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GL.inet GL-AR750S-EXT (Slate) Travel Router $83.71 Delivered @ Amazon AU


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GL-AR750S Slate(amazon.com.au) Normally $98.48

New firmware 3.100+ supports TOR in the standard interface out of the box

Small, flexible and low power requirements.

See some of the other deals for this unit for comments about usage and common questions :)

Powered by Qualcomm QCA9563 SoC, 775MHz CPU 300Mbps(2.4G) + 433Mbps(5G) high speed Wi-Fi DDR2 128MB RAM
Support external MicroSD card storage up to 128GB
16MB Nor flash + 128 Nand flash
Small, light, easy to use
LEDE/OpenWRT pre-installed
Support WireGuard, OpenVPN, Cloudflare DNS over TLS
3 Gigabit Ethernet Ports
2 External Antennae

Some quick thoughts, ideas, comments (in no particular order)
*If you use as a WISP repeater then you repeat on one band and LAN on the other for "full" bandwidth (unlike a single band unit like the Mango)
*Supports out of the box OpenVPN and Wireguard Server and Client and with the latest firmware TOR client.
*VPN access on/off can be controlled by a physical on/off switch.
*Via the web interface you can switch VPNs. I have a Wireguard client back to my home router server for security and Australian internet access but also have 3 OpenVPN countries setup on Nord/Pure for geographical VPN. It's easy as dragging a CFG file into the interface to setup and the web interface lets you change between them
*One thing that isn't mentioned is the security implications on connecting to an open network. Using this you end up with your own firewalled, subnetted network (This is why Chromecast will work on a hotel captive portal network)
*While default is 1 WAN and 2 LAN ethernet, if you are using WISP you can change to 3 LAN ports
*Because it's OpenWRT based you can add any of the packages out of the OpenWRT repository. I have run VPNS, AdBlock, Transmission Torrent downloads to the USB stick connected etc
*It can also be used as an AP or repeater. Handy because of it's size
*5V/2A means you can run off a phone power pack, modern PC/Tablet USB port, Car 5V adapter or powerbanks.
*Full LUCI interface can still be accessed outside of the Gl.iNet wrapper
*There are alternative firmwares out there - Native OpenWRT, RooTer…..
*If you're on holidays with the family you can configure all your devices to attach to the Slate and as you move from free WiFi to free Wifi you don't have to reconnect all their devices just the Slate once. You can put a USB stick on it to share music/movies/photos (or in a car, or on a plane) even without an internet connection.
*You can connect a 4G USB Dongle to it (as long as it's supported by OpenWRT) or USB tether you mobile to it and use as a router to share the LTE.
*Because the router presents itself as a device to the network, and all connected devices to the Slate present as the Slate (if that makes sense), gets around restrictive WiFi networks where you can only have a limited number of devices. Useful too if you're paying for per device.
*It's a great small and versatile unit. It won't suit everyone or every circumstance, but if you've got a use for it they're a great jigger :)

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    Thanks anyhow I'll pass..

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    Awesome bit of kit. Makes any wifi network into an encrypted network for the whole family, with the built-in VPN software you appear in any country you choose.

    Great for travel or digital nomads who connect to unsecured networks (and want to do banking for example) / in countries that block content.

    I paid full price and I'm not disappointed.


      What connection speeds are you getting with OpenVPN? I'm eager to try WISP and I'm expecting far better performance than my Mango.



    Agree just like a bargain lol


    Is this the version where you get full WIFI signal unlike the yellow cheaper version where your WIFI is half?


      Some quick thoughts, ideas, comments (in no particular order)
      *If you use as a WISP repeater then you repeat on one band and LAN on the other for "full" bandwidth (unlike a single band unit like the Mango)

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    Can we see a deal on GL.iNet 4G Smart Router, Australian Version, OpenWrt, 5000mAh Battery, OpenVPN Client, a Router That You can Program ?


    For those of you who have used the router, what speeds are you getting with OpenVPN? I've used the Mango as a quick AP to route traffic through my VPN for my mobile, android box etc, but the connection speed is slow at around 7Mbps.

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