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Free Hand Sanitiser Delivered for Those in Need @ Lloyds Auctions


A wonderful gesture from Lloyds Auctions. They are giving away hand sanitiser for those in need. One per customer only.
Note: The sanitiser is alcohol free

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    Alcohol free? I thought it had to be at least 60% alcohol to be any use against this virus.

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      Yeah for covid19 need at least 60%


        Not correct. Singapore has been highly effective in controlling the spread of Covid-19. They handed out free non-alcohol hand sanitiser to all households based on research from Europe and Singapore.

        "The non-alcohol-based hand sanitiser contains benzalkonium chloride, which can be used against coronaviruses, according to Singapore's National Environment Agency and the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control"



          There is no mention of benzalkonium chloride in the product description either. Also quite a few articles online debate the effectiveness of benzalkonium chloride.

          Are benzalkonium chloride-containing hand rub products an acceptable alternative to ABHR for COVID-19?
          CDC does not have a recommended alternative to hand rub products with greater than 60% ethanol or 70% isopropanol as active ingredients. Benzalkonium chloride, along with both ethanol and isopropanol, is deemed eligible by FDAexternal icon for use in the formulation of healthcare personnel hand rubs2. However, available evidence indicates benzalkonium chloride has less reliable activity against coronavirus than either of the alcohols

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    This isn't for the virus, it's for sanitising your hands after using them to wipe yourself due to no TP.

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    They are giving this away obviously at an expense of the product and postage. Was meant for those who are struggling and can't find any other alternative.


      It's just advertising for both them and that Seed brand. Look at the ingredients, it's no real sanitiser.

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      Yep. I'm struggling and can't find an alternative. I'm currently syphoning it from my office toilets. I'm high risk, in the community and getting close to people who are potentially infected. My employer has issued me a container with 100 antibacterial wipes to clean down my work car each day. I've got no masks, no sanitizer issued.
      I know what I have to do to protect myself, and I'm doing that. But it's difficult without proper support. I know I will contract it eventually, given what I do for work, and what I'm expected to do considering the current crisis we're in.
      Deals like this help. I'm on my own and can't work from home. And never can. I need to be in the community, with people who are potentially infected, in order to fulfil my duties.
      So thanks, I managed to get one.


        If you're high risk, please don't assume or trust that this non-alcoholic sanitiser will do anything at all. It's a basic surfactant which may help clean your hands in the absence of soap/water but will not kill the virus.

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          Yes, thanks. I may even just use it as another container to syphon the sanitizer from my office toilets. But it is a nice gesture.


        As I believe the sanitiser will help with bacteria but not the virus! I am also trying to find something that helps as I have two young kids. Many essential oil companies claim they help but I am again sceptical. I want hard evidence

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        For cleaning, metho from bunnings or repco. Its 95% ethanol in australia.

        For your hands, you can mix it with some aloe gel and it'll work. Also carry moisturiser, because ethanol is a little more brutal than isopropanol.


        Buy a can of Dettol from Coles/woolies, and spray your car down at the end of each day. Buy a box of disposable gloves from discount stores (box of 100 for around $6-$10). Also you can buy an alcohol-based hard surface disinfectant such as pine-o-clean and spray onto a paper towel and wipe your car steering wheel down etc, then dispose.


    There are other things that kill viruses beyond alcohol …

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    I think the only reason for the giveaway is that no-one would buy it…

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    Can I just remind everyone that alcohol based hand sanitiser is great - but good old fashioned soap is the true COVID killer. It doesn't matter what brand it is, what it looks or smells like - any soap will do. The virus is a little blob of genetic material surrounded by a layer of fat so soap + water is far and away the preferred method.


    All salute to the intelligence of scomo. He had a chance to just shut down airports in end of January when the Wuhan gift started. But he chose to shutdown whole of Australia at the end of march


    Thank You OP.

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