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Unlimited nbn 100/20 $79pm No Contract, No Price Changes @ MATE

  • Unlimited data
  • No contract
  • No setup fees
  • No price changes
  • 1 month guarantee
  • Aussie based support
  • $9 more for unlimited local, national, and mobile calls
  • BYO modem or $149 modem
  • Static IP included

NBN finally reached my area so I was looking for the best monthly price on an NBN 100 and phone bundle for the family and found this as the cheapest monthly cost without changes. For $9 more choosing the nbn+home phone option you get unlimited local, national, and mobile calls. Also BYO modem to save more. We are on 30/1 atm and don't really upload large files so 100/40 we wouldn't use the upload. If someone knows of a better deal of 100/40 that can match this then sure why not get it for the same price or cheaper but the only cheaper ones I could find like Tangerine was $75+10 phone for 6 months only, if it was my house maybe I'd be getting the best deal every 6 months like that but it's not.

Saw the older deal but it's 11 months old now.

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    I'm definitely thinking of moving from ABB 50/20 to Mate 50/20 for $10/mth less. ABB don't seem to want to budge on their price. We're not huge users, worst case 2 x HD streams so an average peak speed of 42Mpbs will be fine. ABB has always been around 47Mpbs steady for me.

    Anything else I need to consider?

    • I've been with Mate.. Can't comment on speed as I am on a lower plan, but the customer service is great. Local team and quick resolution. No hidden (joining/ leaving) fees, notice period, etc. No fuss with BYO modem. Pretty straight forward process.

    • +1

      If you are confident with self diagnosis for network issues, I would suggest Superloop for its $20 off monthly plan for the next 6 months.

      While Superloop's customer service sucks ass, I find its network to be more robust than ABB's (Newtown POI). I was constantly getting "DHCP not functioning" error on my ASUS router with ABB. I left ABB only because I couldn't get a resolution after 3 months and my internet access was sometimes down for up to 2 days.

  • This one has no price changes? I signed up for 100/40 about last year and that has jumped by $10 a month I believe.

  • -1

    $9 more for unlimited local, national, and mobile calls

    So it comes with Homephone service, is handset included?

  • Very impressed. Churned at the time of post above (730ish?), and it's all complete now. Gillard-era FttP NBN is the ducks guts and I feel for everyone who hasn't got it.

    Anyway, 100/20 just speedtested and speedofme tested at 100/36, so very happy with that, that is exactly what ABB provided (though with proper FttP NBN it should almost never change).

    Recommended, thanks op

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    Seriously considering swapping to this as its the same price as my current Internode service but twice as fast (download at least)

    Any feedback from someone already on MATE as to average ping to common gaming services? Probably 30-40% usage is gaming

    • +1

      I use it and get high 20's low 30's ms ping playing Overwatch and LoL. Pretty good, comparable to SuperLoop when I was with them

      • Cheers!

  • Currently out of contract with Telstra NBN, is it painful to switch?

    • +1

      I switched and churned same day.

      • if out of contract with Telstra, Mate advised to contact Telstra to cancel the contract once it's active, is this correct?

        I thought it's exactly like porting. It's almost impossible to contact Telstra right now

        • Yeah it's best to contact your previous ISP when cancelling. Auto cancellation doesn't happen on FTTP. You will get charged for running 2 or more simultaneous connections.

    • Here are the router settings that need changing.

      WAN Protocol: PPPoE
      Credentials: Mate username and password
      MTU: 1492

    • +1

      I'm not so lucky in switching. Signed up today at 1pm after having a chat online with one of their staff and asking if the switch would be seamless. Was told activation may take 1 to 3 days which seemed normal.

      Then at 2pm my internet just got cut off. Nothing worked. No SMS or email yet that I had been activated.

      So I got on the chat with them (was hard getting to someone on the phone) they said they did say it could take 1 to 3 days to activate. Which I called them out for because I did not expect a 1 to 3 day disruption whilst my NBN is being transferred. And what's the point of advising me earlier to not cancel my previous ISP when you just put a transfer in and cut me off completely.

      So it's night now and I have no home broadband, and it may take another 1 to 2 business days for me to get something.

      If you need to work from home I suggest you avoid switching for now.

      For info, I was on Aussie Broadband, HFC. Switch can be done remotely.

      • From telstra?

        • From Aussie Broadband. The issue is with Mate Communicate at the moment.

          • @Jenus: Did you get sny settings email fro Mate?
            Mine from ABB on HFC was completed in less than an hour.

  • looking to join - but is the modem they provide really worth it?

    I need something decent to send good wifi range from my nbn location in the grage to the rear of my home where the living/bedrooms are. What are your recommendations/ plus less than the modem they provide for $150


    • Do you have FTTP?

      • yes - new development area.

        needs something decent, nothing extreme. Not a heavy internet user.

        • +1

          These TP-Link routers are great bang for buck and provides good wifi range.

          TP-Link Deco E3 AC1200 Whole Home Mesh Wi-Fi System $99 @ Mwave, MSY, Scorptec, Catch and Wireless1.

          TP-Link Deco E4 AC1200 Whole Home Mesh WiFi System $149 @ Catch and Centrecom.

          You get a $20 Woolworths gift card back on the TP-Link Deco E4 if you order today.

          • @Twix: And these connect direct to the NBN modem in your garage right? All new to me.

            I found a Netgewar D3600 modem/router in my closest. Will this work? If the range is no good, i'll def switch to the TP-Link DECO.

            • @yilly: Yeah the router connects to the NBN fibre modem in your garage.

              Your old Netgear D3600 works on FTTP.

              With the TP-Link Deco you connect a Deco router to the NBN fibre modem and the other Deco to a power point further away where you need it.

      • Hi, I am new to NBN. I check NBN site and they said my area is nbn™ Fibre to the Curb (FTTC). Will NBNCo/Mate provide a connection device and then I can use my old router Netgear D6100 that has a WAN port? Or I have to definitely buy a new modem? Thanks

        • +1

          Yeah the NBN connection device is supplied and you can use the Netgear D6100 on FTTC.

  • +1

    I just got it a week ago and so far so good. Coming from ABB, it was a breeze in changing providers and connecting to Mate. Also, I can confirm that the $79/month plan is 100/40 as I spoke to their technical support team before and did a speedtest myself.

    • That's interesting. I am paying $89 (reduced to $79) with the mobile bundle sim for 100/40. Should I enquire about this then?

      • I advise you do so. I don't have the mobile bundle. Just the straight up NBN 100 $79 plan. I stream online video games and never had problems so far.

  • +1

    Thanks OP! Subscribed. Bye bye TPG. So far cross fingers.

  • +3

    retracted - switched from ABB because they wouldnt price match and this deal is too good not to try it

  • Wish they offered a trial / month free so I could test it out against my ABB connection

    • +1

      Well they do offer 1 month guarantee, with a full refund if you aren't satisfied.

      1 Month Guarantee PDF

      This might be what you're wanting.

    • +1

      i switched over last night, have a couple hours outage and then live today.
      speed test is showing 95 down / 36 up so not sure why it’s not capped to 20 up but other users reported same

      so far so good
      i would switch, abb doesn’t price match and if yo i switch to mate and switch back you can probably get a 1 month free offer from abb

      there’s no risk with mate because they have 30 day money back guarantee anyway

  • Signed up the 50/20 plan and two mobiles in Jan, no issues at all. Constant speed as promised and mobile data can be rolled over to next month.
    Customer support is very helpful and efficient. If you are already on Mate NBN, they can check the infrastructure speed at your house before you sign up to ensure you have the top speed. Just upgrade to the 100/20 plan on LiveChat, no hassle.

  • +1

    Over 6 months Aussie broadband deal works out cheaper for NBN 100/20


    6 months with 1 month free (5x89) = $445

    This deal with Mate:

    6 months at $79/month (6x79) = $474

    Also no contracts so I guess you could switch earlier from ABB to something else and save even more.

    • After the first 6 months with ABB, you could do Tangerine or Vodafone, but choose the best deal at the time.
      ABB: 6 months with 1 month free (5x89) = $445
      Tangerine: 6 months at $74.90/month (6x74.9) = $449.40
      Vodafone: 6 months at $75/month (6x75) = $450
      Mate: 6 months at $79/month (6x79) = $474

      • Im new to nbn - are there any fees associated with leaving providers then joining these new ones? Or is it as simple as moving a phone number around when not locked into a contract?

    • +2

      Use ABB for a month then switch to mate, 5 x 79 = $395 for 6 months

  • +1

    just signed up for a new connection. goodbye adsl2+ on tpg. btw im in merrylands nsw. anyone else have any experience with them around this area.

    could soomeone please advise when to call tpg and have my connection cancelled. my DD is due on the 11th April for next period from 18th Apr - 18th May.

    • +2

      Call TPG on 02 9850 0959 to cancel, they gave me a free month, new modem, no contract to stay.

      • did they match the pricing ?

      • I can confirm - got the same offer.

    • +1

      Cancel with TPG 30 days before the NBN install date.

  • Hi quick Q for the pros. Have recently activated Belong nbn, it's FTTN and im trying to connect using (V)DSL phone port on my Netgear D7000. We were previously with Telstra for nbn using this same direct setup to D7000 without any need for some extra ISP gateway box. Have tried all the standard stuff, remove login requirements VLAN etc, can't get it to work. Belong support consists of a couple of basic plug n play videos. There is no Belong phone support due to COVID. Tried calling telstra, was on hold for over an hour n gave up. Any pros know what's up? Or should I switch providers to this Mate deal ;)

    • +1

      Follow instructions on page 63 for "Specify a VDSL Connection Without a Login Requirement".

      User manual

  • +2

    Switch from ABB to Mates few days ago.

    Is anyone getting poor international speed?

    I'm getting great local speed, but International speed is rather poor.

  • I just paid my bill for period 01/04/20 - 30/04/20 with Exetel but I want to switch to these guys now. Does anyone know if I'll be able to get a refund for the remainder of the month if I switch now? If not I should be aiming to change at the end of April to maximise and make use of what I paid for.

  • I've been trying to get a referral for the last 3 days but no PM received yet.
    Can anyone please tell me how can I get one today as I am planning to sign up today. Thanks

  • Has anyone had congestion issues at all since everyone is WFH? Thinking about signing up with them.

  • +2

    Thsnks OP
    Changed over from ABB.
    Saving $20 a month with no diifference in speed or connetivity.
    Smooth chage over HFC connection

    • I have big problem in port forwarding in ABB.
      Can you port forward with Mate?

      I am also using NBN HFC.


      • You have to call ABB and opt out of CGNat. When I did that, I was able to do the port forwarding.

  • I have fttc with nbn Co box. Can google WiFi connect straight to nbn co with MATE nbn?

    • yes, i’ve set that up for my father in law super easy

  • I'm with ABB and able to use my old Telstra gateway max..

    A couple of questions, for those who have experienced both - how does Mate compare to ABB?

    Secondly, will I still be able to use my Telstra gateway max with Mate?


  • I was with them for 6 months, had basically no issues bar for a few minor ones, then switched to Abb, the speed improvement
    was incredible!, 50/20 FTTC, 6 months is up with Abb but for $10 difference I'll stay with them, that's in Melbourne.

  • Why is this marked as expired? It's still $79 on the site…

    • I didn't even know this post got expired, guess the mods did it.

  • I just want to know How is the speed? Let's say I go for the 100/40 plan FTTN, will I get roughly the same speed or is it drastically lower? How long was the wait time before you were able to connect to the internet? Thanks to whoever can help.

    • I am on 50/20 and I generally get around 40/18.. Connection was pretty quick - 3-4 days though it was a few months back.

    • I just connected with their 100/20.
      its around70 down, 38 up.

  • I am currently with Belong on a month by month plan. Is there any notice period required to disconnect? I have already paid for the month of June so just trying to confirm when I should switch to ensure I'm not paying for two services.

    Ridiculous that I can't even call Belong to ask them about it.


    • Ridiculous that I can't even call Belong to ask them about it.

      On the other hand, customer service of Mate is pretty good, over email as well as phone.

  • I had unpleasant experience with them

    Terrible attitude when they hear you are not happy with the service.

    Sign up process was okay so is their pricing, but during peak hour the latency spikes a lot which didn't happen for any of my previous ISP. So called them asking about their 1 month free cancellation policy. Their support – Adam, once heard I am not happy with the service and want to churn away, become very offensive and rude and wants to cut my internet right away. Did I read it wrong or something. This is 1 MONTH risk free not like 3 DAY TRIAL. Anyway, they refuse to wait for me to churn but cut my internet over the phone.

    TLDR: Don't expect any customer service if you are having issue with their service.

  • @mods, please fix the referral link/ rule for "Mate" as mates wants account name as well as referral code for successful refers.

    Current link encourage referral to share code only not name.