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NordVPN 91% Cashback @ ShopBack


Great cashback deal for Nordvpn.

Stack with 70% off 3 Year Plan, Free Gift, and Triple Cash Back

Cashback is eligible for new NordVPN customers only.

Referral Links

Referral: random (4064)

$20 for referrer, $10 for referee after first confirmed cashback (minimum purchase $20, exclusions apply) and adding banking details.

Exclusions: Any other Shopback new customer bonus offers; Purchases from Uber, Kayo Sports, DoorDash, Hayu, Accor Hotels, Intercontinental Hotels Group, ShopBack Vouchers (Gift Cards), Woolworths Gift Cards, Circles.Life (list subject to change)

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  • +8

    Oh no bought last time with 90% Cashback 😢😢😢😢

    • Register with new email ;)?

    • +1

      hand back your card

  • +5

    Awesome, thanks OP. My Torguard VPN was going to run out next month, cheap as. Plus I got this "Congratulations! You received a gift! 3-year NordVPN subscription" 😎

    • +1

      wow, congrats, that's great value! let's just hope they stay online for 6 years :')

  • +2

    Decent deal but be warned it can take a really long time to get your cashback.

    • +3

      Maybe but I got it

      • same here, about a 3month wait for mine.

  • +2

    What's Nord like for US Netflix?

    • +1

      I don't have specific experience with US Netflix, but I've used Nord to connect to other countries with success. If it ever doesn't work (ie. Netflix complains about a VPN or proxy) I just disconnect and re-connect to another server and eventually I can watch.

      • +1


    • +1


    • +2

      Connecting to Australian servers will automatically get you US Netflix. Works on PC, iOS and Android. Doesn't work on Android TV (haven't tried setting it up at the router yet so it might work).

  • +6

    what's the price after all discounts& cashback?

    • +9

      The deal is $125.64 for 3 years.
      $114.33 cash back so $11.31 for 3 years…all in US dollars.

      • Thank you. That's a good deal!

        • +2

          It also says you get a birthday gift

          Depending on luck, you'll be gifted a
          1-month, 1-year, 2-year, or 3-year plan on top of the 3-year plan you've bought.

          So if you hit the jackpot, you could end up with 6 years for ~US$11

          • @whitelie: I got 1 month extra only.

            • +1

              @nulled: From the sounds of things, I think most people are. The 1-3 years bonus would likely be few and far between.

      • +1

        You will lose some on the conversion to AU$ by SB.

  • I bought Nord vpn less than 1 month ago @ 30% cash back. Is it possible I can return my 3 year account and capitalise on this new deal?

    Have another email account. Would prefer not to have to make another shopback account. Can do both if required.

    • I think they have 30 days money back so you may be in luck but you will have to play the slow speed card with their customer service.

  • +4

    Is it appropriate for me to neg this because they run this promotion constantly?

    Nord spends far more time and money on advertising than they do on their service…

  • +2

    when someone is giving 91% cashback on top of 70% off, either someone is making fat margins when there's no discount, or someone is losing a lot of money on every subscription sold.

  • Anyone know if it’s better than Surfshark? Which doesn’t work on US Netflix?

    • +2

      Use the Detroit server for Netflix US on Surfshark

  • How does cashback work? Does it get refunded straight to your card or is it credit for future purchases? Some help would be very appreciated!

    • +1

      In a few months you can withdraw it as cash

      • Oh you have to wait months? The website says as soon as the order is confirmed.

        • Redeemable in 75 days

    • Shopback says it will be available in 75 days.
      When it clears, you can then transfer that to your bank account.

  • I had to pay 10% vat

    • Totally paid U$138.20
      Pending cash back A$167

  • How come I only get the 30% cashback

    • try reporting it to shopback if you haven't already

  • +8

    Thanks OP.

    Protip: Leave your country selection during checkout as USA and avoid VAT/GST. There's no benefit in selecting Australia unless you want to make a donation to ScoMo.

    Showing as A$189.55 on my CC statement with a cashback of A$167.34. $22.21 for 37 months of VPN is great value.

    • -1

      Which is not 91% cashback.

  • +4

    I'm shocked I got the 3 year birthday bonus. I would have bet everybody got the lowest tier bonus

    • What payement method did you use? I wonder if that plays a part, or if it's completely random.

      Also, what do you guys think, if I already have Surfshark and Windscribe VPN, do I need Nord VPN. Does it have any advantages over the other two?

  • I'm guessing everyone mostly using it for Netflix in America?

    What else other people use this for.

    Have not tried gaming but I would think the lag would be a killer so what else are people using NordVPN for?

    • +1

      Pirate life?

      • Yes, use while torrenting popular films or TV shows. Filelockers and Usenet are safe though, or FTP if you are one of the scene elite.

    • Getting around filter bubbles at work.

      • +3

        Wow.. I wouldn’t recommend using it at work. They have blocked sites for a reason so using VPN would be against company policies. Very quick way to getting fired if they found out.

        • +1

          Exactly! Cybersecurity software at work will pick up VPN connection pretty much straight away and you'll get into big trouble. IT Security will think you're stealing data from your company.

      • Lol this has got to be a joke or troll.

        VPN at work sounds like a week quick way to get fired.

        Wouldn't change anything on your work computer without permission from your boss or IT first.

    • Has anyone used it for US Netflix? I tried and it picked up that I was using a VPN.

      • Well this changes things.

  • Got the one month gift.

  • Doesn't this deal require price in the title?

  • Got one month

  • How is NordVPN for accessing the BBC iPlayer. Anyone know? Cheers.

  • +1

    For anyone that got the 3 year gift. What payment method did you choose? I used visa and only got 1 month.

    • yep one month here too

    • +1

      I used the google pay option and got the 3 year bonus.

      • Thank you.

  • If I pay in US$, will I still get the Shopback? I can pay with my VISA Cashcard but not if Shopback doesn't recognise a US$ payment. Thanks.

  • Anyone get their ShopBack pending cashback yet? how long does it take to show up?

    • Mine showed up 90 minutes after purchase.

  • cool, got 2-year gift

  • I have tried to stream us Amazon Prime video but does not work :(

  • What's the best deal? Can't work out which one to go for, 70% off 3 Years + Birthday Gift of Up to 3 Years Free or Get cashback when you shop via NordVPN (New NordVPN Customers Only).


  • I know frome experience NordVPN doesnt work in china.

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