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Latina Fresh Pasta 625g + Sauce 700g + La Famiglia Stone Baked Sourdough Garlic Bread: All for $10 (In-Store Only) @ Woolworths


Unavailable online.

Seems like a very good deal. Serves 4 people.

RRP for the 3 is $19.80. $10 = Cheap night!

Looks like a lot of pasta and sauce varieties available.

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    Ripper of a deal. Thanks OP

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    Love a saucy Latina

    • And fresh too

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      I find the meat buried in those pouches a lil funky…

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    Does one just get each of these individual items and scan them and it will come to $10 automatically?

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    Had the garlic bread twice in 2 days- it’s pretty good! $6 usually.

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      That sourdough garlic bread is unreal. I can't ever go back to regular garlic bread after eating it.

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    Serves 4 people.

    Or one average ozbargainer.

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      I wash myself with a rag on a stick.

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    not sure how this combo deal works… just scan all three items at the check out to receive the discount?

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      That's how they generally work. Same as 2 for $x specials

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    Carb overload.

    • Just don’t be on Keto when you’re having this.

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      I've been carb loading for 36 years, I expect when I finally use it the results will be amazing!

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    The creamy sun dried tomato sauce is pretty good if you add chicken and additional sun dried tomatoes to it, for an easy meal

    EDIT: Looks like the only two sauces in this deal are tomato and garlic, or carbonara (which is pretty awful)

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    Every few months the 4pax pack is on sale for $4
    These freeze and defrost really easily.

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    Always love combo meals :)

  • $6 off not $10 due to this weeks special

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    Horrible stanky mystery filled pasta.
    Stomach churning Acidic Sauce.
    Soury garlic bread?
    Zero fibre.

    General Mills(tm) Constipated Consumer Diet (CCD) Wheat Gut Bloat Strategy (WGTS)

    • Cheaper than any fast food and provides multiple meals for cheaper than a small big Mac Meal.

      You're not buying this for a cleansing diet

  • clearing out bulk frozen goods from some warhouse thats sat stored since the 70s.

  • Expired. Scanned full price at checkout

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      Dammit I'm in the store now! Fake news; got the discount. Perhaps you didn't have the magic combination of goods.

      • Good work! Nah I 100% had the right stuff as I did it a few days ago. Must be just gone from my store already

    • Are these the only 2 online? Or are the ham and cheese/garlic chicken also available?

  • Marked expired, but still available online

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