough, not sure how often their backend scrapes for new data. I know sometimes the sale prices aren't reflected but worked fairly well for the searches I was doing (and found dates in April that the other guy couldn't)

  • I see many "from $x" prices but no options for those when I click the date. Sometimes it shows, sometimes it doesn't. Any way to get those prices?

  • Oooohhhh, and The Majestic Hotel, $120 a night…
    Anyone have any comments on parking costs at Avalon? I have flown AA before with no probs but not since the Melb departures moved from Tulla.
    How expensive is it?

  • Can't find a single date matching that price and have been looking for about twenty minutes. Is there anyway to sort it to see dates by price?

  • +1

    Amazing deal just got gold coast to kl for $174 each person incl seat selection and one 20kg bag for 3 of us in September, thanks OP

  • Awesome! Thanks so much capslock.
    I've been tracking this with Google Flights and earlier today it was showing 1 way for $320.
    Just booked return w meals for $191.24 during school holidays.

  • I booked tickets at these prices about 6 months ago, but looks like I'm just gonna have to let them go, supposed to depart next week..

    somebody take my ozbargainers card away from me :(

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