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Hi all, received this email with an offer for all, check it out below.

COVID-19 continues to affect every corner of the globe and we hope everyone in our community is staying safe and putting their health and well-being first. In these difficult times it's always important to look out for each other and lend a helping hand where we can. During this time of worldwide epidemic we are offering you 50% off on our services so you can enjoy the service at half price and spend your time at home with your family and loved ones.

Use promo code "COVID19" to get 50% off on your order.

BABY plan = $30 a year (Normally $60)

SEEDER plan = $60 a year (Normally $120)

TORRENT MASTER plan = $90 a year (Normally $180)

Place your orders on:

Offer is not valid on the following plans: Plex Plans, and Dedicated server plans.

Stay home. stay safe!


  • This offer is only valid on yearly billing
  • Payments are accepted through PayPal and Bitcoins

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    Does this stack with the 10% ROCKET code?


      Not sure, I only have the info that came in the email, I doubt it though.


        Do you use the service yourself?

        Care to do a little review?

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          I've used it in the past about a year ago, the service for me did utilise the full 1gbps advertised bandwidth, I was able to transfer files from Google Drive or upload/download directly, it worked successfully for me.

          Service was great, but may have changed since I last used them, if you're interested in the service, I generally recommend (for any online service) getting the cheapest plan and testing it out yourself to see if it meets your requirements then moving up to which ever plan suits your needs best.


            @drayton95: Thanks, currently using TorrentSafe on the iPad which works pretty well most of the time but it's a bit slow.

            On the scout for a replacement when this sub expires.


    How does it work? Do you just get access to a web interface?

    • Can you install additional apps (eg Google Drive and Amazon cloud drive).
    • Can you copy files locally through SFTP or WebDAV etc?

    Plex plans look interesting. Shame they aren't discounted.



      Yes, you get access to a web interface, it looks very similar to your standard torrent programs, where you can upload torrent files or use magnet links to add them, they then download/upload at a much greater speed than most Australian internet connections can offer. They are more widely used for uploading content than downloading I believe as they have much faster upload speeds.


    so, basically this site lets me host torrent and download torrents?

    • -1 vote

      Site TorrentInvites suggests, that
      one can build a SeedBox from
      2 old Windows boxes, saying:

      "MS Windows (XP or Vista) is required on both machines."

      No mention of newer Windows versions (7 or 10)

      (Earlier link-clicking got us to some odd site;
      this wrong-desto behaviour is seen on some of
      the sites, that torrentz2 suggests. Some of
      these sites cannot be closed, except by kill'g
      the browser, that they were spawned in)

      (I'm Not moved to trust this SeedBox sys, &
      won't unless/until I see something of this
      type on, eg, DistroWatch)


    Looks like it's a US website so I'm assuming it's USD pricing. That would make it terrible value, even with the 50% off, unless there's something I'm missing here.

    300GB is tiny for the largest plan. Ultraseedbox or feral would be much better value and probably a better service.

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