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Boost Prepaid $240 (was $300) | 12 Months Expiry | 240GB Data | Unlimited Talk & Text | Overseas* | Telstra 4G | @ Boost Mobile


This popular mobile plan deal is back.

New Customers Only

•Unlimited Calls & Texts in Australia to Standard Numbers.
•Unlimited International Calls & Texts to 30 Countries.
•3600 Standard Minutes & Texts to a further 25 Countries.
•240GB Data with 12 Month's Expiry.
Free Apple Music Data Streaming.
•Utilises Telstra's 4G Network.

Alternative offer from Boost - Bonus 40GB Data on 80GB/$150 12 Months Plan @ Boost Mobile

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  • -1

    Bought this Sim and wanted to return it. It's been 4 months m chasing for refund.

  • Successfully matched with OW. Will contact Optus chat to get the port out/in thing going.

  • Would this work in my Telstra mobile broadband Hotspot modem?
    - It's a 4GX capable modem.

  • Worth buying now and stashing if my current plan doesn't end for 6 months? Does this deal come around often?

    • last one was late 2019 in November or December

    • You have as long as the SIM expiry to activate. I bought mine last year, Nov I think. SIM didn't expire until Sept 2020.

  • If i got this today and activated it on March the 20th will it expire on February the 25th 2021 or March the 20th 2021?

    • +1

      12 months from activation.

  • +1

    Boost SIM packs are the new Eneloops

  • +1

    Heads up It’s been a bit of a pain switching from Telstra to boost and keep your number..

    I had to get a blank Telstra Sim first to switch from post paid to prepaid (and wait 24 hours for the work order to complete)
    Then I found out my boost sim wasn’t blank so I have to wait on one of those to be mailed to me. Have to keep using Telstra prepaid until then..

    • +3

      Would it be easier to port to a $2 Kogan/Optus SIM first then port back out to Boost?

      • +2

        Interested in this also as I'm about to undertake the same Telstra Postpaid > Boost switch.

        • How did your Telstra to boost switch go?

          • @deepblonde: Haven't done it yet. Click & collect order from OW taken way longer than expected. Picking it up today. I also ordered blank SIM from Boost same day and that hasn't arrived yet either. Will likely get $2 Optus SIM and port to that first based on other comments I've read.

    • +1

      @doggmatic I did it 4 weeks ago. It wasn't as convoluted as your experience. I was told to ring Telstra who switched me from post paid to prepaid with my existing sim. That took a couple of hours. Once this was done I then rang Boost back. As my sim wasn't blank it took them a couple of hours to switch the sim from the original number to my number. All up it was around 3 phone calls and 4 hours. Sounds like your customer service officers didn't know what they were doing.

      • see long post below just did it and they stuffed things up badly.
        I say easier port out to a $2 sim
        Seems the system is too stupid
        It is the same system Telstra uses and every plan change I ever done they stuff it up.
        You spend time talking to chat to resolve

      • +1

        the sim arrived the next day or so but when i rang they said i didnt need the blank sim like you said and they changed it over pretty quick.. annoying they didnt do that in the first place though but it might be a telstra problem

  • What would you guys do for international data roaming with this? Boost mobile don’t have it but Kogan do. When overseas, I like to be connected to google maps, Uber, etc when using public transport. You can’t always buy a SIM card overseas for a reasonable price.

  • +1

    After porting out and into Optus, do you need to wait 24 hours until you can port back to Boost?

    • +1

      usually yes you'd need to wait. even though you are active on Optus, the porting process "CAN" take 24-48hrs.. Can be earlier.

  • +1

    "We're experiencing some technical difficulties completing your activation but we're working on it. Please try again later, or contact 24x7 chat".

    Grrrr. Went to their live chat but they say I'm already with the Boost network despite myself porting into Optus $2 sim an hour ago?

  • works out to be ~ $20&20GB per month if you suck at maths

  • -2

    Whaaht? $20 per month?! Paying $5 per month with Kogan or Catch Connect :)

  • Is there a better deal out there if I just want the Telstra network for broadband GB, ie don't need the phone service?

  • Damn…just recharged last week for $300

    • -2

      Use Kogan or Catch…. $5 per month.

  • +1

    arranged 2 of these with office works, price beat over the phone at $228 each, delivery same day. brilliant. thanks

    • Did the same and picked up within 10 mins
      Sydney cbd

  • I have a friend who wants to buy this Sim as he is with vodafone.

    OW says they will price match and do 5% off as others have said, but his vodafone plan doesnt expire until May 2020.

    If he buys this sim from OW will he still get 240GB data issued even if he starts or ports over to boost in May?

    • Yes. It's 12 months from activation and you will probably have over 1 year for activation.

      • Thanks Kourosh, I will pass that info on to him.

  • Yesterday I told my son to go down to officworks and price match.

    They wouldn't do it because "their systems were down" and he stupidly paid the 300.

    Fuming I went down to the store after work and after half an hour of them working out how to give me 72 dollars back they eventually did it.

    Next time I'll be calling head office for the price match. Painful in the store

    • Which OW store?
      Your son needs to spend more time here!

  • +1

    Nice offer. I wish they had offered it for existing customers too.
    I hate the port out and back in process

  • +1

    Warning to those porting over.. if you encounter an error activating your sim online don’t go on chat and have them manually do it for you. Wasted 2 days waiting for it to be completed and then a couple hours of troubleshooting why the sim in my phone didn’t work despite it showing as working on their end. Lady probably made a typo on the sim number and ported my number to an inactive sim

    Now I’ve waited 2 days since the resolution, they’re sending out another sim with my number active on it but I still haven’t received the email confirmation she said I’d receive within 24 hours so it probably hasn’t even been posted.

    • did you go Telstra to Boost.. seems they stuff that up

      • Kogan to Boost. I’ve done it in the past and it only took a few hours. I did do this one on a Sunday though which was a mistake, apparently you should be doing it on a working day.

  • +1

    Ported overnight and using now

    Much faster than bloody kogan

    • What about network speed and call connection, how does it compare to Kogan so far?

      • Better everything

  • +1

    Went to Officeworks who price matched for $228

  • I'm currently on the $150 80GB plan and I am wondering what the best way to go about using one of these deals is. Do I have to create a new account or can I recharge from these?

  • If you are Telstra Post paid you can go across although was a pain . Sorry for the long post. Morale is maybe swap out is easier.
    A real pain
    Just did it with my wife's over the last 2 days
    What ever they could stuff up they did of course like anything you get done with Telstra ;)

    Seeing they share the billing system the software seems too stupid just to move you over :)
    Even though I ended up on the SIM from the pack eventually :(

    1) You need to an order a blank sim from Boost to move across.
    That came a few days later. easy enough.
    2) You need to call or chat to Telstra to get moved post paid to prepaid.
    Was told you get a text 4-24 hours be done then call boost.
    A few hours later could not use phone as was half on prepaid and no credit
    ping they said should be soon
    24 hours later ping.. well we have 24 hours I said that is up already
    No 24 hours from when we put the order in which was almost another 4 hours :)
    Which would be when we lost credit on phone :(
    so wait
    check 29 hours later.. shows pre paid on 24x7 app.
    no text to say was done. Never got one
    So you need to check yourself
    3) ring boost To swap to blank sim and add $ from the pack sim to that.
    They say did you get a text.
    Say no although app says pre paid. check oh you are now
    they say again 4-24 hours before it done.
    you can throw the sim that comes with the pack you use the blank one we sent you
    3 hours later old telstra sim goes sos.
    put new boost sim in..
    no credit again

    Ping boost.. do you have a reference # etc crap
    eventually said oh they did not move credit over.
    so they do manually.

    This morning wake up SOS only

    Ping Boost again that sim does not work.
    Ok we will text you the code to make sure it is you
    I say again its SOS how will you text me :(
    Eventually they say that SIM invalid.
    Then go do you have the SIM we told you to throw out try that
    Yes that works.

    So morale of the story.. might be easier to port out to Optus or someone for a day or so and port back in.
    Then go blank sim and deal with Helstra support.

    • +1

      You don’t need a blank Boost SIM if you port out to Optus first… just did it myself…

      • yes how I go when we move the other phone over

    • +1

      It’s funny how they tell you they’ll text you the code when you’re SIM isn’t even working. 2 different agents over chat did it to me.. they need to use their brain instead of reading off a script lol

  • So this is 20GB of data a month. What happened if you use the whole 240GB in 10 months? Will the service stop or you won't just have data for the next 2 months until expiry?

    • You don't have data for next 2 months, unless you recharge again.

  • Successfully price matched at Officeworks and then ported my service from Telstra Post-Paid via Optus Prepaid. Telstra to Optus port took about 2 minutes (on a Sunday) but Optus to Boost took 24 hours and a call to Optus and then Boost.

    Other than that, all good.

    • Did you get the free optus sim?

      • No. I got the $10 one just incase I was stuck on Optus for a little bit due to delays (which I was, for 24 hours, so it was helpful).

    • About to do the same thing. Did you port from Optus to Boost immediately after getting confirmation you number had successfully ported from Telstra or do you have to wait a certain amount of time?

      • +1

        I tried to port immediately after Telstra->Optus but it didn't work. After I rang Boost on Sunday they advised I needed to wait 24 hours. When I tried again after roughly 24 hours, it worked.

  • So Officeworks will price match though this offer is only for new customers??

    • They dont ask .. i bought 2

  • Hey i bought the sim card now. Just wondering when is the last day for the promo to activate it. I called up boost they told me once u buy the sim card you have 6 months before it expires to activate it. Meaning it still going to be 240GB

    • You can find the expiry date on the pack. Mine is May 2021.

  • +2

    Just thought I'd share my experience this morning. Was a bit wary doing this on a weekend but it was so smooth

    I was on Telstra postpaid. Changed to a $2 optus prepaid sim this morning. Had to get a recharge so just chose the $10 one. Changeover to optus took around 2 minutes.

    Then went to officeworks and got the boost $228 price beat sim.

    Changeover from optus to boost took around 4 minutes.

    Didn't have any downtime as soon as sims stopped working new ones were fine.

    So I guess if lucky you can do it all in the space of an hour

  • Thinking of pricematching this deal tomorrow with OW (hopefully), I am currently with Boost right now. Do they give a code to redeem to activate the recharge and will it work with an existing number? Or will that specific code work with the sim that was bought with the deal?

  • Today Officeworks told me they have them but are not selling them because "theres some issues with them".

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