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Free Delivery at Guzman Y Gomez via Deliveroo


Extract from Email:



Are you craving a delicious Guzman y Gomez Burrito or Bowl? Well we’ve got great news for you!

Until Sunday March 29th we will be making sure you get your GYG breakfast, lunch and dinner delivered right to your doorstep for free when you order on the Deliveroo app.

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$12 off across your next 4 orders ($3 per order). Your friend will get $12 off across their first 4 orders too. Minimum order $20 + Delivery.

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    I recommend going on their website first to check whether they will deliver to your address to save downloading their app and making an account.

    • On desktop mode, the linked page says this:

      Find out if Guzman Y Gomez delivers to

      No need for an account or app

      • +1

        mmm…. thats not what he said

    • +1

      I got the email yesterday and love nowhere near gyg. Definitely a pro tip.

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    I can purchase a veggie burrito bowl for $11.90 in store, but Deliveroo is $14.90. Is there a hidden delivery fee, or just a convenience tax?

    • +2

      Probably accounts for fees charged to the store by Deliveroo for listing on their app

    • Just like Hj’s I think it covers part of the delivery fee.

      • No, top of the commission fee which GYG do want customers to pay.

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    Anyone else noticed that the price on Deliveroo is higher than the price in store or in their app? For example I was at GyG yesterday and my chicken burrito cost $12.90 but Deliveroo are charging $16.20. Same for two different stores near me (Leederville and Mt Lawley).

    I think it's Uber Eats that guarantee that the prices on their platform are the same as at the store but it seems Deliveroo might not have the same guarantee.

    • +4

      Both services have more expensive prices compared to in store.

      I think they used to enforce the same price but not anymore.

      • +1

        Ah you are right! Same jacked price on Uber Eats too! Hope that extra at least goes to the restaurant rather than to the platforms.

        • -6

          It does go to the restaurants. Deliveroo/Uber Eats actually discourages the price increase

          • +1

            @Scope: LOL where are you getting your info mate…

            • @picklewizard: Maybe I was misunderstood. I meant that the price difference (minus the commission) goes to the restaurant. I'm saying the same thing as samfisher5986 (perhaps I could have worded it better).

        • +4

          Not really, Restaurants pay 30% of all purchases to Uber Eats.
          Delivery drivers pay 30% to Uber Eats.

          • +5


            Restaurants pay 30% of all purchases to Uber Eats.

            An absurd commission amount.

            • +1

              @Diji1: It is.

              Restaurants can run their own for a lot less, the problem is driving traffic to their website, which Uber Eats does insanely well due to word of mouth and advertising.

    • I checked with Deliveroo customer support and was told prices listed on deliveroo are fixed by venue and not by them.

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    Yeah this will be pointless if they jack the app prices up to make up for delivery.

    • +2

      The costs have always been higher. Its to cover the costs of being listed on Deliveroo. A lot of other restaurants do this as well

  • Lmao. i live within a 10 minute walk of a guzman y gomez and they dont deliver to my address

    • +1

      Wrong side of the tracks.

    • Im similar; one major road, nope.

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    Breakfast burrito $6.50 in-store and $8.20 on Deliveroo! No thanks..

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    Deliveroo? Wouldn't bother, customer service awful and inflated prices

    • I’ve found Deliveroo drivers much better than Uber eats.
      I live in a unit complex and I’ve had several Uber eats drivers refuse to bring the food to my door.
      Never had an issue with Deliveroo

      • +1

        that's nice, I'd strongly suggest cross-referencing pricing as there's a huge discrepancy in multiple locations throughout Melbourne that I have experienced. Let alone the issues when something goes wrong.

    • The restaurant sets the prices and the same type of people who do deliveroo do uber eats.

      • Then the restaurants are upping the pricing on Deliveroo - and their customer service is still horrid

        • Yes because Deliveroo charge a percentage fee, like uber eats and others, they up the price so they don't lose money.

          They all have bad customer service.