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Buy One Get One Free on All Burgers @ Grill'd (Relish Members, Multiple Use Barcode)


Seems a great deal. Check your emails for barcode. Enjoy :)

Lift your spirits with this 2-for-1*, valid for dine-in or take-away until Sunday 29 March.

*Valid at all Grill’d restaurants. Takeaway, phone order or dine-in only. Not available via online ordering or third party delivery services. Must present and scan Relish promotional barcode via Grill’d email or app to redeem. One (1) free standard size burger with any burger purchase per customer of equal or lesser value. Additional toppings at extra cost. Offer exclusively available to select Relish members. Barcode use only. Replica or forged versions of this Relish promotional barcode will not be accepted. Not valid in conjunction with any other offer. Valid for multi-use during the promotional period. Offer valid from 09:00am AEST Friday 20th March 2020 until 11:59pm AEST Sunday 29th March 2020.

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  • And I just finished typing my deal submission…

  • Please don't neg me but can I ask why people like grikkd so much?

    I've had a few burgers and they were always terrible.
    Meat overcooked, buns burnt. Annoying music and staff
    Expensive as hell.

    Did growing up next to so many good fishos with mortal kombat /stree fighter raise my expectations of what a burger should be?

    • How many stores have you been to?

      • Bondi and crows nest x2

        • Wow - I've been to Grill'd Bondi Junction (obviously the one you mean seeing as there isn't one in Bondi) many, many times and their food has always been perfectly cooked, and the staff have always been lovely.

          All burger prices seem to be expensive to me (but I'm an OzBargainer)…

    • I am a big fan of Grill'd - their burgers are extremely consistent no matter which store you go to.

      • Yeah. That seems to be the consensus.
        Tis me then

        I was kicked out of gen x for being too cynical, so.. Yeah.
        Grill on!

    • Hmm, I've never had issues with Grill'd in QLD. They are honestly one of the better options here. Yes, the burger isn't mid rare in the middle which might be your preference, but I've never had buns burnt or bad staff, and in the scheme of things it ends up costing a few $ more than maccas if that.

    • Best Burgers from any chain. Good quality ingredients, buns, great tasting sauce and good service.

    • Grill'd is the best. Whenever I eat anywhere else, all I think about is Grill'd. It's a shame they have recently increased the prices of some burgers though.

  • i think can combo this with amex $25 got $5 back too… off memory westpac mastercard got same deal.

  • Targeted? Have not gotten an email and have checked my Grill'd app

  • hm no email or barcode in the app either

  • Might be targeted, I got an email from Grill'd to say I'd get a free drink, not 2 for 1.

  • I got a free drink with burger purchase so it appears to be targetted


    Just signed up :)

  • I got it via email
    Thanks, I wouldn’t have checked.

  • thanks OP, but I think I’ll give it a miss… https://bit.ly/2xe0LzD

    • omg I just vomitted a little - as I've eaten from many of the stores in recent years showing in those photos

    • Surprised nobody else mentioned this. These stories about Grill'd were running for a week in the SMH and Age a few months ago.

  • Kinda feel like they should make this available for everyone. Seems like a half decent way to at least partly mitigate the absolute trashing I'm sure they're getting.

  • I joined grill'd app on phone but now what, I have to order 8 burgers to actually join their Relish loyalty programme or what?

  • Anyone wanna go halfsies?

  • No email for me…

  • Yes my email is strange and says get a free drink, but below it says 2-for-1 which doesn’t make sense…

  • Summer Sunset for the win

  • after being sent emails this morning for this and free drink, just received another 2-for-1 (all different accounts)

    note - announced today:

    New indoor gathering restrictions

    Indoor venues like bars and restaurants will have to limit crowds to one person per 4 square metres, as well as keeping them to fewer than 100 people.

    "That's two metres by two metres," Mr Morrison said.

    "So for example, if you've got a room … that's 100 square metres, then you can have 25 people in that room."

  • I think I am unsubscribed from emails but I still have an email address tied to an account. I’m not sure how to resubscribe. I tried logging in via the website, looking in the app and clicking the unsubscribe link from a grill’d email from 2019 but I can’t see any options for it anywhere.

  • Won't support until they give customers comfort that they are paying their staff fairly.
    I used to eat there very regularly so would be happy to re-start once I see evidence of this.

  • check your Relish app. Mine just popped up. Thanks OP

  • I didn’t get the email… maybe because I visit them often and I am loyal. But, since this offer is “multiple use”, is anyone willing to share a barcode (or two) for a fellow oZ bargainer? Tia

  • Anyone got a barcode for multiple use pls?

  • I got an email saying 2 for 1, but then a big banner that says FREE Drink at the op of the email.

    Messaged them on Facebook and they told me its 2 for 1 burgers but in the app it says FREE Drink?

    Waiting for them to come back to me on Facebook…

    • So they came back to me and seemed to indicate the 2 for 1 offer was suppose to be for everyone, they are going to let marketing know..

  • I didn't get an email but in my app under Relish I had the offer and barcode, thanks OP! Burgers everyday next week 😥

  • I used this tonight. T&Cs say "Takeaway, phone order or dial-in only" but they were unable to process this over the phone so I had to go to the store.
    The T&Cs say "Valid for multi-use during the promotional period" but the second transaction I tried to do on the same day was not successful. The person on the register put through an override, but it is not nice being denied and feeling like I'm taking advantage of the promotion.
    I have provided feedback on the experience so they'll have an opportunity to improve next time.
    $8.90 for share size chips is ridiculous for the quantity that is provided.