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Dell UltraSharp U2412M LCD Monitor $279 [3 Days only] + up to 30% off Monitor, Accessories, Printers and Projectors


My first deal, and by the time it's submitted it might be a dupe.

But this is a great deal, 30% off this 24" monitor is great.


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Dell Deals 3 day sale.

A. Monitors

  1. 30% Off Dell U2412M Monitor, order code U14U2412MAU
  2. 20% Off Dell P2311H Monitor, order code T14P2311HWAU
  3. 15% Off Dell P2011H Monitor, order code T14P2011HAU
  4. 15% Off Dell E1911 Monitor, order code T14E1911AU
  5. $30 Off Dell ST2220L Monitor, order code T14ST2220LAU
  6. $10 Off Dell IN1930N Monitor, order code U14IN1930NAU

B. Accessories

  1. 30% Off Microsoft ARC Keyboard, sku# A5161798
  2. 30% Off Belkin Surf Wireless Router, sku# 555-13446

C. Printers

  1. 30% Off Dell V715W Printer, order code T840903AU
  2. 30% Off Dell 1133 Printer, order code T841133AU
  3. 25% Off Dell 2155cn Printer, order code T842155CNAU
  4. $10 Off Dell V313 Printer, order code T840900AU

D. Projectors

  1. 30% Off Dell 1610HD Projector, order code T941202AU
  2. 15% Off Dell 4320 Projector, order code U944320AU

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    Ok let's continue the projector discussion here :)

    Anyone got any opinions on that 1610HD? I'm just looking through some reviews now.

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      I have used one (for about 15 mins) and found it to be impressive especially for the price. At 720p (1280x800) and 3500lumens it is a great projector for those who dont want a 1000-2000 lumens home thaetre projector because it is not bright enough. For $699 I dont think you can complain about the quality of the picture, especially since the home theatre projectors are so dear. It is also in the 3D Ready catagory ++


        Thanks for the reply, that's great to hear. Do you have any idea how flexible it is with regards to positioning? I'm renting so mounting it on a ceiling is not an option.

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    Just contacted with MLN, they refuse to cancel my Samsung order and refund me, even it hasn't been shipped out yet. U2412M seems more sweeter.

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      I love how I know u went to UNSW….

      did u buy it with a credit card?? u can use the purchase protection to cancel the order/refund.



        haha, you're smart! The problem is I didn't pay it by credit card.
        Should I make a complaint about this issue? They said:"MLN Does not refund orders for change of mind purposes."


          Well, under ACCC I dont think they can refuse to refund and ORDER!!

          Maybe u should call them and say u will go to ACCC if so etc.


      I also bought one and haven't received it till today. They sent me email saying payment is clear but I haven't receive any confirmation email about them sending me the monitor :(

      By the way, I look at the spec for the dell monitor. The response time is 8ms while the one from MLN is 2ms. Which one is better for playing ps3 ?



      You can always just say you crashed your car and you really need the money. Tell them once you have your car sorted out you'll be looking at getting the screen again and (insert something expensive ) as well. They might try to keep a customer?


    $279 for a 24" IPS panel Dell UltraSharp. Yum. Is it end of financial year again?!


      e-IPS afaik. Without the wide gamutness or anything. ie not the same biscuit as the u2410 but still full 24bit so should be better than a TN panel.

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    U2412M 24" Monitor

    Diagonal Viewable Size:
    24" (60.96 cm) viewable area
    Aspect Ratio
    Widescreen (16:10)
    Panel Type, Surface:
    IPS (In-Plane Switching), anti glare with hard coat 3H
    Optimal Resolution:
    1920 x 1200 at 60 Hz
    Contrast Ratio:
    1000 : 1 (typical)
    2,000,000:1 (dynamic)
    Dynamic Contrast Ratio:
    2 million:1 (Max)
    300 cd/m2 (typical)
    Response Time:
    8ms (gray to gray) Typical
    Max Viewing Angle (vertical/horizontal)
    178º / 178º
    Color Support:
    16.7 million colors
    Color Gamut
    82% (CIE 1976)
    Pixel Pitch:
    0.27 mm
    Device Type
    Widescreen Flat Panel Display

    1 Digital Visual Interface connectors (DVI-D) with HDCP
    1 DisplayPort(DP)
    1 Video Graphics Array (VGA)
    1 USB 2.0 upstream port
    4 USB 2.0 downstream ports
    DC power connector for Dell Soundbar

    Height-adjustable stand, tilt , swivel , pivot and built in cable-management
    Flat Panel Mount Interface
    VESA Mount 100mm x 100mm (Wall Mount sold seperately)

    Also: Very comprehensive review with comparisons to other IPS monitors (eg. U2410)


    Just ordered one

    "Your Estimated Delivery Date for this order is on or before 19/09/2011"


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    Anyone play ps3 on this monitor? I'm not sure if i should get this monitor or the 23" model which is 16:9. I will also be using the monitor for computer games/tasks


      This is a new version U2412…


        what? can someone please comment on using a ps3 on a 16x10. btw i don't think these screens support 1:1 pixel mapping so am i correct in saying a 1920x1080 signal would be vertically stretched?


          I play PS3 on a 16:10 samsung monitor, and the image is stretched vertically. Not perfect, but not terrible either. Not sure if this monitor can do 1:1 mapping.


    seems 30% off is already applied and you can still enter a coupon code. Any 10-15% off we can stack?


    How this compare with 2410 model?


    It is much worse than U2410. U2410 is for professional use, however U2412 is for normal use.

    U2410 has H-IPS panel, while U2412 doesnt have.


      Much worse??? or just worse??


        lwzdew, I thought this U2412 is also IPS???

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          Worse is a subjective term, it all depends on what you plan to use it for. Not all IPS screens are the same, the u2410 has a better IPS grade which has higher colour reproduction

          From: http://arstechnica.com/civis/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=1152720

          U2412M pros:
          Still a 1920x1200, 16:10 screen
          Stand still pans, tilts, telescopes, and rotates
          Lower power consumption (due to LED backlight); 38W typical vs. 75W typical of U2410
          Stand has smaller footprint
          Much lighter (8.7lbs panel-only vs. 14.3lbs panel-only for U2410, again due to LED backlight)
          Arsenic- and mercury-free materials, and as such should be safe to eat
          Apparently less-annoying anti-glare coating (per single user review on Dell.com)

          U2412M cons:
          Vastly reduced video input selections: 1 each DVI, VGA, DP
          No media card reader
          Almost certainly an eIPS screen
          No more PIP or PBP options
          Touch-sensitive buttons are out, cheap plastic buttons are in
          Slower response time (8ms g2g vs. 6ms g2g, per specs)
          Dimmer (300 brightness vs. 400)
          Lower color depth (16.7M colors, vs. 1.07B)
          Smaller color gamut (82% vs 110%)
          AdobeRGB calibration dropped, leaving only sRGB

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          I'd go for the 2412 cos it's safe to eat.

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          Touch-sensitive buttons are out, cheap plastic buttons are in

          That is /so/ a pro. Seriously. The touch-sensitive buttons on the u2410 shit me. Half the time they don't respond. :/

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    Tempted, as my old dell 24" is a bit long in the tooth now, but was kinda waiting for 27" to go back on special again…

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      Protip if you can't afford a Dell product at that very moment:

      Place the order and choose to pay by 'Direct deposit'. The order will remain on the system for approx 2-3weeks. Then when your CC/cash is ready call them and let them know, they'll create a new order to be paid via CC. Or in the case of the bank deposit, call and send them the DD slip so a rep will rep themselves to the order and keep it alive for a little longer while the transfer clears.

      A little trick I learnt when I worked in Dell sales, would probably work for Lenovo as well as they seem to use the same system :P

      I did this for the u2711 a few weeks back


        So if he gets the 27", he can just cancel this order any time he wants?


        Well thanks, but its not that I don't have the cash, it's just I don't want to pay full price for a "27 :) Think I'll wait a bit more…


      what is the lowest price for 27" ?


    Just ordered, thanks for posting this deal.


    no deal on st2420l?


    Thanks for posting, just order 1 to get rid of my benq!


    Thanks - waiting for this - it is same size and pixels as the existing low end one I have(DELL E248WFP) - they should look the same when placed next to each other.


    I would vote this positive - great price for the monitor.

    However - i'm looking for 120 hz monitor - Does Dell have one on sale?

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    Lol why hasn't anyone linked the actual sale page so you can see everything on offer, the discounts, the prices and the T&C's. Well here you go:



    Is Dell coming out with a new line of 3D LED backlit monitors?


    Where can i buy nice mounts/stands to mount TWO monitors on my desk??


      From Dell itself! I bought this one when the u2311 deal was on - Strong, Sturdy and Adjustable in almost every way - highly recommended.

      Mind you it was $129 or so then, $199 now (still alot cheaper than others out there!) - however if you are purchasing two monitors from the deals listed here, then simply place the order over the phone rather than online and tell the rep you are also considering the stand and that your "friend" purchased it for $129 couple months back - be persistent and you might get it for $150. Im pretty sure HT stocks these too in case you want to see before you buy.

      Link to stand: http://accessories.ap.dell.com/sna/productdetail.aspx?c=au&l...


    not sure if I should get this or pay for the samsung one order from ozbargain

    con of this monitor is
    -no hdmi, plz they should get rid of vga plugs, hardly anyone uses them anymore
    need hdmi for my gaming consoles
    -16:10. not good for movie watchers or ps3 gaming which is in 1080. Needs 16:9
    -response time looks crap..

    -ips or e-ips

    is the u2410 true ips? or another e-ips?

    so should i get this or the samsung?

    either way there has been alot of monitor sales this week
    must be new stock/models coming in

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      Response times are actually pretty good for a Dell monitor that's not made for gaming & using an e-IPS, its 8ms which is acceptable although could be better. E-IPS isn't THAT bad, a lot of people still think its better than TN & you're paying roughly the same price. And a lot of people will debate on why 16:10 is better but its your choice :P

      You could use a displayport to HDMI port cable for ~$10 from Dealextreme for console use

      The U2410 is a true IPS & its pre-calibrated and can display over a billion colours whereas the U2412M is e-IPS can only display 16.7 million but its nearly half the price

      It sounds like you should get the Samsung imo for your ideal use although keep in mind that the BX2450 isn't height adjustable


        Can't agree more! I would go for U2412 if I hadn't ordered the Samsung one from MLN.


          you ordered and paid?

          I didn't paid for my order yet.

          if this was the u2410 then it would be a deal…
          but this is alright if u want an e-ips..
          but not as good..

          lacks hdmi, not true ips, 16:10, 6 bit panel.. etc..

          too much cons


        but a ps3 is 1080p and alot of tv shows are in 16:9 etc..
        would that mean there would be a black bar on 16:10

        also with movies, would the black bar be thicker as well?


        "over a billion colours"

        … are you sure?


    decision decision..


    Hey guys, i currently have a ST2420L
    Decent monitor, not looking for a debate here or anything got it on a ozbargain special for 199

    but its not mountable….

    i know this one is, but the question i want to ask is, it doesnt have audio out aye?

    i have a macbookair and at home i just connect it via MiniDisplay Port, the 3.5mm for my speakers then connect to monitor itself..

    Does this monitor not have this feature right?

    I know its not hard to connect the 3.5 straight to the computer but its in and out rather often and nice to have that feature.


    it's alright but it is the cheap mans ips..

    2410 is the best one..but no sale..

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      I'd take cheap man's IPS over TN. If you account for MBC 7%, 2412 is only $259.50.


        No it's not as they only apply it to the non GST component so it will be more like 6% off.


    Condition on this offer is 1 per customer. I wanted 3 for a Crossfire setup, so I just rang Dell and they arranged for 3 @279 ea inc. GST, free delivery and no credit card surcharge.


      correct - they always do the 1 limit for their monitor promotions now - people who need multiple can either just call and get them on 1 order, or simply place multiple online orders - that way you still get 7% MBC. I've had success both ways.


        how do I buy it thru mbc?

        I signed up to mbc but don't know where is the link on mbc to buy it…

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          ok here's how you do it.

          step 1: close all internet browser windows.
          step 2: open one new window
          step 3: clear all cookies/history/cache etc.
          step 4: close browser again.

          STOP! did you do step 1-4. No? Well then DO IT. It seems like a stupid OCD ritual, but if you don't MBC cant track that you have placed an order with them as another affiliate's cookie may take precedence!

          step 5: open one new browser window.
          step 6: navigate to MBC and sign in.
          step 7: on the top right there is a 'search deals' box. type dell in there and press enter or go.
          step 8: two listings will come up. choose the second one. the first one will be for the small business site. you dont want that.
          step 9: scroll down and in a green box it will say "Click here to visit this merchant and earn moneyback…". click that.
          step 10: screen will go grey and a floating box will appear. read it, then click on "Click here to visit this merchant and earn moneyback…"
          step 11: dell website opens in new window.
          step 12: in the search box on the top right, type "U2412M" (without quotes) and enter.
          step 13: the monitor in this deal is the second result click choose. product screen. click choose again.
          step 14. new screen shows. click review and continue. then add to cart. new screen shows. click checkout.
          step 15: enter details, make payment, and boom you are done.

          DO NOT navigate away from the main dell window that opens at any time. no open in new tab or new window crap. if you do that, the tracker wont be able to keep track of your purchase.

          Once ordering is complete you can go back to normal browsing, open/close windows etc.

          Now all you have to do is wait and it will eventually come up in your list of transactions on MBC.

          Please read the FAQ to better understand this process: http://www.moneybackco.com.au/faq/

          If all else fails then just do this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WhwbxEfy7fg


          +1 for ccrap's method, but here's an easier way: if you're using Chrome, just open up a new incog window. Basically the same, as incog mode is a blank slate.
          Not sure how well 'private' modes work in other browsers. For example, IIRC Firefox closes all your currently open tabs and windows to enter private mode…which is annoying.


    I recieved mine today. And my MBC money appeared already too.


    Ordered 2 2412M's