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USB Emergency Escape Tool: Spring Loaded Window Breaker, Seat Belt Cutter, Dual USB Ports $14.99 Delivered @ GShopper Australia


SYD stock, shipping in 1 day. limited stock.

Weight: 48g
Glass Breaker: Single Shaft Firing Pin
Activation Force: 14lb
Input: DC 12-24V
Output: 3A
USB Ports: 2 Type A ports, 1 Type C Port

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  • +15 votes

    What benefits does this tool have over say, a rock, which I could also afford?

  • +3 votes

    Not a lot of people carry rocks in there cars

  • +1 vote

    I keep a small hammer in the glove box does the job and multi functional for most occasions!

    • +10 votes

      Good luck cutting a seat belt with a hammer ;)

    • +8 votes

      I keep nothing in the glovebox and I also don't have a toy like this post.
      My setup is awesome, hasn't skipped a beat and saved not less than $14.99

      Let's get (profanity) real, shall we: buying this shit for $14.99 in case you flip your car in a way that the windows don't break and the seatbelt get jammed and you are conscious and thinking, "hold on, I bought that piece of shit from OZB 7 years ago, let's just use it now". How likely is this story for you? 0% likely. That is how likely it is.

      You have a bigger chance of getting hit by lightning than ever needing this piece of crap. Or you are wearing a tin-foil hat as well, just in case?

  • +3 votes

    When you escape a burning car wreak, they too will ask “who are you?“ & you’ll reply “I’m Jason Bourne”, buy the USB Emergency Escape Tool today & become the hero of tomorrow!

  • +4 votes

    Juat use your headrest.

    They are designed for it, and as shown on myth busters work easy with little force, and are easy to locate inside your vehicle. Assuming you are sober.


      Do all cars have detachable headrests?


      If your headrest is anything like mine, they are very difficult to remove.
      Not only are they tight fitting, but you need to have the seat positioned in the lowest level or else it won't clear the roof when you try to pull it out.

      Also available via eBay for 1c more:


    • +2 votes

      After having an accident which involved our car rolling off the side of the road, I'll admit to being a bit terrified of not being able to get my kids out if it happens again, or not being able to access their seatbelt clip to get them out.
      Before it happened I thought this type of thing was a bit of a Danoz-Direct type gimmick, but now I'm not so sure…

      • +1 vote

        Same.. This was in the gimmick realm for me until I realised how straped in my baby son was to his car seat. He's rear-ward facing and in order to provide enough slack to push in the release button for the overhead strap, I need to partially slacken it by tilting his seat (this all makes perfect visual sense in my head). This is all before I even access his harness-strap, which also requires me to hit $0.20 sized button near his legs.

        My vehicle was recently smashed from the side and the rear door was jammed in, which is also the side which is needed to access the release button for the overhead strap etc etc. It was a quiet road (other driver on drugs or sleeping at the wheel) such that I could take my time to remove my son from the car which still had me fumbling over him from the other side.

        I have often thought what if the car was on fire or there was some other time critical danger or indeed the car was not on its wheels.

  • +2 votes

    This arrived today. It only has 2 USB ports and no USB C port.

    Very disappointing.

    Going to try to return it


      Sorry to here it, particularly after the associated OP posted to the contrary. You might want to consider revoking that upvote.

      In related news, I was disappointed - if not entirely surprised - to learn that my rock also has no USB-C port…