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Airasia Unlimited Pass - Flights from Kuala Lumpur to Australia RM499 (~$181 AUD) + Airport Tax (Malaysia Address/VPN Req.)


Probably good for frequent fliers. Unlimited travel at cost of RM499 @ AUD181. The cost of the ticket is waived. But all other anciliary charge such as airport tax is added on. Still trying to confirm the T&C's if it only applies for flights FROM Malaysia.

AirAsia Unlimited Pass is available to all Malaysia-based AirAsia BIG members on airasia.com/deals or mobile app from 29 February 2020 (1200hrs Local Time) to 7 March 2020 (2359hrs Local Time) only.

Redemptions are only valid for the base fare and do not include ancillaries, add-ons, airport charges, taxes and regulatory fees, or other charges, if any, which shall be payable by the passenger at the time of booking.

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    "AirAsia shall have the right to cancel/forfeit such AirAsia Unlimited Pass and the flight bookings, without any liability on the part of AirAsia to such agency, third party or any passenger."

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      Actually, AirAsia's right to cancel (as quoted) seems to be more a bit more limited than that - looks like it's to prevent usage of the pass by travel agencies or by someone other than the purchaser of the pass.

      In the T&Cs:

      AirAsia Unlimited Pass
      2. The AirAsia Unlimited Pass is not available to be purchased by travel agencies or any parties other than individual BIG Members. In the event any travel agency or party other than an individual BIG Member purchased the AirAsia Unlimited Pass and subsequently made flight bookings using the AirAsia Unlimited Pass, AirAsia shall have the right to cancel/forfeit such AirAsia Unlimited Pass and the flight bookings, without any liability on the part of AirAsia to such agency, third party or any passenger.

      Also related is:

      3 . The AirAsia Unlimited Pass cannot be sold, bartered, assigned or transferred to another person. Any attempt to transfer the AirAsia Unlimited Pass or book travel using the AirAsia Unlimited Pass for someone other than the holder of the AirAsia Unlimited Pass will result in immediate forfeiture of the AirAsia Unlimited Pass.


      Redeeming the AirAsia Unlimited Pass
      12. Passengers are allowed up to three (3) no-shows. In the event a passenger exceeds the number of no-shows permitted, AirAsia shall have the right to cancel/forfeit their AirAsia Unlimited Pass, without any liability on the part of AirAsia.

      and also:

      General terms
      3. In the event AirAsia detects unusual, irregular, suspicious, unauthorized, fraudulent activity on the purchase or redemption of any AirAsia Unlimited Pass, AirAsi]a shall have the right to cancel/forfeit such AirAsia Unlimited Pass purchased and subsequently cancel any flight booking made using such AirAsia Unlimited Pass without any liability on the part of AirAsia to any passenger.

    • Thats bad. They can cancel you.

      • -1

        You're bank can also call in and demand full payment of your mortgage at any stage. meh

        • they can't actually do that unless you default.

          • @SeVeN11: Also isn't their best interests to do that.

            They would rather you pay that mortgage off over time as slow as possible, sucking every cent of interest out of you in the process.

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    "AirAsia Unlimited Pass is available to all Malaysia-based AirAsia BIG members on airasia.com/deals or mobile app". Doesn't sound accessible to Australians

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    In statement says "AirAsia Unlimited Pass is available to all Malaysia-based AirAsia BIG members on airasia.com/deals or mobile app". Therefore unless you live in Malaysia I assume you are ineligible.

    • I wonder how they check where the membership is based. If all you need is a working Malaysian number to receive a text just to verify, and then just put in a random address in Malaysia, maybe that's enough to make yourself a Malaysian big member?

      • Do you have a Malaysian phone number? Would not be that hard to work out if they wanted to verify.

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        Maybe it can detect something according to your passport number?

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        You'll probably need IC number

      • they probably require NRIC when you register

        • You'll need a Malaysian Ph. No but that's the first hurdle.

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    You'd only be comped for one leg of the journey and liable for taxes for one way. So you pay AUD$180 for pay one leg, get other free for one year. Great for those Instagram Influencers on a budget!

    Edit: You can make two flights per day? Will have to check with AA.

    Wouldn't mind visiting KL for Assam Laksa, Mi Goreng and Nasi Lemak on Friday afternoon, then returning back to Australia on Sunday afternoon :D. Only works with a Malaysian Visa of some sort then.

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      It says “between” wouldn’t this then cover the return as well

      • I wasn't the best in English at school.:P

      • Return might mean kul-syd-kul

        Of course nothing stops you from being in Sydney months ;)

        • That's a good idea. All you'd be liable for is the cost of the flight to Malaysia and then activate the Airasia Unlimited Pass…

          I'm trying to figure out for the team but I can't get through to Support. Proximity to authentic KL and Penang food, and Sushi is making me a little greedy.

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            @OzCheapo: Taxes and fees are 172$ for return Syd/Kul
            That’s a lot of sushi 😅

            • @evgpek: Haha I was thinking of visiting Japan via KL. You're right $172 is a lot of sushi especially when it's from Sydney but sometimes you have to leave home to truly appreciate how good it was. ;)

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      You'd pay $180 and endure 17 hours in economy just to get some food that you'd be able to order over Uber Eats?

      Sorry but I value my time and this is a complete waste of it.

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        It's about the journey man. I once flew to Germany from Brisbane just for the weekend for some sausages and beers (dating a German girl at the time). 24hrs flight + staying for 30hrs + flying back 24hrs. Still fond memories of the journey. We are only young once.

        • @larmesdelhiver gets it but travelling 24 hours for a weekend is rough. Travelling like that tears your body and mind up! Hope it was for Oktoberfest!

          @Icecold5000 - The food isn't the same and the culture is completely different though you're right. If they had Premium Economy/Business, I'd have taken that in a heartbeat.

        • What we do for love (sausages & beer)!

  • AirAsia Unlimited Pass is available to all Malaysia-based AirAsia BIG members on airasia.com/deals or mobile app from 29 February 2020 (1200hrs Local Time) to 7 March 2020 (2359hrs Local Time) only.

    Redemptions are only valid for the base fare and do not include ancillaries, add-ons, airport charges, taxes and regulatory fees, or other charges, if any, which shall be payable by the passenger at the time of booking.

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    A seat may not be available on every flight or day, e.g. due to high demand at times such as weekends, public holidays, school holidays, etc. 

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      I am more concerned with the etc.

      • ETC: Everyday They Can?

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    Anyone find any mention of block out dates?

    • 6.Are AirAsia Unlimited Pass promo codes applicable to all routes?
      The promo code is applicable to long haul flights* with carrier code D7 (AirAsia X) & XJ (Thai AirAsia X) only.
      * Excluding flights to Bali, Singapore, Jeddah and Fly-thru routes.
      * Embargo period applies. AirAsia flight redemptions are limited and may not be available on all flights during public holidays, school breaks and weekends.

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    Why are the comments about Malaysia-based get ignored?…

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      "Malaysian based can be a loosely used term"

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        You’d more than likely be required to give your IC number; a government issued identity card number that only residents would have.

        • Who would you be giving it to? if you have been successful in booking the flight, then thats it right?

  • How do I redeem? has anyone been successful

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      Given it only started in the last 24 hours I doubt anyone in Australia has tried. Maybe you sign up and let all Ozbargainers know.

    • Tried changing my address to Malaysia but still not able to access the promotion.

      • Residential Address or IP Address?

        • +1


  • Where to buy? I can't see anything in my app?

  • Fly thru not included. That means for free base fare flights to other AAX destinations you'll need to book Aus to KL then KL and then KL to the next destination. According to terms should also work for BNE to Bangkok Don Muang. Just not sure how strict they are on the Malaysian resident requirement.

    What is AirAsia Unlimited Pass?
    AirAsia Unlimited Pass allows you to redeem unlimited point-to-point long haul AirAsia X flights*. *flights over 4 hours and only with the carrier code D7 (AirAsia X) and XJ (Thai AirAsia X)

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    Worked for me. It's available here: https://www.airasia.com/deals

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      @munya Was yours created in Malaysia/using a Malaysian IP?

  • Each promo code under the AirAsia Unlimited Pass can be redeemed for round trip flights, subject to seat availability. For example, in the event a passenger purchases a return ticket, if the seat is not available on the return flight, the discounted fare generated via the promo code will only apply to one way of the journey

    So does this mean you book a round trip, then hope that by the end of your trip the plane that gets you back home has a free seat for you? So it's like buying a bus ticket to find out all the seats are taken?

    • No you book return and can see availability at the time of booking. If the return is not available then it'll give you the full price which you don't have to accept

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    Scored one by using a Malaysian VPN. Haven’t booked one but did a quick search using the generated promo code, can confirm that it does work for certain AU-KL flights (even for round trip tickets).

    • Which vpn lets you have a malay ip? mine wont!

      • +1

        I used windscribe

    • Do you think they'll honor it?

      • Hard to say…

    • Can share the name of the VPN? Been looking for one that can do malaysia ip. Thanks

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        I have used HideMyAss vpn to access and the purchase the deal. They have a Malaysian server and provides 7-days free trial.

      • +1

        I used Windscribe

    • Do you have to buy the unlimited pass first in order to see the eligible flights?

      • Yes

    • what are the taxes and airport fees going for? I know it may vary by airport but just a ballpark? Are their luggage fees expensive as I assume the flights do not come with checked baggage. Thanks

    • Thanks for sharing. Just wondering how's the abundance for AU-KL flights? Like MEL-KL? Are there a lot?

      • I think Avalon-KL is like twice a day but the availability does vary; for example the flights that are eligible might be none to all

    • I bought, got to the page to get the promo code, hit apply now, and nothing happens. just times out with no code? did this happen to you?

      • “Apply now” is for generating new codes. You’ll need to copy the code and paste it in the search section.

      • i didn't get to the page for promo code, after i've paid for it.
        how do I go to the place when I can get the promo code?

        is this the page? https://www.airasia.com/deals

        it's reloading every 15 seconds…..

        • In “Deals” section, don’t disconnect you vpn just yet.

    • Do they allow to book one way flights from KL to a destination? Or are they return flights? Cheers!

      • Both, it’s harder to find eligible return flights though.

    • @disaur, can you please have a look at what the flights for round tickets are from Brisbane or Gold Coast to KL and share some examples? Same as Sydney/Melbourne?

      I'm keen on jumping on this but need to borrow a relative's phone before I can get access

      • Gold Coast to KL
        Tue, 21 Apr 10:35-17:20 8h45m 80 AUD
        KL to Gold Coast
        Mon, 27 Apr 23:15-09:25(+1) 8h10m 44.35 AUD

        Melbourne to KL
        Tue, 21 Apr 09:35-16:00 8h25m 89 AUD
        KL to Melbourne
        Mon, 27 Apr 10:35-20:30 7h55m 49.35 AUD

        Sydney to KL
        Mon, 20 Apr 11:00-17:50 8h50m 103.45 AUD
        KL to Sydney
        Sun, 26 Apr 23:40-09:50(+1) 8h10m 68.80 AUD

  • Ahh my parents travel half the time to KL but they usually buy their flights a year ahead, hopefully this is still around next year 🤔

    • +7

      You shouldn’t visit any countries then, nor stay here.

      Racism is everywhere whether official or not.

      • Having lived in quite a few countries in that region, some countries are better than others when it comes to racism.

  • Subscribe for the upcoming investigations. One hell of a deal, thanks OP.

    • +1

      This doesn't make a lot of sense. Aren't seats limited per flight? The queue has an upper limit, so you only need to appear at the gate ~20 minutes before it closes, if you have access to self-checkouts.

      • +1

        The counters tend to serve multiple different flights, at least the ones in KL did. So you have people queuing (disorderly, rudely) all over the place.

        • Aren't they all self service checking now?

          • @FutureTech: Yes but still have to queue for baggage drop.

  • +1

    Be careful when you are making the payment so as not to get double charged. A payment error page doesn't mean your payment didn't go through.

    I got a payment error page even through my payment had gone through my card. However, after waited a while and got on to the deals page again, I can find a voucher icon right beside the account icon at the top right of the page which contains my voucher code for the flights.

    So be sure to confirm yourself that your payment really did not get through before trying again.

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    As per T&Cs it sounds like its for flights departing from KL only..that is you would need to book a return flight departing from KL.

    A few keywords:

    • “The AirAsia Unlimited Pass is available for BIG Members within Malaysia who are at least 12 years of age on the date of departure and the passenger must be the BIG Member who made the booking…” - note for “Malaysian residents” but it does not say how they identify these people. Maybe with IC card?

    • “Upon purchasing the AirAsia Unlimited Pass, the passenger shall have the right to book and fly on AirAsia X and Thai AirAsia X flights to Australia, India, China, Korea and Japan for an unlimited number of times…” - departure flights from KL to destinations.

    • “Redemptions are only valid for Point-to-Point routes and exclude FLY-THRU routes” - this means you can book a return flight from [KL-AU-KL] but cannot book [AU-KL-CN]-KL-AU. Even if you say I’ll just book a return flight from KL but not use the KL-AU leg and depart from AU-KL then it invalidates your return ticket since you did not board the departure leg.

    Possible workaround??:

    • Book a free return flight to the destination of choice provided departing from KL (eg. KL-CN-KL).
    • Book a paid single ticket to KL.
    • Book a free return flight from KL to Australia (eg KL-AU-KL) BUT have the return AU-KL date far in advanced or to another holiday date. Alternatively, you can book another destination from the list (eg. KL-JP-KL). Keep in mind you always need to fly back to KL (hub) to get the next flight out.
    • When promo period is almost up you can either book a paid single flight from KL-AU OR book a free return from KL-AU-KL but forfeit the AU-KL leg to stay in Australia.
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    It probably worth pointing out that air Asia is struggling to pay its aircraft leasing bills this month.

    • +1

      If that's true, could this eventually become like a Dick Smith gift card?

      • Don't think it will end up like Dick Smith. Worst case scenario, they may merge with the national carrier to reduce competition on long-haul routes.

        • +1

          That would then likely end this subscription service. Existing flight bookings may be honoured.

      • +2

        Its complex!
        In Australia… (very general ideas)

        If a business fails - gift cards holders are treated as unsecured creditors (unlikely to see their money). Administrators may allow use of gift cards, with conditions.
        As a matter of Goodwill, some CC companies offered refunds for DS gift cards, which is not normal practice.

        Money paid directly to airlines
        for flights when an airline fails, is similarly unsecured. Money may be able to be recovered (charged back) if paid by Credit Card. Some travel insurance / CC travel insurance may cover it.

        This is different in that it is a subscription service.
        Failure of a business generally means termination of the subscription. Unlikely to recover any money if business fails

        Air Asia has a backer with deep pockets. But the us$39M first half loss last year & the fact that 30% of seats are sold to travellers from China, may place pressures on the airline now.

        I'm flying with Air Asia to KL in 3 months for $124rtn. I'm not concerned!

        When I paid for a flight with an airline that failed (as I arrived at the airport) - I paid for another flight, & at my destination refused to leave the office of the booking company until I was given a refund! It worked.

        • +2

          Well if a business fails in the first 120 days for a 1 year subscription, I'm pretty sure you can get a partial chargeback (e.g. fails after 90 days, would expect a (365-90)/365 = 75% pro-rata refund), because you didn't get the service you paid for.

          Around 120 days though is the time limit on credit card chargebacks. So if a business failed say at 150 days, you probably would not get anything back.

  • +2

    I m not eligible to purchase but not really disappointed if the deal comes with too many conditions. A few days ago AA had a 3-day flash sale on selective routes and I managed to get a MEL-KUL-MEL base fare n taxes for $145. Minus the taxes, the base fare is less than A$20.

    Could have easily book a few trips but don't have the extra money for the unnecessary holiday. No need to pay MR499 for 'unlimited' pass. If the air travel demand does not pick up soon, I can expect a repeat of similar bargain in the next 6 months.

    • +1

      Nice one! How do we get notified of flash sales? Is it in the usual newsletter/updates?

      • +3

        Subscribe to learn of latest Deals.
        Also received offer from Air Asia via email.

        Bought $124 Gold Coast - KL return:

        1x Guest(s) 3.00
        BIG Member Discount -3.00
        Airport Tax 80.00
        Passenger Service Charge 18.00
        Malaysia Departure Levy 7.00
        RSC 0.35
        Arrival Tax 19.00
        Subtotal 124.35 AUD

        Using this Pass would save nothing on that return flight!
        So can be better to look out for good sales👍

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