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50% off for First 6 Months Mobile Plans (E.g. $12.50/Mth for 14GB) @ TPG Mobile (New Registrations Only)


TPG have updated our mobile plans, and relaunched our 50% off for 6 months offer.

Plan details:

Plan Small Medium Large Extra Large
Promotional Price (6 Months): $10/mth $12.50/mth $15/mth $20/mth
Standard Monthly Price: $19.99/mth $24.99/mth $29.99/mth $39.99/mth
Included Data 6GB 14GB 25GB 30GB
  • All plans include unlimited calls and SMS to standard Australian numbers
  • Excess data is now charged at $10 for 2GB.
  • $20 prepayment is optional

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  • +3 votes

    Is the prepayment still non-refundable and do you still charge a port-out fee like before?


    Are they using the Vodafone network? How do people find it in Sydney?

    I just moved to Lilyfield and the Optus reception is horrendous. I had 80 Mbps in Balmain but now only get about 4 Mbps.

    • -2 votes

      I just read, it seems they're still with Optus for now, but will be changing to voda over several months.

      You will get invited to change to voda when the time comes.

      • +2 votes

        TPG hasn't used Optus mobile network for years. They should have been fully migrated now, it's been over 5 years!

        I joined TPG mobile in 2010 (from Optus postpaid) and was moved from Optus network to Vodafone network in 2015, (but I moved to Telstra Retail in 2018 for a really good deal). Initially Vodafone was way better in most places because my phone connected to the 3G 850 network but they we about on par when that was refarmed to 4G (I had a Nexus 4 at the time: no 4G until I got a new phone). I had no issues with Vodafone 4G except out bush.


          I'm going by what they have on their website. Check the FAQ at the bottom


            @mbck: That page is really old, maybe it's time they cleaned up? The migration was happening in 2015 so there's no reason they would issue an Optus SIM now. Though reading Whirlpool suggests if an old grandfathered TPG Mobile customer never activated their Voda SIM they would still be on Optus. Maybe the iiNet/Internode contract took over or something? I would have expected the contract between TPG itself and Optus to have expired but I'm not definitely sure.

            I don't care. I left TPG ADSL2+ when NBN came and I left TPG mobile before then.


              @Zemm: Don't care too, I'm just going with their website shrugs

  • +5 votes

    Surprised Tpg are worth so much given their shitty plan and terms and conditions


      they are cheap. that is always a selling point.


    Rep please when this offer finishes?
    Thank you


    does tpg still charge your next month's payment 1 week before the due date?


    Port out fee ive never had that with kogan or boost or amaysim


      No one charges a PO fee on prepaid
      Its when you port from Postpaid that a fee sometimes occurs


        I thought tpg was prepaid


    Moose mobile don't there postpaid


    Still charge a port out fee even though its prepaid plans