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$1 for 12 Months of Australian Web Hosting @ VentraIP Australia


Rex's Pot o' Gold $1 Promotion
Rex is celebrating St. Patrick's Day by offering a special discount on our 100% Australian Shared Web Hosting…

For the next 72 hours you can get 12 months of web hosting for just $1!

To claim the offer, simply purchase your preferred plan and enter one of the coupon codes listed below:

  • Starter Plan = GOLDSTART
  • Freedom Plan = GOLDFREE
  • Premier Plan = GOLDPREM

Terms & Conditions

  • Discount applies to new purchases of up to 12 months only
  • Maximum 1 use per customer
  • Excludes the renewal of existing services

Referral Links

Referral: random (189)

$50 Visa/Mastercard Giftcard for the referrer after referee signs up to a new hosting service and either a new domain name or transfer an existing domain name, and remains an active customer for at least 60 days

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    Unfortunately a lot of my clients are with the the absolutely worst major hosting company in the world, MelbourneIT/Netregistry.

    When something goes wrong with VentraIP do you always resolve an issue promptly or do you leave the ticket for months hoping the client will just give up?

    MelbourneIT is really really really incompetent. Really.

    • +13

      I've had my sites hosted with VentraIP for years now, they provide some of the best support I've experienced. Whether you call them or submit a ticket they're really quick to respond and able to assist.

    • +11

      VentraIP are seriously the best in the industry.


    • +2

      Agreed I swapped out from Melbourneit to these guys.. unbelievable service can't fault..

    • +7

      Thanks guys. I don't think I've ever hated a company as much as MelbourneIT. The support team treat every problem like it's something you couldn't find in the cPanel, even though you it's nearly always something with their configuration or firewall. And who in the world charges so much for 1GB of RAM!

      I've started using foreign servers that are much, much, much faster - from Australia! - much more reliable, and much cheaper. I'll give VentraIP a trial before I discard the Australian industry's competence altogether.

      • Could you clue us into that foreign hoster, maybe via PM if appropriate

        • A company I've trialled over the last few months is Interserver, on the $5 USD/month plan (when paid monthly). Due to our declining dollar it's now over $8 AUD/month, almost as much as VentraIP's lowest plan. Since everything just worked I can't judge support though. From reading some reviews ( it might be as bad as MelbourneIT, and then it's an international call if you want to vent your frustration verbally.

          I don't know what type of server optimisation they're doing, or how much CPU they're allocating, but they gave me 3 GB of RAM and unlimited disk space, and the Wordpress backend is now usable. World's apart to Melbourne IT/Netregistry. It completely changed my productivity. Updating plug-ins is quick. Editing pages is quick. It's like going from dial up to cable.

          If VentraIP's lowest plan can deliver the same speed with 1 GB less of RAM then it may be worth switching (where email is hosted elsewhere, since 5 GB won't cut it).

    • +4

      Hi Peterpeterpumpkin!

      As others have already mentioned, we take our customer service seriously and have built our business with your best interests in mind.

      This means that our team of locals (we're all based right here in Melbourne) are available 24/7 via phone, eTicket, and live chat.

      Our average ticket response time is under 30 minutes and almost always results in the issue being solved upon first contact. :)

      If you can't wait for these offers and have a significant number of websites to move, get in touch with our Sales team as we're sure they'll be able to help you out!

      • +1

        +1 for VentrIP's support. I've had to contact them a handful of times and each time it's been promptly answered AND fixed.

        • +1

          I can confirm this. Switched over form crazydomains to VentraIP and things are soo much better. Support is better and friendlier and there are no hidden fees. Everytime I have requested for support, on an average I get a reply in 20-30 mins which is amazing.

      • I just wanted to say I've tested your Live Chat and the reviews check out so far. Please keep it up!

    • I've just moved from Netregistry to VentraIP, very happy with the move process and performance since.

      I still have open tickets at Netregistry with numerous (slow) interactions showing a lack of competence, care or professionalism.

    • works perfect been in the ventraip for 10 years an no issue, however i do all the restore myself dont want to pay extra $10 :)

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    Promo code don't seem to work. I get a message saying "This promotion has not yet started. Please try again later."

    • +1

      17 Mar 12:01am–19 Mar 11:59pm

    • +1

      It starts tommorow

    • because the promotion has not started yet. please try again later

    • +5

      To be fair, it does say

      For the next 72 hours you can get 12 months of web hosting for just $1!

      Meaning from now…..

      What they really meant to say was

      For 72 hours you can get 12 months of web hosting for just $1!

  • +2

    Never see any offers for existing members :(

    • +2

      No this is the drug dealer trick….. First hit is 'free' (or basically free) and then you're hooked so pay full price.

      They do have some discounts for existing customers once a year, but nothing major like this.

      • +2

        We run discounts for our existing customers May and November every year (this year is no different!) so keep an eye out for some great deals very soon!

        • Agree with Jimmy F.

          Very good service, but would be good to receive some of the offers touted to "new users" for existing client base. Been with these guys for the last 5 - 6 years, but unfortunately, they don't offer impressive deal / renewals once signed up. (i.e. reseller accounts)

    • Come off it, that's just not true. November last year you could renew for like 40% off and I paid til March.
      Last time they did the same thing I paid for a full year at half price. They do specials all the time for existing customers.

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    Does it support hosting python scripts?

    • +1

      We have some quality of life restrictions to avoid causing issues but you should be fine.

      If you want to be 100% sure, get in touch with our team who can look at exactly what you're trying to do and provide more detailed feedback:

  • Is this limited in any way? Ie. Do I need to click on at midnight tonight or can I relax?

    • +1

      The offer is based on the stock we have available on our servers (the last thing we want to do is overstock them!) but we've got quite a bit of stock so we doubt you have anything to worry about! ;)

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    Shame that VPS is crazily expensive. Would love to try some Australian company, but vultr seems to be at least twice cheaper.

    • +1

      To be honest, its 2020 now and SaaS and IaaS has been been so much more mature than before
      Instead of paying lots to get a VPS /dedicated server , its more flexible and cost effective to use cloud services like AWS or Azure

      • +2

        It depends. In my case it is not, Azure/AWS are super expensive unless you really have a product where you need a lot of resources for a limited time. With a platform using about the same resources during the whole time VPS servers are cheaper.

        AWS is also overly complicated, not sure about Azure.

        • +1

          I think at the end it really depends on what you are running
          eg. Running a website 24x7 pretty sure that share hosting is so much more cheaper

          However, if you are running a function / service that doesn't execute all the time
          Cloud services cost can be calculated based on compute time
          you may only pay less than $1 for light usage services

        • +1

          Check out AWS Lightsail if you haven't already. Pretty simple. Even the cheapest instances are very responsive which I think has a lot to do with Amazon's network connections.

          • @dazweeja: Thanks, yeah I checked it already and even have one instance up and running as a replica. Vultr is slightly cheaper tho.

      • its more flexible and cost effective to use cloud services like AWS or Azure

        This is completely not true. There's not a lot of instances this works out cheaper in the long run unless you're using so little AWS that it costs less than a single VPS would.

        AWS and Azure are inifnitely more flexible. And for a bunch of use cases where you need to spin usage up and down you can do so very quickly. But for an enormous number of services and always on things it gets very expensive very quickly.

        • +1

          Again it depends what you use it for

          In my use case, I have been using different types base on its use case

          Used to have a dedicated server that used to handle 3 millions site visit per month
          Used to have a VPS in the US that runs a commercial shopping cart which I can easily do lots of configuration and SSH to it (Managed via cpanel VPS and SSH)

          Now, my recent projects are more towards SaaS base
          I use AWS SES to send out around 20k members emails per month in one of my site, it only cost me around US$6 to send out such amount. This is far cheaper than getting a VPS or even a share hosting. (Also given sending out bulk emails in single server / IP will easily get marked as spam from most email engines like Gmail)

          I use Azure functions to run some analytic scripts that connect to Google Analytic and create custom reports. These azure functions are serverless and are charged base on compute time. For my use case, I run daily and each time around a minute or so, this only case me a few dollars per month. (While it runs for just a minute, it takes around 4 minutes to wake up the services, so not ideal for transaction type functions that required immediate feedback)

          Yes, you are right Cloud infrastructure like AWS and Azure can easily get a bill hit, and I did have a careless setup sometime ago being charged by AWS over $100 for a month, simply because I forgot to delete a unused EC2 instance and associated storage. So before using Cloud services, it is critical to totally understand what you need and how the cost are being calculated. Always go on the free tier than moved on to paid tier is what I would suggest.

    • +1

      If you're on the lookout for a VPS, get in touch with our sales team as they may be able to help you out with something that suits your budget and requirements. :)

      • Will do next time I'm ready to move :) Cheers.

  • +1

    VentraIP is the real deal. The best!

    • You're the best for supporting us, Merelee! Thanks for empowering us to do what we do! :D

  • Hmm I wonder whether I could use this to migrate my hosting from Zuver…

    • It's the same company.

  • +2

    Hey so I'm not too well-educated on web hosting and all that, so a quick question. I get that this service basically will allow you to have a website online for a year for a dollar, but is a website the only real utility of this?

    For example, if I wanted to put a game server online, like a persistent Terraria world for my friends and I to log into, could this be a solution? It's annoying hosting my own servers because I therefore need to leave my machine on the whole time.

    • +1

      This isn't what you're looking for. You need to look into setting up a dedicated VPS (Virtual Private Server) or look into game servers which are pre-configured. If it's just a Terraria server and you want it in Australia, you'll probably be paying about $10 a month for something pre-configured:

      • Legend. Super helpful explanation, thanks.

  • Do you offer free website transfer? Currently I am on coudways , and wants to move


    • What wrong with Cloudway? I'm thinking of relocating my sites to them as they offer a different setup than all other web host. But now having second though because the Aussie $ has tank.

      • Yes thats one reason,, cost me $40 a month… Cloudways customer service is great,, and speed is good.. havent compared with ventraip though

    • Our team will transfer your website for free. We offer free migrations to all our new hosting customers.

  • I currently have a hosting plan with you. Does this offer mean I can purchase another one for $1 and host my other website on it?

    • I take a guess this will work if you use a diffferent email address :P

    • You can purchase an additional new hosting service for one of your other websites that is not currently hosted with us, using your existing VentraIP account.

  • +1

    How’s this compare to a digital ocean droplet in Singapore for $5US a month?

  • I would recommend them. My company has hosted around 150+ website with them.

  • @ventraip
    I am already with ventra. Can i extend my cutrent hosting for 1 year by this offer ?

    • It's already in the OP..

      Excludes the renewal of existing services

    • +1

      Unfortunately, this promotion only applies to new purchases and excludes the renewal of existing services. However, our Mega May promotion is fast approaching which is known for its big renewal discounts, so keep an eye in for that.

  • +5

    if i sign up with your great deal on a premier plan then after a year wish to downgrade the plan to one of your others, is this easy, or will i be locked into that paricular plan?

    Also are all 3 of the plans $1??

    • +2


    • +1

      All the plans are $1.

    • Don't know if it helps but the only option on the premium I can see is to upgrade the plan to a business VPS plan. not change it to one of the other options.

    • There are no lock-in contracts at VentraIP so you can easily change your plan after a year if you wish.

      The promotion is offering all 3 Hosting plans at $1.00

  • +1

    Do you have any offer on domain names?

    • Not currently, However, our Mega May promotion is fast approaching which is known for discounted domain offers, so keep an eye in for that.

  • So when signing up for hosting, if I have to put in a domain because it needs one, what happens if I have the same one already in use with ventraIP for hosting a site?

    • As the offer only applies to new services. The service would need to be configured to a domain that is not currently hosted with VentraIP Australia.

  • +2

    Can I sign up with your great deal on a premier plan then after a year downgrade the plan to one of your others, is this easy, is it possible?

    • There are no lock-in contracts at VentraIP so you can easily change your plan after a year if you wish.

  • Great deal , just purchase ,
    been in ventraip for more than 10 years from my clients to and my business never let me down, loving it.

  • Is the site down for anyone else?

    • It's working fine for me

      • Strange because it works on my mobile, but not on the desktop. Tried two computers

  • Do you have to renew at the end of the 12 months or just use it for 12 months and end it?

    • The choice is yours! With no lock-in contracts, cancelling this service can be done at any time, however, if you choose to continue the service it will be ready to renew for another year
      Note - You can also change your billing cycle upon renewal if you prefer to pay as you go.

      • hello @ventraip amazing deal.

        Signed up with the promo code but it says:

        Next Renewal Date
        Friday, 17 April 2020

        Next Invoice Generation Date
        Tuesday, 7 April 2020

        Billing Cycle

        Renewal Amount
        $28.95 AUD

        • It appears you may have selected a monthly billing cycle instead of an annual billing cycle. This can be easily amended, you'll just have to get in touch with our billing team.

          • @ventraip: Hey Ventra, I also signed up for the $1 deal but it looks like I'll get billed next month ? Do you have an email for billing I can reach out to, thx

  • Any deals on reseller accounts?

  • +1

    Can I purchase without a domain, and do the domain transfer later?

    • When purchasing a hosting plan, there is a selectable option to use an existing domain and update my nameservers. This will allow the service to be purchased without affecting the domain entered. For more info about the existing domain option, contact our support team.

  • can you signup without a domain? my dilemma is that i am waiting for my ABN to be re-activated in order that I can buy an aussie domain you see… Should i just buy some random cheap one to tide me over?

    • Select the option to use an existing domain and update my nameservers when purchasing your hosting plan. This will allow the service to be purchased using a domain name that is not yet registered.

  • Thanks VentraIP!

  • +1

    What's the catch? $347 down to $1 for a year's service with no further commitment is not a normal offer.

    • There's no catch here, just a great way to experience our 100% Australians, Fast and Reliable Web Hosting for a fraction of the normal price.

  • +1

    You beauty! If you're a student you can combine this with the GitHub offer to have a website with premium hosting for 12 months for just $1

  • when does this sale end exactly please?? just got to get my domain sorted…

    • The promotion will expire on 19th March 2020 at 11:59 pm. So you still have some time.

  • How long does it take to process, Ive been waiting for a few hours and its sitting in pending

    • took 10 minutes. You have paid?

      • Of course :)
        Maybe because I chose the use existing domain, etc - but I already have that domain hosted…was planning to remove that one as on freedom now to a premier plan
        Worse case Ill change it to one of the many domains I have for the business - except I now have 364 days left….not sure if its already counting down haha
        Lodge a ticket asking whats happening

    • Provisioning is processed immediately once payment is received. So something may have happened during the process. Please give our billing team a call on 13 24 85 (Dial 3 for billing) they can further investigate and get the service online.

  • Thanks

  • +1

    can i get this web hosting plan before I secure a domain?

    • i don't think so i am in the same boat, i think ill just register a random cheap one or something