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Razer D.va Abyssus Elite Mouse $30 @ Officeworks


Ran across this at Officeworks Bourke Street.

Can’t see this deal online anywhere. Not sure if it’s at other stores too.

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      D.va is a character from Overwatch, that's why it has this colour scheme. Hence, this is the D.va version of the Abyssus Elite.

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        Ah right. Thanks.

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          You got Rocked!

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      What's this game done to you to get your knickers all in a twist mate?

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        Got catfished I bet.

        • Someone was pretending to be Larissa Waters.

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    Anyone found any in other stores?

    • I remember seeing it with a clearance tag a while ago. Not too sure what the price was though.

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    TIL diva is a kind of watch you wear over an abyss.

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    It says razer on the box not razor.

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      Report it to the mods if you want it fixed.

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    Fun fact for the day: Dva is also "two" in Croatian.

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      Now the character actually makes sense to me!

      • Except she is….

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      And Russian.. and probably a bunch of other Slavic languages.

  • i think no RGB lights….

    unlike the razer equivalents…

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      Bottom right "Powered by Razer Chroma"

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      why do gamers love christmas lights on all of their peripherals

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        'cause shiny things!!!

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        I don't want to just game, I want YOU to know I game as well. Also if a few retinas get accidently destroyed along the way then so be it.

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          Lasers prove I'm a gamer!

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          When I'm gaming, I look at my RGB mouse and keyboard instead of the screen. It helps me get more kills.

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        why do gamers love christmas lights on all of their peripherals

        Helps with the foreplay.

        • But right hands don't have eyes!

      • Don't have to turn on a ceiling light or a window.

        • how do you turn on a window?

          Lick the glass? Rub its edges?

      • Helps to pick up girls.

    • It has them.

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    As a big Overwatch fan, I'm excited.
    As a slightly insecure grown up, I'm worried that I will appear less masculine.
    As an OzBarginer, I think I'll check out my local store.

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      This looks like a more masculine rabbit with its whole frowny face than the Rabbitohs logo. And that's sports!

    • .. but rainbow lights..

    • You go girlfriend!

  • I want to get one but I don't know which store has stock ..

    • Just got mine from Bourke Street. Around 7-8 left still.

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      Stores below show stock using their online API, but low numbers tend to be inaccurate.

      NSW RZ02160200
      Albury 1
      Bathurst 1
      Five Dock 3
      High St, Penrith 2
      West Gosford 4
      VIC RZ02160200
      Bourke St, Melbourne 13
      Mentone 8
      Taylors Lakes 2
      WA RZ02160200
      Osborne Park 2
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        Well, you just saved me a trip! Thanks!

      • Thanks mate. Sorry for qld

      • How did you do that?!

        Could you possibly check Port Macquarie for me? Thanks in advance!

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          I built a tool where I can put in the Product ID and if it's available on their online stock API it gives me what you see above. Any stores/states not listed mean there's no stock.

      • MVP

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    Without the side buttons, I personally found this hard for FPS gaming. I always have melee shortcut binds to Mouse 4

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    No button 4 and 5?


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      Yeah I don't understand the attraction at all.

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    Button 1 for primary fire
    Button 2 for defence matrix
    Button 3 to spam "Winky face, winky face, winky face" (Too many messages! Please wait a few seconds…)

  • Can we use this razor for shave

    • Only in-game.

  • Playboy mouse?

  • Any more mouse deals?

  • This is a good mouse. Go buy all of them.

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    This mouse at Bourke street is sold out boys, just went in and checked

    • saved me a trip cheers

    • Damn…I'm D.vastated that I missed out.

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    anyone seen any in qld?

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