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Arlo Pro 2 by NetGear Home Security Camera System (6 Pack) $1091.61+ Delivery (Free with Prime) @ Amazon US via AU


I use the pro2, bought the 4 pack sometime ago. Very happy with its quality and performance. Each add on cameras are selling for over $280 at most retailers. This is a value pack of 6 cameras and base.

Lowest I can find on a 5 pack is - $1269.00

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    Comments on Amazon are not good

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      Because the product isn't good. It's passable, just, but don't expect any sort of clear audio/vision. So much compression/artifacting that number plates most likely won't be read if the car is moving.

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        Where do you live where you need to catch the plates of a vehicle in motion?

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        ridiculously wrong. I have this system and the image quality is outstanding.

        • I have these too (as well as Eufy cams) and I wouldn't say the video quality is outstanding when comparing to wired cameras which are advertised as 1080p

          For wireless cameras however they are okay. In saying that, if you didn't know, you wouldn't believe they are 1080p video

          • @cute as ducks: No doubt wired and offline would be better but I think these are pretty good for wireless cameras with 2-3 month battery life and on demand streaming to anywhere you have internet.

        • You haven't tried other cameras then.

          For this money I'd go a 2 camera 2k or 4k system and get more cameras as they go on sale.

          • @giventofly: If you can't read car number plates on a Pro 2 setup then something is wrong with it or you are looking at cars 200m away.

            Absolutely no issue with identifying humans or vehicles on mine.

            The real problem with Arlo is that it's internet dependent, which is a big problem for a security system. Netgear regrettably are more interested in signing people up to contacts than reliable security.

        • Are you blind? It's 1080p at 800kbps, the video quality is extremely poor.

          There are many faults with the Arlo systems and I wouldn't recommend them to anyone for anything less than 50% of their retail price.

          • @squiddles88: This. Video quality on the Pro2 is shockingly bad. Terrible buy, just ripped mine out.

          • @squiddles88: I expect the bit rate is linked to the fact that they upload everything to the cloud on the fly and also allow near instant streaming via the internet.

            There are indeed faults, but complaining about the perfectly adequate image quality is silly and also misses the point of the product.

            • @caitsith01: You can't even read business names on the back of people's shirts. It's absolutely useless for anything other than knowing a general human shaped thing has moved in the general area your camera is pointing.

              You can run past them fast enough that they will never capture you. You can set them off before walking into frame to beat the motion detection cool down and not even trigger a recording.

              I have recordings of meter readers leaving my back yard, but no recording of them entering or vica versa. These are not worth anywhere near the money they ask.

              Here's the vid quality on max:

              What's the company?

        • Don’t know which response to paste this in.

          Only uploaded to YouTube in 720p cause I suck


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    Darren gave it 5 stars lol

    The product was delivered with the wrong plug and transformer for Australia. When I purchased an adapter for the US to AUS fitting and plugged it into the wall….. smoke and melting plastic was seen and could be smelt!
    Really unhappy and not impressed at all.

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    This is the 100NAS version, shipped from Amazon US, so you’re getting the international version. Plugs won’t be right for Aus (you need the 100AUS), and you won’t be price beating if a retailer properly reads the description.

  • Sorry for dumb question, but coming from US - so base station needs voltage converter to work here, or is charger dual voltage already?

    • Not sure but judging from the comments on Amazon I’d say that you’d need a converter to avoid frying.

  • Hmmm this or a Dahua/Hikvision 6 ch with poe

  • Can i locate 2 cameras in office and 2 cameras in shop and 2 cameras and base station in my home??

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      All camera's must be on the same Wifi network as the base station.
      So the base station must be located near your router and plugged into your router via ethernet cable, then the base station creates it's own Wifi network which the cameras are then connected to, thus not interfering with your existing Wifi network. On install the cameras are then "paired" to the base station.

      • Thanks!

  • Given Netgear's appalling record I have no idea why you would trust these clowns with security devices.

    • I believe that Netgear offloaded the Arlo brand. They may still have a stake, but they are no longer in control.

  • I use this for the home. Couldn't run full blown CCTV with POE cameras so these are actually quite good for the gap in the market that exists.
    They are not the best cameras but they are some of the best WIRELESS cameras with 3-4 month battery life depending on activity.
    Didn't play RRP as that's expensive paid $800 for 4 cameras and base station a couple years ago and it has been useful.

    Resolution is good but don't expect number plates from 15-20 meters away

    • how much did you pay for yours, roh008?

  • Are they any better than EUFY cams ?

    • I have both. They are about the same in terms of video quality. Arlo is better with warranty claims both my eufy cams have are broken after 5 months and they won't help me and the seller I bought from on eBay with ABN refuses to know me or help me either though within 12 month warranty period

      1 has a crack in lens
      1 has stopped working completely

      Haven't yet had issues with my Arlos but at least they have warranty claim offices in Oz unlike Anker

  • We have an Arlo baby monitor and it’s “ok”, but I wouldn’t invest big in an Arlo setup at this time. The baby monitor advertises Google Assistant integration for example but there’s a long running thread on their forums where countless people experience is that if you can even get a connection, there’s around a 30 second delay and it then times out within a minute. If you want to monitor things live it’s all but useless for that.

    It’s not even a use case I really need (we use Apple devices and HomeKit integration is much better than the Google one), but the companies lack of interest in fixing the broken support, while still advertising it, would make me feel people are better off looking elsewhere.

    Also have found initial setup awfully inconsistent and failure prone and the like. Ultimately the baby monitor has some major issues in places which leads me to believe the Arlo solutions not as reliable as I’d want a home security setup to be. No real reason from the Arlo support site to believe the baby monitor issues are unique to that model.

  • Note that these cameras use an IR sensor to detect movement, and then begin recording. There is a delay from movement detection to recording beginning. IR detection is poor at detecting things moving towards or away from the camera.

    After IR no longer detects movement, any movement in the next 15 seconds will not trigger the camera. I've got many bits of footage with me just appearing in the middle of my back yard, with no footage of how I got there.

    Only buy these cameras if you cant put in anything else.

  • Some shots so people can judge the quality.
    I used iMovie on an old iPad to stitch them into one clip … and it only would upload to YouTube at 720p. Probably because the one with the cat and dog was on my old adsl connection.


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