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R5-1600 AF / GTX 1660 Gaming PC: $788 + Shipping @ TechFast


Hi all,

After a very long time out of stock, 1660s are on the way and I'm now comfortable offering a very limited quantity for sale with a view to shipping after our current estimated 10-14 business day turnaround time. This pricing has been calculated based on today's (plummeted) Aussie dollar value of US$0.56, and is strictly limited to 20 units. If the price continues to fall the deal may be expired, and if the AUD hits $0.50 as it very well may, the same system will cost $868. That's how significantly dollar value drops affect importation prices, so if you want it, jump on now.

"Deal"-wise, it's no longer about what we have offered it at previously; those prices may as well not exist. It's about what you can now get these systems/parts elsewhere, because we're still committed to being the lowest in market, and this is the pricing we can achieve - you won't find it lower and prices are increasing, not decreasing, any time soon.

Compared to PC Part Picker (which is under-pricing stuff - the 1600 AF is now $179 at PC Case Gear, this spec comes to approximately $810 (I'm still using 3200G at $149 but the actual CPU price is $179), excluding individual shipping costs, assembly and warranty.

Ryzen 5 1600 AF | Galax GTX 1660 6GB Gaming PC

  • Ryzen 5 1600 AF (6 core/12 thread)
  • Galax GTX 1660 6GB
  • B450 motherboard (brand and spec may vary)
  • 8GB 2666MHz RAM
  • 120GB SSD
  • 550W PSU
  • Leaper Flair RGB or Leaper Mid case

Price: $788 after 1600AF-1660-MAR (enter at checkout)

Existing 1660 orders that have been delayed have all been notified, will be fulfilled as soon as we have them on hand which will hopefully be in the next few business days after supplier receipt, handling, transit to us and assembly.

Other strictly limited deals.


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    Good on you Luke!.. hope your business gets through this tough period!


    Hi Luke, thanks for the great offers. Will you bring back some higher end systems soon? 3700x or 3900x?


      We will, yes - the % fluctuations in the dollar are far more pronounced at the top end of the market though. We need to get it right.


    Thanks for offering another budget config. Is $200 extra worth the difference RX580 vs GTX 1660 though?


      yeah, the 1660 eats the rx580, and personally I think it is a slightly better card than the 1070's that have been on offer lately, though benchmark sites may tend to still give the 1070 the lead, just(3-8%).Very impressed with mine



        Thanks mate. Looks like the 1660 gives a 25% gain in framerate on many games indeed, but hard to swallow the 35% increase in price still. Might just wait it out…China is back on its feet, hopefully will lift pressure on supply in next few months


          it is more the exchange rate you need to watch, supply aside, that is where we (so techfast) are getting hit


            @smokey and: Fair point, and I wouldnt necessarily bet for a swift recovery on AUD and AU economy… it's just I can't justify in my head paying such extra just because I didnt buy it earlier haha. 25-hour buyer remorse I guess !

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              @rwandrall: our dollar will recover, and techfast will pass on those savings no doubt, so if you can wait, do, but as Luke said, for the immediate future, expect things to get even a little worse, hence why luke is saying "pull the trigger" now, if you don't want to wait it out


    I guess people have the choice of leaper case or leaper case now.


    Hello, what are the differences between the Leaper Flair RGB and Leaper Mid case?

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      The Leaper Flair is all black, taller, has a top RGB strip, and has 1 x 120mm intake and 1 x 80mm exhaust fans. The Leaper Mid is predominately white, much shorter, no RGB, has 2 x 120mm intake fans and 1 x 120mm exhaust fan. The Leaper Flair has more front USB ports. Both have clear acrylic side panels and can take the same full size GPUs and MATX motherboards.

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    Great thank you for the info. Going for the 580/


    Ordered one,but its a 2070 deal

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