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Lavanya Brothers Instant Hand Sanitizer 100ML 10-Pack $59.95 + Shipping @ Myer


Each 100mL Bottle Contains:
Isopropyl Alcohol - 70%
Purified Water - 20%
Kumari (Aloe Barbadensis, Lf.) 5%
Tulsi (Ocimum Sanctum, Lf.) - 1%
Neem (Azadirachta Indicia, Lf.) 2%
Nimbu (Citrus Limon, Pl.) 1%
Preservative q.s

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    1L for $60 WOW

    • so cheap!

  • ;

  • Same price at Harvey Norman and MyDeal. this appears to be a pre order — takes up to 21 days to ship

    Situation must be dire if big department stores like Harvey Norman and Myer are stocking such expensive hand sanitiser.

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      Myer share price is down the shitter - they need sell as many profitable items as they can

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      standard practice for Gerry to be ripping people off any way he can.

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    What a ripoff $59.95 liter another retailer taking advantage off the corona virus and ripping off its customers shame on you.

    • I think Myer gets away with it - only because they are normally so ridiculously overpriced anyway

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    Before this you could buy 5L of Isopropyl Alcohol for ~$25 on ebay, now I just checked and people are bidding $450+ for a 5L bottle!!

    (profanity) insane.

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      Wow, i should sell my 40gal drum i have!

      That said, ethanol is at bunnings for like $5.

      • Could you make that Bunnings stuff into a viable hand sanitizer?

  • northfork 2L for 20$ pre-orders on megathing

    • Available 29th June

      • week before its late april

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    You think this is expensive. Check out this Ebay listing for TP. https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Toilet-paper/362943870757?hash=i...

    • wtf? will the bidders actually end up paying that though? I doubt it.

      If real then I'm gonna put up my opened 36 pack of Quilton, still 30 rolls left in it.

      • I suspect those bids are from people trying to annoy the seller.

  • And they charge for postage lol insane.

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    Massively overpriced.

    • Supply and demand. Supply is low and demand is high means price jack. Get used to these sort of prices for some time.

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        $5 per toilet roll is also not a good deal.

        Rather than paying $60, use soap and water.

  • Anyone buying it? Surprised it's not out of stock

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    I really wish we would stop supporting price gauging

    • I gauge this to be overpriced.

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    just buy a bar of soap. pack of 4 for like $4

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    This should not be on Ozbargain.

  • I prefer the noni b hand santiser as that's what else would a women's clothes store sell https://www.nonib.com.au/health-essentials/who-approved-hand...

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    $60 a litre for hand sanitiser is not a bargain. stop feeding into this hysteria

  • At least it has alcohol in it. I was standing in line at Chemist warehouse today and noticed they were selling kids hand sanitiser from behind the counter. People were so happy to get it - but not realising that alcohol free is useless.

    • What was the active ingredient?

      My local independent chemist were making their own for $2 a bottle, and using ether as the active ingredient.

      According to the pharmacist, it breaks down the same (lipid?) Layers that alcohol does; and is effective againt the same list of viruses alcohol was.

      Its hearsay; but at least its logical, and from a chemist.

      • The active ingredient was Benzalkonium Chloride (0.13%). One customer purchased it then came straight back saying he wanted a refund as it was alcohol free.

        • -1


          BAK kills fricking EVERYTHING.

          It's literally whats in hospital grade pineokleen.

          I cant imagine its good on the skin; it strips soft touch rubber off electronics, ill tell ya that!

          Shocked he returned something without some research.

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    Clearly price gauging.. taking advantage of health emergency situation.

    Please do NOT support or buy this product.

    • There are heaps of coocoo people who think that this would protect them from getting a certain virus and pay any sort of crazy money. I don't think so.

      Yeah so for this reason some stores are price gouging. Taking advantage of these people.

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    It's cheaper buying from Woolies or Coles when available. It seems a lot of places have free sanitiser now too.

    One more reason to never shop at Myer.

  • a rip off price and in any case you have to wait 3 weeks to get it!

  • Terrible price, terrible ethics.

  • I make a wish that Myer will bankrupt this year.

  • -1

    Ripoff price gouging