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Nokia 7.1 (Steel) $349 + Delivery (Free C&C) @ JB Hi-Fi


Good price. Enjoy :)

  • Now Android 9 Pie ready: Get the latest innovations from Google
  • Experience every detail with PureDisplay screen technology
  • Advanced AI imaging and depth-sensing dual cameras
  • Go all day without charging

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  • Android 10 is out for this phone now too by the way, got it the other day. It's an Android One phone so it's stock android, but they're very slow with the updates.

    The battery is definitely not what I'd consider "all day". it's not terrible, but it's a maybe 4.5-5 hour SOT over 15 hours off charger phone for me (compared to 7 hours over ~30 hours off charger for my iPhone 11 pro). Better than most non XL style flagship phone batteries so will give it that.

    The camera is buggy and would crash a lot, but takes decent photos. Also can have GCam sideloaded which does take pretty noticeably better pictures, but makes it even buggier and often gets stuck processing the photos and you have to force close it (at least it did with the version i downloaded a long time ago near release).

    Screen is nice, one of the best LCD screens around, though can have a bit dull lighting in patches at the very top and bottom or the screen.

    Very nicely built phone apart from one or 2 things, feels very "premium". The aluminium frame though is very soft. It dents and scratches from even the smallest of drops. The charging port on mine (and on most from online reviews) is wonky though - not straight so the cables sit in there very loosely and not flush, and you sometimes have to wobble it around a bit and then keep it very still for it to charge.

    As far as mid rangers go it's pretty good, but yeh it has its problems. I'd take a samsung mid ranger over it.

    • Thanks for the user review.

    • I've got the Nokia 7.1 and definately don't recommend it , too many niggles . Updates are great but not if their not properly tested .
      Screen is nice but it just lags from time to time . Apps just drop out but only like once a week or even fortnightly . Really random . Biggest issue since last update is that after being on hold for 20mins with the Department of Transport I finally got through but they couldn't hear me . That was the 3rd time that my outgoing voice has dropped out since the last update . Googled it and it's a common problem .

      Shame that the hardware is let down by the often updated software .

      Android auto will not work in my car but wifes moto and sons Samsung do . No notification LED !!
      I'll probably go back to MOTO and suck up the complete lack of updates .

  • This or the galaxy A50 for $399?

  • Just a heads-up. I got the Nokia 7.2 for $390 at a JB two weeks ago. Price match to HN with a bit of extra haggling.

    Still waiting for Android 10 on it though (their older phones have it for some reason) - it's promised by the end of the month…

    • yeah, my nokia 7 plus has been on android 10 since January …. love nokia android One and updates …. next phone would be android one and either nokia or moto. again.

      • My Nokia 7 plus has 1 March 2020 security patch. Not many 2 year old phones have that.

        • My Nokia 7 Plus was a great phone save for the charging port failing. Really liking my 7.2, hope it does not suffer the same fate.

          • @Yapapi: 7.2 was tempting when they had special at under $400, but 7 plus is android 10 so figured wait till android 11 comes out as the 7 plus won’t see android 11.

  • I have a Nokia Sirocco which is a Nokia 8. Very similar appearance to this phone. The phone just feels like quality. Does everything better then you would expect at this price point. No bloatware outside Google Apps. I'm the opposite to MrFunSocks, I'd prefer the Nokia.

  • $350 and it's made from steel? Sounds like a steal