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Surfshark VPN 90% Cashback @ Cashrewards (New Customers Only)


My very first post so feel free to edit or delete if I've made a mistake.

I looked at signing up to Surfshark this morning and the cashback was 60% and now it is 90% a few hours later.

This is an offer I've seen many times before.

~AU $10 for 3 years after cashback (Using code: CASHREW3Y)

Just an edit: my advice is to pay using a credit card(or debit card) and not PayPal. The price is in USD and PayPal wanted to charge me $125 but I needed up paying $100 with my debit card. Hence the $10 with 90% cashback

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    Thanks for posting Bazk. This is a great offer as in effect you're paying just $10* over 3 years after cashback. Note that in order to buy the 36 month $99.99 plan, you'll need to click 'Shop Offer' from this link (or the main link in the post which has since been mod edited) and select 'Buy now' which auto-applies the discount code. Terms below. Enjoy :)

    New Surfshark customers only.

    You must click out from this offer on Cashrewards and then select 'Buy Now' from the Surfshark page in order to receive the discounted 36 month plan. If the coupon is not applied automatically, ensure you add it prior to checkout.

    *The AUD amount that tracks to your Cashrewards account may differ to the paid amount due to international exchange rates. Your initial payment is converted to USD, then converted back to AUD when reported to us. The advertised Cashback rate is based on the reported amount, not the paid amount. Cashrewards has no control over this process.

  • Is this any good with Netflix?

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      Im tempted to say no so I can keep the bandwidth to myself but yes it works good with netflix. I can get 4k content over my 100meg FTTP connection. With my Android TV I need to connect to VPN then force close netflix and Im good to go.

      • Thanks.
        I am sorry I will steal a bit of your bandwidth… but don;t worry, I watch a couple of movies max per week :D

        • +5

          2 movies a week, I'll allow it.

      • Did you have to connect to a specific VPN to get it to work on your Android TV? I'm using the Vodafone Android TV box and I noticed some VPN servers causes Netflix to throw a 'You're behind a proxy' error. So far I've found the Denver and Detroit servers works without this error, but they are pretty slow to connect to…

        • Yes I use those ones without any problems.

          I turn off my whole kit when I am not watching TV. What I have found is that on boot up netflix automatically runs. If netflix is running then I connect to VPN it gives the proxy error. What I do is connect to VPN, force close netflix then reopen it and its fine.

          • @No: Ah ok, so it's not just me. Would be great if there was a faster VPN. NZ works great on my Android phone and tablet, but throws the 'proxy' error when I use it on the Android TV.

    • I got Surfshark for Netflix but Netflix caught on and gave me a VPN technical error when I tried to log in. Not sure if this is a common occurrence, but I had to call Netflix to even be able to login again

    • I had a lot of trouble getting this going the last time . I signed up for the 39 months and even got the cashrewards track email. On using it, i found it extremely slow.
      I tried many US locations for Netflix but 4k content took for ever to load. SmartDNS would buffer up to 20-24% and then stall. The only way i could get Netflix US going on my smart TV was by using OpenVPN but it would crawl again. I was getting between 1 and 5 mbps on a telstra cable (100-115 mbps) connection. I tried various connection strategies (L2TP, switching primary and secondary DNS etc. )with live chat but he too gave up in the end and refunded my subscription. Hotstar streaming on high quality does not work too. I would not recommend this for streaming.

      Netflix however did work on the computer but Smartdns, casting and using the smarttv(Bravia) app did not work

      PS: reposting this comment from when this deal was previously run. Might help someone buying this mainly for Netflix

    • Also works a treat for www1.swatchseries.to ;)

    • It’s not

  • $10 aud? Seems like a very solid deal if the VPN is trustworthy.

    • Yep so I just updated the post above. My advice is to pay using a visa or mastercard credit or debit card. I paid $100 before cashback whereas PayPal's exchange rate worked out to be $125.

      • +1

        Pick the bank conversion rate on PayPal instead (Paying in USD)

        • please explain more

          • +2

            @thydzik: at the payment screen of PayPal, under the conversion rate (Sth like this: PayPal rate: 1 AUD = 0.62732 USD), click on View conversion options and pick USD currency for payment. This use direct conversion by your bank like paying by card directly (conversion fee, intl fee still applicable depend on your card) which is better than PayPal rate.
            Still better than direct card payment because PayPal usually have better chargeback policy and buyer protection.

  • +1

    Just note it doesn’t really work on Netflix . Netflix knows when your connected via the Surfshark app, and tells you to turn of proxy. Was the main reason I joined and will likely ask for refund .

    • Comments here suggest it works well with Netflix?

    • I had the exact same experience with the Surfshark app and Netflix

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      Netflix on Android and PC works fine.
      Android TV, Apple TV might not work on VPN, try Smart DNS instead.

      • Does Smart DNS work well for you? It works initially for me, then after an hour I can't get any traffic through Netflix. Only when I switch my linked IP for Smart DNS and switch it back does it start to work again… for another hour anyway.

        • same, blame Netflix on that aggressive geoblock

      • It would be a lot more convenient if it worked on Android tv . Not sure why they have the app if it gets blocked . Actually I should have read that thread before most people agree it does not work for USA Netflix .

        • Trial and error, Netflix on android TV/Apple TV/Roku TV usually super aggressive on vpn (nordVPN, HMA and even my own VPS are all blocked), anw i'm still able to watch US Netflix using Detroit server, just quite slow.

    • Try a different US location. I have one that consistently works for me.

    • Consistently works for me. Using the Netflix app on my iPad.

    • I had Netflix problems but when I contacted surfshark they suggested Detroit server. Using that I had access to everything on the US server. It was slow to load as they have a large menu of items available. I usually go to search area, locate what I want and then play it. Better than anything else I have found.

  • I can see 1 month, 12 Month and 24months. No 36 Months offer!

    • Please follow the instructions in my comment here.

      • how long does it take for surfshark to appear in my rewards? just purchased it but only see it in my click history

        • Tracking for Surfshark takes anywhere from 1-24 hours. Let us know how you go.

          • @tightarse: It tracked now but it’s only showing $92 cashback when I paid $121.

            Is this correct? So it ends up being $30 as opposed to the $10 I’ve been reading here

            • +1

              @johnnytran: You should have paid the advertised $100. Seems you were charged 3rd party transaction fees which are ineligible for cashback. See here.

      • Clicking your link shows me only a Shop now. That takes me to the homepage of SurfShark which doesn't have 36 months. Has the link changed?

        • Please try again. The offer had actually expired at midnight to 60%, but we’ve just extended it to Sunday. You should now see the 36 month offer when you click out from the link in this post.

          • @tightarse: Thanks! I ve purchased it now. Waiting for the cashback.

            • @MadMadBloke: That's great, let us know how you go. Shouldn't take longer than 24 hours.

  • When checking out, was your payment converted to USD i.e. 69.99 before payment?

    Thanks OP

    • Not OP but mine was converted to USD when I purchased from the previous deal

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    A word of warning to all potential buyers. I bought NordVPN as a new customer with the 90% cashback offer from cashrewards. I still haven't received any confirmation of cashback from cashrewards after 7 days.

    I would be very careful about any of these Cashrewards 90% off offers

    • +2

      For NordVPN, you should have received tracking notification within 24 hours. Please check your CR account directly in case your tracking email landed in junk/spam folder. If not the case, without knowing the circumstances of your purchase, I can't comment as to why the sale didn't track to you. You have two options… cancel free within 30 days, or submit a ticket via this link and we'll gladly send a claim to NordVPN on your behalf. Thanks.

      • Thanks for the reply. It is not in my CR account either.

        I just submitted a claim. Hoping that CR follows through with the 90% cashback.

        • +4

          Just shot off your details to NordVPN on your behalf. Will PM you their response the minute I hear back :)

          By the way, your click had AdBlock enabled, which almost certainly caused the issue:


          • +3

            @tightarse: Fascinating. Thanks as always for being transparent TA.

            • +1

              @Zazer: No issues with getting the CB on the NordVpn deal. CB tracking was within a few hours and CB was confirmed and credited in the account within the timeline mentioned. I have even withdrawn it now. Cheers!

              Edit - meant to reply to Jumbokevin's comment!

      • speaking of tracking… My amazon purchase on the 29th was tracked for the %, but there's no separate entry for the $2 cashback, is that normal?

        • +2

          Yes. The terms were clearly stated on the activation page and in the post:

          $2 bonus will not be added to your Cashrewards account at time of purchase. It will be credited separately as approved by 02/05/2020.

    • Nordvpn cashback worked for me no problems

    • No problem for me.

      Be sure to disable any ad blocker you have before opening cashrewards, as they can prevent tracking. Disable ad blocker, open cash rewards, follow link, order, confirm, and then re-enable your ad blocker. Never had any issues doing it this way.

  • This looks like a good VPN at a good price, any major red flags here I should be considering?

    • Won’t work for US Netflix

  • +1

    I use it and rate it .. and got my cashrewards for it no probs.

    • Hi droodle. Please advise if it works for Netflix. See comment here. Thanks!

      • +1

        Netflix works ok .. us netflix haven't checked .. BBC iPlayer works fine as well

  • Just bought it, thanks op. Netflix works for me on my phone when I connect to the US server

  • Never had a VPN.

    Q1. I'm a Sim swapper and constantly porting in/ out (have no wifi, just use my phone as a hotspot). Would this work with constantly swapping telcos? Or is it registered to one IP only? I really have no idea, nor know if I need one since I change providers monthly.

    Q2. Why would you need a vpn for Netflix? Regional content access thing?

      1. Not a problem.
      2. Yes, same thing with Amazon US/UK, Hulu.
      • So you just log into the VPN first each time or something like that?

        • login once, open the app and pick the server/country that you want, you can also turn auto connect on and it will automatically on whenever mobile connection is active

    • A1- works ok with any SIM card.
      A2- USA Netflix has much more content than Aussie one. VPN gives your computer ip address from the USA so Netflix shows you USA up address. I have found that Netflix is cracking down on this so if they detect you are using VPN then they will block your account and you will have to call them to unblock it.

  • Any idea how long it will take for the Cashback to be available in the account?

  • Lovely!! Cheers OP. I had an alert set up for SurfShark, pulled the trigger as soon as I saw the deal!!

    It's the only VPN that I've found to support SplitTunnelling and Whitelisting. (now need to test those features out)

  • -2

    They seem to claim unlimited devices can login using one purchased service. Good value for money. I wouldn’t mind sharing the access for $5 with someone.

  • Excellent! Just bought it. Anyone knows how long to get it tracked in my Cashrewards?

  • +1

    Got deducted $ 107.56 is it seems right..? Visa ing

    • I also got charged $107 on my 28Degrees card. Don't understand this cause I got an email saying that the purchase amount is $102. How come?

      • Read the reply pinned above.
        Tl;dr: CR converted AUD to US and convert it again to AUD, i also got 102 showing in my app.

  • I've been using this on Android TV for a few months now. It slows things down slightly, with a 5-10 second buffer when I start streaming, but otherwise it's great.

    I've used it successfully with Netflix and HBO Go. Doesn't seem to work with Prime Video, though.

  • Can someone confirm whether or not https://tver.jp/ works via SurfShark in Australia please?

    • +1

      Yes it works fine =)

    • Hi! Regarding the tver site - would you please explain it to me? Does one need to subscribe/pay or what? Thank you.

  • I cannot find the 36 month plan option :(

  • Brilliant ! Thanks OP! I took a chance to see if I could access Netflix US via my iPhone and it works!

    Time to finish watching the walking dead :)

    • What Season are you up to? (at the moment I am taking a break after Season 3 and I am working through Narcos Mexico which is reasonably good).

      • Finished season 8 like a while ago and haven’t had the time
        and opportunity to watch season 9. Now I have both

  • Is it better to pay for this on my US card than AU card? Does it make a difference for CashRewards?

  • Thanks OP. The only thing I wasn't sure of was that the Cashrewards screen said it would return me to the Cashrewards site after I went through the payment but it didn't. I don't see any confirmation of my CW history. Should I stop worrying and check my account in 24 hours or run out and buy toilet paper ?

    • It took me 6 hrs, so just buy some toilet roll and check back later

      • Cheers Kan - all good. Money is in the bag. Enough to pay for one roll of one-ply grease-proof toilet paper.

  • Has anyone used this for downloading torrents of… Linux ISOs? Or is VPN even needed for that?

    • VPN is not required to download from torrent. If you are downloading pirated material then it may hide you as long as the VPN provider doesn’t keep logs as they claim.

      • Thanks! My question wasn't clear. Apologies. What I meant to ask was do you need VPN to hide yourself when downloading content in Australia? I ve heard of cases in US where people have received warnings. Not sure in Australia though.

        • +1

          Yes, same as USA. You can get sued by Sony, paramount, Disney etc. so better to use VPN so they don’t know who you are as your isp will pass on info on court order.

  • If I decided to torrent something, would I need to select the Aussie server for the best speed or should I avoid those servers altogether cause their in Aus?

  • Just to be clear about the figures (may have some historical value) Surfshark told me the cost was going to be $US69.99($AUD101.99) and when I payed on PayPal GST was added making it $US76.99($AUD112.19). Eventually Cashrewards emailed me saying I'll be getting $AUD91.95 on a $AUD102.17 spend (as taxes not included). Cashrewards mentioned two different waiting times, one said up to 85 days the other up to 100 days to get the cashback.

    Overall for a $AUD112.19 spend getting back $AUD91.95, a cashback of 82%

    Anyway not to be ungrateful it will only be a spend of just over $20 which is amazing deal, not a 90% cashback to me but great value.

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