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Xbox LIVE Game Pass Ultimate (3 Months) + Bonus 3 Months Code $47.95 @ JB Hi-Fi


It's back again! After you buy it, you'll get another 3 month code emailed to you within a couple of days. Don't worry too much it takes that long. YMMV

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  • People should be stockpiling on these instead of Toilet Paper.

    • Yep, get on board with their Ultimate Micro Soft range! After all, if you sit down and think about it, game pass requires the ass-end.

    • And nappies :)

    • Maybe I'm the only one that doesn't see the value in gamepass. I mean xbox live is a sunk cost, but shelling out over $120 for a year to rent games doesn't appeal to me. Over the course of the life of a console that's a big amount, and intro pricing won t last forever. You don't even get a shiny collection on your shelf.

  • So 6 months of gold + the games that come with ultimate.. is there a cheaper way to get just Gold?

    • 12 Months of gold is $70 so $6.67 a month vs this at $8 a month but it does go on sale fairly regularly for $60-$65 but they might stop doing that to get everyone on gamepass.

  • Wonder if this stacks with the $1 Gold deal.

  • I bought one and got the code within 5 minutes of ordering :)

    Thanks for linking the deal

  • stock it up, guys. when the city is locked down, you at least can have something fun to do at home.

  • Can you stack these?

    • Yep~ You're technically stacking these as you get issued two separate codes. You don't have to wait for the first 3 months to expire before activating the other. From memory though, you can only activate up to three years' worth of future game pass time

  • This would be better for most people https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/462527

    Grab a Brazilian gift card from cdkeys and then convert to ultimate. 12months less than $55.

    • Most people already have ultimate so can’t convert.

      • To confirm, I have already used Ultimate trial.
        I will buy 12 months of Gold using cdkeys.
        Purchase 1 month of Ultimate for $15 (as you wont get it for $1), it will convert gold to Ultimate giving you 13 months.
        Can this be achieved?

        • I already used Ultimate trial and let it expire. I was able to get another $1 Ultimate trial last night which I stacked on 26 months of Brazilian Live Gold and ended up with 27 months Game Pass Ultimate.

          • @carden: I was wondering if this would work, as my Game Pass has also expired. Where'd you get your Brazilian Gold from?

          • @carden: Do you mean you had LIVE and originally used the GamePass Ultimate (GPU) $1 stack to set the expiry date of GPU to the same as your original LIVE. Then let GPU expire, signed up to LIVE using the Brazil code and applied the $1 stack again?

      • Good point. I hadn't thought of that

    • quite new to xbox. how can I apply this to my au xbox account? change the region of my account to brazil then redeem the code from cdkeys? or use vpn and connect to brazil then redeem?

  • I bought four of these last time this deal came around and the bonus codes, not the purchased codes, gave you the option to apply recurring billing for an additional month, I accepted and removed immediately and repeated 3 times and got an additional month for each bonus code.

  • What happens if I recently paid for a years worth of Live?

  • Is XB1 Ultimate worth it if you don't play online a lot? IMO most of the single-player titles (worth playing at all) can be "completed" in probably a few months and generally lack a replayability value. Of course, there are exceptions like Witcher 3 or GTA V online if you are into grinding. After that, I fail to see any value in it, especially if you don't have a lot of friends to play online. Does anyone see an upside that I am missing?

    • If you play online, Live is a given. How often is up to you decide cost/benefit.

      If you're the type of person to play one game at a time and takes their time, you're probably better off buying the game than paying for game pass. Imo game pass is good if you have kids (to leave them to their own devices and not have to worry about buying new games every 2 weeks) or someone with a lot of time to game to make full use of the catalogue. Professionals with limited time on their hands aren't going to extract max value from it.

      • I am a professional, I play about an hour after work in the evening and maybe several hours/day over the weekend so I could binge game if I want to and I agree with both of your use cases. Regardless I did not find their catalog impressive. Yes, I agree there are some great titles like GOW series or occasional AAA titles like Witcher 3 or GTA V but these games are ancient and people have played them several times over I don't think it justifies ~$100/yr as you could get GTA V or Witcher for ~$20 preowned and then keep trading it over and over and you could get more value. So, no XB Ultimate for me. :)

    • I've personally found a lot of great games on Game Pass that I would never have seen otherwise. Recently had a heap of fun with Pikuniku and currently playing through Ori. Kingdom Hearts 3 is on there as well, but I really couldn't get into it …

      Full list;

      • But you buy into it because of the big titles and the current value for money. No one gets game pass for the "sweet games I never knew about" because you'd never buy them in the first place. It's padding for the list and if they were gone, no value would be lost. People eat it up now because at the moment Microsoft have been very generous with pricing. Wait till they need to actually make money on it.

        • It's padding for the list

          If you just apply a basic filter of Metacritic score of >8 or IGN or whichever score system you want of about 80%, you would end up with less than 20% of the list. I guess Microsoft just added them to advertise '100+ games'.

        • Well they also have 15 studios now with multiple teams in each studio making different games so there's going to be enough games.

      • There are a few gems no doubt, but there is a lot of crap that you need to go through. Most of them are ancient XB and XB 360 ports.

  • Can someone confirm when this deal expires?

    • from product page: "Offer valid until 29.03.20 or while stocks last."

    • Just be careful with the wording
      Last time this deal was on it expired the day prior to the date. I guess that’s what “until” means. So I’d say the 28/03/20 is the last day you could get it. Dunno might be wrong but definitely went to JB on what was in my mind the last day and it wasn’t on offer

  • Do these expire? IE. If i buy now, can i sit on it for a few weeks/months to finish what im currently playing before activating?

    • Same question. If they were physical cards, then I'd feel ok, but it feels risky holding onto digital codes that may get mixed up and redeemed.

  • Anyone bought and received the 2nd code yet?

    Edit: NVM - "Online orders will receive the bonus code via email 48 hours after order completion"

  • I've been getting free Xbox live/ game pass using Microsoft rewards points from the Rewards Automator app

  • They cancelled my order which I made yesterday morning. No email, no nothing - had to go to my account on JB to find it out. Cash in the bank. Weird. Tried again and got payment pending… Fingers crossed.

  • Two days ago I paid 1 dollar for the game pass ultimate trial, thought it was for one month, last night I canceled the subscription to avoid further cost, then found that this one dollar offer last until mid October, if you haven’t tried yet, perhaps this eight months for one dollar offer from Microsoft is even better.

    • It will automatically convert all your gold to ultimate so you don't lose money. Up to 3 years worth of gold can be converted but only once. All for $1 (on top of gold cost).

  • Can anyone advise where to get 12 month xbox Gold ?
    Thinking to get that and then 1 month ultimate to convert gold to ultimate.

    • JB does also sell it, but I don't know if you can use it for existing accounts. I think so long as you've never done a trial. Not sure if it works on new accounts either. I'm just reluctant to cheap out since I have a sizeable digital catalog

  • Got my two codes and one of them has already been redeemed :(

    • I had the same error message on the second code as well. However after checking my sub it did in fact work.

      In addition, I found that redeeming via Microsoft website with reoccurring billing turned off allowed an additional month if reoccurring sub was switched on at time of redemption.

      Managed to get an additional 2 months…


  • Just a note to you guys:

    I'm not sure if this is targeted. The situation I'm in is I've already used the $1 ultimate membership twice now, and subscribed once for $15.95/3 months. I've let it lapse in February. When I check for a new subscription on Microsoft and select 3 months instead of 1 month, it still shows $15.95/3months.

    Useful for those who probably want to go back to work after 3 months.

    If you're after the maths, this JB offer $47.95/6months = $7.99/month
    Microsoft 3 month offer $15.95/3months = $5.31/month (possibly target - who knows?)

  • Anyone else having troubles with redeeming their code? Tried both console and on the web still won't work

  • Can this be redeemed on an non-Australian account?

  • So I was going to get this for a mate, he just got laid off due to the corona, but he doesn't want to keep paying for Ultimate after the 6mths is up.

    He already has a years worth of Xbox Live, if I purchase it, will game pass stop after 6mths and he can keep using his Live?

    Hope that makes sense :)

  • Curious, anyone ordered this and how long does it normally take for the second code to come through?

    Been 24 hours - just going they aren't going to turn around and me stocks have run out.

  • Is this 3 month offer still working?

  • I bought this back on the day it came out.

    I only just remembered to redeem my codes and I've noticed that it doesn't look like I had a second code sent to me.
    What should I do?