How Safe Is Your 2020 Job?

My heart is breaking after seeing people losing their job and started looking for another one.

Airline crews are losing theirs for up to 8 months. Restaurant maybe open for take away only, waiters are jobless. Other businesses are depending on people with a party/event coming up.

So far supermarket jobs are the winners here. And they are hiring through agency. Not sure which.

I wish you all good luck there. Hope virus vaccine will be ready soon.

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    My job is secured
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    Losing my job for up to 4 weeks.
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    Losing my job for up to 3 months.
  • 28
    Losing my job for up to 6 months.
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    Losing my job for up to 12 months.
  • 132
    Losing my job until virus is fully gone.


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    How about you?

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        This isn't a problem with Shroomer, it's a problem with our welfare system that rewards people who don't work.

        It should have been a more equal handout to everyone.

        But, when the coronavirus bonus stops, Shroomer will still have his job, while the people on welfare will go back to being poor(er).

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          That's exactly what I was getting at.
          for me to get an extra couple dollars an hour vs being unemployed is nonsensical.
          Where's the incentive to even work at this point, one could argue I could find a better paying job to deal with it, but I don't have such a large requirement for money, I'm saving thousands as it is.

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            get an extra couple dollars an hour vs being unemployed

            Actually that raises another good point. If the minimum wage is based on the logic that all work has inherent value (it doesn't, but that's a rant for another time), paying people significant amounts of money for zero work surely goes against that by devaluing the work lower income workers actually perform?

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          Universal Basic Income

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            @Chandler: Not against it - but a change this major, I'd want much much more real world case studies before implementation.

            Unintended consequences are a b*tch, and when you're talking entire economies, one wrong step could mean millions homeless and/or otherwise destitute.

            Very much a 'measure twice a billion times, cut once' type deal.

            And even foreseeable risks aren't unsubstantial, off the top of my head -

            • increase in labour costs immediately as the marginal (percentage) returns for working fall through the floor, leading to inflationary risk (certainty).

            • the corresponding cuts to or abolition of the welfare system could lead to many receiving insufficient funds.

            • educational and training industries might slump because those include people undertaking this as a requirement of receiving welfare/risk of welfare running out.


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          High and dry hit the nail on the head however the fact the system is constantly geared to support the most useless members of society is way out nation is f***ed

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            @Ontheshred: Jesus Christ, dude. You don't live in reality.

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            the system is constantly geared to support the most useless members of society

            I assume you're referring to investment bankers and politicians here?

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              @abb: Fair enough maybe im wrong but i rarely see support for the middle income earners however lower incomes get all the help and the wealthy get all the tax cuts you can imagine?

              Tell me if that isnt true?

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          welfare system that rewards people who don't work.

          oh (profanity) off.

          It's been DOUBLED due to the current situation, could you live off $400/fortnight? Do you really think people want to be living below the poverty line?

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            @miicah: Miicah, read their post history. That about sums up who you're replying to - delusional.

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            could you live off $400/fortnight?

            You're not supposed to 'live off' welfare though, you supposed to pull finger and get a job asap.

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              You're not supposed to 'live off' welfare though, you supposed to pull finger and get a job asap.

              And in the meantime, what? You go in to debt because the government pays you just enough to cover rent and maybe fuel?

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          agree to this, people that have been on the jobseeker shouldn't get this boost especially when they have been on it for a while and can make a do with that they have been receiving!

          They should have just come up with new program for people that lost their job due to convid19.


          Unfortunately government created this mess. A number of people I've talked to have quit work and going on the dole. I asked a few of them WHY??????? Simple. Why work when the government is giving it to them for free. 2) Avoid contact with other people who can infect them and their family. Unemployment in Australia is going to skyrocket and we are all going to pay for it one way or another through higher taxes.

          The gov should of done what the UK did. Pay employers essential living wage to KEEP people in jobs until this thing rolls over. The massive stimulus they unleash will have us paying off this debt for the next 10 years. Paying people 6 months at this rate will create a situation where they are reliant on that amount, as soon as gov reduces it, people will go in debt and be worst off. In addition, habits are hard to change. If you get 6 months off, people might just get use to that life.

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          While some (few) people on Centrelink are just avoiding work… Do you really want to live in a society where the most mentally disorganised and desperate people are actually hungry, crime rates in USA and UK don't look good.

          Social support for would be crooks is better than the alternative.

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        My wife lost her job on Monday, she is eligible for ZERO assistance as my income is just over the test threshold.

        Stupid thing is we would be literally better of financially now if i was to lose my job and us both go on Centrelink.

        I am now effectively working for negative $$ per week for the sake of having a job. The gov't should have targeted their support at EVERYONE who already had a job and lost it rather than giving it to the perpetually unemployed housos while the rest of us do it tough.

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          Just following up with jg86tsv situation is exactly what I mean his wife worked hard and paid tax but is ineligable when they need support the most however the long term doll bludgers soak up more tax payers money with this boost

          They system is f***en shit anyone who thinks it isn't is kidding themselves

          Until it changes I'll never support any welfare reforms because the system should look after the workers when they fall on hard times and from everything I've seen it does anything but that

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          Wife also now out of work, also unable to get anything due to income tests.

          I actually agree with the income test, as it's reasonable to assume that income is shared within the family - however if you're going to have a family income test here, then the income should be taxed as family income (i.e. averaged between the earners) rather than as an individual. Denying access to benefits based on a partner's income, while taxing that income as if it's single income, is having your cake and eating it.

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          I'm with ya man. My mate is in the same boat - wife lost her job, can't get the dole because household income is still over the threshold. He's better off quitting his job and going on the dole. At $1100 a fortnight for the next 6 months, you're basically earning the same as someone who works full time while doing zero work.

          This system is rewarding the poor or lazy while assuming everyone else is mega rich. Absolutely no respite for the middle class.

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