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15% off Microsoft Surface Pro 7/Surface Laptop 3 with Free Laptop Sleeve ($89.95) @ Microsoft


Credit to User218134 (https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/521173) for the post about Surface Pro 7. I thought this desevered a separate post, with an advertised 15% off (works out to be slightly more or less than 15% off for some products) Surface Pro 7 and Surface Laptop 3 configurations, with a free laptop sleeve worth $89.95 thrown in.

Configurations and prices are below:
Surface Pro 7
- i3 (processor)/4GB (RAM)/128GB (SSD): $998 (was $1249)
- i5/8GB/128GB: $1190 (was $1499)
- i5/8GB/256GB: $1699.15 (was $1999)
- i5/16GB/256GB: $1996.65 (was $2349)
- i7/16GB/256GB: $2079 (was $2449)
- i7/16GB/512GB: $ 2676.65 (was $3149)
- i7/16GB/1TB: $3186.65 (was $3749)

Surface Laptop 3 13.5" (not all colours available for each configuration)
- i5/8GB/128GB: $1348 (was $1699)
- i5/8GB/256GB: $1699.15 (was $1999)
- i7/16GB/256GB: $2199 (was $2649)
- i7/16GB/512GB: $2798 (was $3299)
- i7/16GB/1TB: $3356.65 (was $3949)

Surface Laptop 3 15" (not all colours available for each configuration)
- Ryzen 5/8GB/128GB: $1799 (was $1999)
- Ryzen 5/8GB/256GB: $2124.15 (was $2499)
- Ryzen 5/16GB/256GB: $2379.15 (was $2799)
- Ryzen 7/16GB/512GB: $2931.65 (was $3449)

I purchased a Surface Laptop 3 13” i7/16GB/256GB myself at JB HiFi for $2250 during the Australia Day sales and am very happy so far, so would highly recommend!

As usual, don’t forget cashback and the AMEX $100 off $500 spend at Microsoft if you happened to get that offer.

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    Nice, I was looking at the surface pro 7 but prob wait until jb has another 20% off sale


      HN is 20% off yeah?


        From the website, from my calculation its 15% off aswell


          True only the i5/8gb/128gb and lower end are 20%.

          I find that there can be a better deal f the person only needs the lower end.

          JB/HN/GG's bundle for the spec above is $1399 but with microsoft, you can get $1399 with the free sleeve if you choose the discounted keyboards.

          The best I've missed is a 10% off the bundle from the GG a few weeks back.


            @xaykogeki: Ohhh! I see,

            I was looking at the blk/i7/256gb/16gb model. Though hopefully if I show the 15% off either microsoft or HN, JB may do better than 15%?


              @hasher22: I have the exact version of the laptop. HN had it for $2249, JB had it for $2251: JB wouldn’t even match; bought it from them anyway as HN was a bit far, but hopefully you have a better experience.

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    Lots of people are reporting screen cracking issues on the non-alcantara Surface Laptop 3s. It seems the glass screen comes into direct contact with the metal chasis when you close it. This can causes tiny cracks which eventually turn into bigger ones.

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    Good timing, I was literally about to buy an iPad Pro tonight but I'm going to get a Surface Pro 7 instead with this deal.


    I'm going nuts, but even directly following the link I'm not seeing it. And even here (https://www.microsoft.com/en-au/store/collections/microsofts...) the only surface 7 listings are bindles, minimum one of $1399.

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      Unfortunately, it must've ended by the time you clicked. Hopefully some more sales coming your way!

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